My Daughter's Surprise


I was surprised that she was out walking the dog in a jumper dress, but then again, she always was a little different. It was a blue and green plaid jumper that used to be her sister’s. It looked like it might fit just right in another year or so, although it certainly seemed short enough already. It fell to just above the knee, but every time she kicked her legs or bent to pet the dog, it rose dangerously close to her behind. I was almost ready to walk out and greet them, when they stopped about 50 feet away. She talked to Max (the dog) for a minute, and he sniffed about, finding a place to relieve himself. She patiently waited, and as Max found a suitable spot and started, she started to smile. I couldn’t believe what I saw next. She peered down both directions of the alley, then lifted the jumper above her waist, exposing her pale pink cotton panties! I was amazed… and even more amazed when she pulled her panties aside with one hand, leaned back and started to pee alongside Max! Here was my adorable 18 ½ year old daughter standing outside in the alley exposed and peeing standing up! My mouth dropped, but I couldn’t say anything. I slid farther around the corner of the shed, worried that she'd see me and scream or something. She spoke again to Max, with her jumper still pulled high and her panties yanked aside. Max wandered close, and before I could even stop to breathe, he was in front of her, licking her little vagina clean! She was standing sideways from my vantage, but I could still tell what was going on. Max took at least a good long minute licking her dry, before she pulled her panties back into place and lowered her jumper. They started toward the house again and I darted to the back porch and inside, wondering what I should do. I made my way to the den and sat down hard in my reclining chair. I still didn’t know what to think of what I had just seen! Here came Sherryl and Max through the door and into the living room.

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   She knelt down on the rug in the middle of the room and took his leash off, praising him and giving him plenty of friendly affection. I was watching through the den doorway,… it was dark in here and I doubted she’d see me even if she looked right at me, but I still slouched down deeper into the shadows of the chair. For several minutes, everything seemed normal… she was taking off her shoes, giving Max a treat biscuit… maybe I had imagined the strange encounter outside after all. No sooner did I start to relax, than Sherryl sat down on the rug, with her jumper splayed out around her and her legs out straight ahead. Max came and sat down between her legs and started licking at her face eagerly. She laughed and told him no… and reached down to lift her jumper out of the way again. This time she pulled it completely off over her head, and tugged her white t-shirt off after it. Now she was sitting there no more than 20 feet away in her pink cotton bra and panties, and white frilly socks! I almost turned away, but I couldn’t. Her body was amazing… it’s a good thing she hid it so well normally! Her breasts were probably closer to a C cup than B, and were perfect mounds of cream colored flesh. Her waist was small, and all of her skin looked perfectly creamy and soft. Max continued licking her face and she pretended to be mad, reaching for his treat basket again. This time instead of a treat biscuit, she pulled out a jar of peanut butter. She fed him a scoop from her finger and he lapped it eagerly. Then, she pulled her breasts out of her bra, over the top, and let them sit on the bottom band like a sling. I was getting turned on looking at my daughter… but I didn’t know what else to do! Her nipples were perfectly pink and fairly large, just barely getting hard.

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   If I rushed from the den now, who knows what she’d think! So I stayed put… She scooped another finger of peanut butter and spread it in circles over both of her nipples… and it only took Max a second to catch on. They must have played this game before, because he eagerly began lapping it from her nipples! He lapped happily, and she continued to smile and rub his head, her nipples getting tight and small from his attention. Pretty soon there were streaks of peanut butter and Max’s slobber all over her perky breasts… and she was ready for more. She stood up and began scooting out of her panties… I couldn’t believe it. She was turned mostly away from me as she slipped them off, and I got a fantastic view of her ass. . Perfectly round and a perfect handful. As she sat back down on the floor, she was turned again about ¾ of the way towards me, and for a few seconds I had a perfect few of her vagina. She was just starting to get a downy covering of hair, but it was barely noticeable… she was mostly smooth, and had a nice mound… still a little baby fat that made it look absolutely perfect. She sat with her legs out straight, and used the same finger to scoop a good finger of peanut butter again. Her leg was in the way, but I could tell she was spreading it all over the slit of her vagina! Again, Max was eager to begin lapping it up, and nuzzled his head between her thighs happily. She closed her eyes and moaned softly, encouraging him to continue. He must have lapped most of it up pretty quickly, because she pushed him away and got another fingerful… this time she sat up on her knees, giving me a full view of what she was doing. She slid her buttery finger between the lips of her vagina, getting the peanut butter deep in the crack, she was rubbing her little clit for a moment. I couldn’t help it anymore.

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  . My cock was going crazy. I very slowly opened my Dockers and let my cock out into my hand. It was rock hard and hot… She sat on the edge of the coffee table, and let Max come to her again. She held her vagina open for him, giving him full access to her entire cunt, ass and all. Max lapped hungrily. She didn’t push him away this time, just reached around his exploring tongue, and spread some peanut butter around her tiny hole, inserting some inside of her with the tip of her finger! Max greedily started in on the hole, trying desperately to get his tongue in there to get the secret stash. He worked harder to get his tongue in there, while she rubbed two fingers against her little clit. I could hear the sloppy sounds of Max’s slobber, and her wetness mixing. She turned around onto her hands and knees, turning her ass towards me, leaning against the coffee table. She took a final scoop of peanut butter and reached around, spreading it around her cute pink asshole… it didn’t take Max long to find it! He began gently licking at her asshole! It was driving her crazy! She was even spreading her ass wider, to let Max get a better reach into her ass! I was furiously stroking my cock by now, in an absolute state of wonder. But little Sherryl wasn’t done. . She reached around and started stroking Max’s cock … it had started to grow while he was licking her, but now it really began to emerge from it’s sheath… she kept stroking and talking to him. .

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   And he started getting antsy. Pretty soon she had a long 6 inch dog cock in her hand, hot and ready. She spoke to him gently, and patted her ass… and he knew what to do. He climbed on top of her ass and began stroking at the air. He wasn’t getting even close to getting in, so she reached around and helped guide him to her hole. He thrust all the way in all at once. . Making her squeal with pleasure. She gripped the coffee table and panted to him “Yes Max, good boy”. Max liked making her happy, and continued his thrusting and panting. There was drool falling from his tongue onto her shoulder, but she didn’t care… his dog cock was reaming her little cunt like I couldn’t believe! All of the sudden, Max got still, Sherryl started to pant, and I could tell they were both cumming! I couldn’t believe Max’s cum was spraying inside my little 18 year old! Max panted to a stop, and slowly climbed down, . . his cock popping out of her audibly, and a stream of dog cum spurted out and ran down her thighs. She reached down and started rubbing it into her cunt, closing her legs to keep it inside her. “Oh Max, I love your juice inside me.

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  . Thank you!” She gave him a kiss on the nose and he lay down and started licking his used dick. She turned and sat on the coffee table edge again, giving me a great view of her pink, wet, used, dripping cunt. She stood up and started walking toward the den… I couldn’t move! Here I was sitting in my recliner with my cock in my hand, ready to cum, and I couldn’t move to hide it! Before I could even begin to think of what to do, she walked in the door of the den and turned on the light. I just sat there, waiting for her to scream or faint… but she continued to walk towards me, with a small smile! I was stunned. She leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek…”Welcome home Daddy, I’m glad you’re home early. ” I couldn’t say anything. She must have seen me outside after all. She pulled me by the hand, and stood me up, my cock standing at attention and pointed straight at her. She took my place in the recliner, throwing her legs wide over the arms, so her whole cunt was exposed to my view. “Daddy, look what Max did. . I can’t possibly clean it up myself…” It didn’t take me more than a second to figure out what she wanted… I thought about it as best I could. I was about to explain that this was not ok, when she added “I would love for you to lick his cum out of my cunt, and then put YOUR cock in there, too!” That did it… I was on my knees in an instant, licking around the lips of her wet cunt, up the slit, around the hole, slurping cum juice and dog sperm into my mouth. It was dripping from my chin as I came up for air, and moved toward her.

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   My cock couldn’t wait anymore… I pulled her to the edge of the chair roughly, and rubbed my cock against her lips. She moaned and begged for my cock, and I couldn’t refuse! I slid my cock against her used cunt and slid the tip in. She grabbed my shoulders and tried to cram me into her faster, so I obliged, ramming my cock in all at once. She began to fuck immediately… her slippery tight cunt clenching around my cock. I slammed into her two more times before I lost control and my cum started exploding out of me. She was screaming, "Yes Dadddy yessss YESSS” and I was about to scream myself. I could feel her full womb and I just kept cumming. Finally I pulled my cock out the way Max had, with a little pop, and watched MY cum spill out and onto her thighs. She reached down and rubbed it into her pussy, and rubbed it around her asshole. I watched it running down her slit to her asshole, and was mesmerized. “Mom won’t be home till late…” that was all she needed to say, and I was down between her knees, lapping her sweet cum up again… ".



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