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Topic: My Elder SisterMy Name is Dave , i am 18 years old guy now , just a ordinary guy and just like others like , to look at girls . It all begans when i was 18 years old which is about 1 year ago , i took my elder sister's virginity away .  Her name is Carmen , 18 years old , full developed by now , blonde hair , a nice C cup , slim legs and hot ass .
 It started on a near exam day i was wondering how am i gonna face those high graded exams , since my elder sister have took the test before i decided to ask some advice from her . Other than taking some advice from her , i've got something else in my mind , taking her virginity . I've planned for a fortnight to get her since she made me dreaming all day long about fucking her in her tight pussy . So the trap was set , just waiting for a suitable moment to launch the plan towards my elder sister .
 My chance came when my family planing to have a holiday trip to Korea with my grandparents . Since i am having a exam while my elder sister have to work , so me and she will be staying together since my elder sister's parents was living in Germany right now and my parents worried about my food and laundry if they were away . "Carmen will help you to clear all the problems if she agrees to stay for a week in our home . If she do agrees , treat her well ya ! " Said my mom . My family of 4 took of to Korea within hours later , and when they does , my elder sister called my cell phone " Dave , i will be staying at your home for a week , and your parents told me to take care of you .

Aunty said if i will be sleeping over at your home , i can sleep wherever i want , except your parent's room ! " . "GREAT !! " I replied and ended the phone call .
 After a few hours , door bell rang , i went to answer the door and there she was , standing infront of me . Its like a dream when she said she is going to stay for a full week since her boss approved her holiday for a week .

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   " Dave do you wanna eat something ? " , " Yea sure , if you will be cooking " I replied . As she went to the kitchen to do some cooking , i went to the bedrooms of my family and locked all of them up and hid the key inside the box which where my porn magazines where held . After having our dinner , i suggested that we watch some movies which i just bought specially for tonight , it contain some porns and i will get her tonight .
 After a 18 minutes she told me , " Dave , I am gonna change some clothing for a moment , its kinda hot out here . " I said " Sure go ahead , if you wanna change infront of me i wouldn't mind " , then she replied " In your dreams ! " . After she changed to a simple T-shirt and a shorts , we continued to watch the movie . The part which i was waiting for came , the couple in the movie start hugging each other , pushing themselves to the bed and got undressed and start sucking and fucking . My cock has started its journey growing and she could see it , she said " Haven't you seen this all before ? " I Said " Sure i did " .
 Before she could have a word , i jumped to her and start kissing her hot lips , she struggled to free herself , but i was overpowering in the situation and start sending my hands inside her shirt finding path to her breasts , and i continued to kiss her sucking her tongue as i finding her breast , my hands had found thier targets and i started to rub around her left breast , i continued our kissing till she start moaning and kissed me back . I was amazed when she gave me a sign to stop and as i wonders she took off her shirt and shorts leaving only her bra and her panties on , we continued kissing and touching while my hands started to travel towards her now wet cunt .
 As my fingers reached her panties i started to rub circular motion to her panties and she was moaning hard already , i then sucked breasts through her bra and removed the bra halfway while my fingers were fingering her inside her panties . Then , she suddenly stopped and asked me to remove my pants and clothes and as i openned my boxers my cock popped out from the hideout . "Wow Dave , you had a nice tool downthere " She said , before i could reply her , her head moved towards my cock and started to licking and sucking it , as she gave me my blowjob , i groaned and groaned , as i feel my edge is near i warned her , but she continued to suck my life off me . After a few short seconds i blew all my load into her mouth , she swallowed all of my cum .
 And i said , " Its my turn to turn you on now " , " Please eat my pussy " She replied while spreading her slim legs wide for me to eat her .

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   My head went down and start to eat her while she was rubbing her own nipples and moaning , her juices taste sweet and i loved her smell . After a few minutes she was moaning and told me she was about cumming and i stopped licking and i inserted 3 of my fingers in and out of her tight pussy and sucking her clit .   She blowed  her load into my mouth but i collected it and spit it on her pussy and her nipples . I was about to fuck her .
"Carmen , i am gonna fuck you now " I said while i aimming my cock towards the entrance of her pussy , " Please be gentle , i am a virgin " She said , " I know that , don't worry " I replied and i push my dick head entering her vagina . As my dick head travelled into her vagina , i hit a barrier , it was her hymen , " Are you ready my lovely sister ? " , " Please enter me now " She said and i pushed into her hymen and broke it . Her tears were rolling about and i started to fuck her tight pussy now " You have a very tight pussy Carmen . . Argh . . " I said and continue to slowly fuck her pussy . After a few minutes i was fucking her faster and faster and her moaning are getting louder and faster " Please Dave , fuck my pussy , mphhh mphh uhhh uhhhh please faster . . " , " Dave i love you please fuck me , faster faster faster . .

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   Uhh ohhh pleasee " And i was fucking her tight pussy as fast as i could now and holding my cumm inside me . " Dave fuck meee . . I'm gonna cummm . . . " She moaned and i moaned back " I'm gonna plant my seed in you , Carmen , please let me fuck your tight pussy , i love you " . Me and she blew our load at almost same time and she breathed hardly as my cum fill her womb .
I love you , i said to her and she replied " I love you too Dave , I want to be your lover everyday . . . i  want you to fuck and satisfy me everyday my love " , " I will " I replied while kissing her on her lips then we fell asleep and continue fucking for the week  .
After a few months , she had our child , we still fucked everyday and my parents found out about us . They approved us to live together in our old home and my family moved out . I still find myself melt deep in her heart and we lived happily together ever since .

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