My Easter Bunnies (Aunt and Cousin)


He got called outside by his Aunt and was asked to bring the suntan lotion. Meanwhile his aunts friend had to go and rushed of the scene. It was Robert and his aunt Catherine all alone. "Rob, can you rub some lotion an me please I cant reach behind me". Robert was semi hard when he was rubbing his aunts back and he accidentaly took her bra off. To his surprise she didnt bother putting it back on. Robert didn't know what to say when he saw her two fine perky breats staring him in the face. "Ive never seen a pair of breasts before there nice" What a stupid thing to say he thought. "Aaw thank you, you know you should be carrying a gun about in your pocket like that"She noticed his hardon. He sat down beside her and passed her bra back to her. She threw it back on the ground and said "Show me your penis, I want to know if your passed puberty after all I am a nurse".

Know one had ever saw his dick since he was a tot. He thought it was about seven inches which is not bad for someone who is about 5ft in height. "What's your favourite number?" she asked"Eh I don't know probably 8""Well mine is 69 and ill show you what i mean"She took my fully hard dick and started sucking on it. She suddenly stopped and put on her bra. He saw his very sexy cousin pull up in her car and he ran inside behind his Aunt.

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   He went upstairs to jerk off leavng Catherine and his cousin Michelle (26) talking downstairs. When he came back down he saw that Michelle was taking glances at his crotch. "So Auntie Catherine says that you have a huge cock can i see it"He pulled down his trousers and then saw Michelle drinking his cum that had just been ejaculated. He got asked to ass-fuck Michelle so he pullled down her skirt and nice pink thong and shoved his dick up her ass. Eventually after a few minutes she came and he stopped. Whilst that was happening he saw Catherine fingering her wet pussy and went over to her and strted to ass fuck her but she stopped him and pointed to her pussy. He fucked her wet pussy like there was no tomorrow he made her reach an orgasm.
    He liked and sucked her breasts and then moved on to Michelles pussy which was tighter and much more wet than Cathrerine's. Michelle had to go but not before he took her up the rear again. He then turned her over to her front and fucked her gently. He came inside her and pulled out. When Alexandra got back Robert was in the middle of fucking the brains out her mum. She had never seen her cousins penis let alone any other and when she stumbled in to the bedroom she saw her mom and cousins kissing. "Alexandra dear don't worry its Ok, just dont tell dad". It was time to stop and the next day Robert went back home.

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      The next time Catherine came to see Robert she wanted to do it all over again. Michelle had taken a pregnancy test and it turned out positive. She knew it was Robert's child because she was a virgin before that day. He was never a sick person but if he had a daughter he would teach her in the way of incest. This easter would be one he'd never forget. .