My Daughters Best Friend


I had just gotten a divorce and had custody of my 18-year-old daughter. She was at the mall with some friends and I was lounging at the house in my swimming trunks drinking a few beers. After an hour or so of this I grabbed a blanket and headed for the couch to watch a movie. I had just put one in when the doorbell buzzed. I am in good shape and have never been ashamed of my body so I don’t worry about not having a shirt on most of the time. I opened the door and another of my daughter’s friends was standing there asking for Brittany. I explained that she was at the mall and would be home later, she smiled and politely asked if I minded if she just stayed here and waited. I said not at all and she came inside and sat down on the couch where my movie was playing. I sat back down and pulled the blanket back over me and continued watching the movie. I noticed her friend, Jenna, was wearing a black skirt and a tank top so I offered to share the blanket with her, she smiled and thanked me and moved close enough to get under it with me. I had never had any sexual thoughts about preteen girls before and in fact, had seen my daughter naked so often that I didn’t even think about it anymore. Brittany stomps through the house in her bra and panties all the time, the other night she had been woke up in the middle of a big thunder storm and came to my room, she crawled in bed and I felt her get it in so I rolled over to see what was wrong and she was on top of the blanket in the nude. We are pretty comfortable around each other. She has seen me naked and hasn’t said anything. Anyway, Jenna was close to me and I said I was going after another beer and did she want anything to drink. She asked for a beer and seeing no harm I gave her one.

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   She drank a couple of them with me before her first bathroom break. I had stopped the movie long ago as we were just sitting talking anyway. While she was gone Brittany called and asked to stay at a girls house overnight and said to tell Jenna to call her the next day. Jenna came back from her pee break and seemed to be staggering a little bit. I knew I couldn’t send her home like that so she called her mother and asked to stay with Brittany tonight, of course it was okay so we just kept drinking. I had a good buzz and Jenna did too when she spilled a beer all over her and the couch. I told her no biggie and went to get a towel. When I came back Jenna had stripped down to bra and panties and was on her hands and knees trying to wipe it up with her already wet blouse. I told her I had a towel and it would be fine. I cleaned it up and laid the towel down on the couch and sat back down. Jenna sat down and pulled the blanket over her legs. I couldn’t help but notice the size of her breasts and had to ask her how old she was. She said she was 18 just like Brittany. She had the breasts of a 18 year old and before I knew it I found myself time and again staring at them. I pulled one side of the blanket back over my legs so she wouldn’t see the bulge she was causing in my shorts and we kept talking and laughing.

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   She must have started getting tired because she moved over beside me and rested her head on my shoulder. With her lying like that I could see right down the front of her bra and couldn’t stop myself from looking. Suddenly she announced she was going to take a bath if I didn’t care and headed up the stairs. She was gone maybe 30 minutes and I had already had a few more beers when I heard her coming back down the stairs. She stepped around me and was wrapped in a towel, but only from the waist down. Her breasts were free of any constraints and she sat back down on the couch and slipped back under the blanket and we started talking again like there had been no pause. Suddenly she looked up at me and asked if I thought she had a sexy body. I was left wordless. I nodded and said she had a fine body. Smiling she let the blanket fall off of her chest and she admired her tits and so did I. We sat and talked for another half hour or so and we both had a few more beers and I headed for the bathroom to pee again. While I was in there I noticed that I had gotten pretty excited about seeing Jenna. I took my underwear off and put my shorts back on and headed for the couch. Jenna was still there but when I started to sit back down she stopped me. She pulled the towel off before I got back under the blanket.

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   We had already talked about the rules of clothing here in the house and the fact that we didn’t tell anyone outside the house so I was fine with her getting the wet towel out of the way. The fact that she stayed under the blanket where I couldn’t see her didn’t bother me either. I sat down on the couch and again caught myself looking at her chest. I could feel my buzz growing with each beer and from the looks of it Jenna had gotten a new one while I was in the bathroom. She was pretty drunk by now and I didn’t want to do anything wrong to her so I told her it was bedtime and if she was to drunk I would carry her to Brittany’s room. She looked up at me again and stood up, staggered and headed for the stairs. I decided I better stay close behind her in case she fell. She stopped to get her clothes and when she bent over her young pink pussy was in full view. I couldn’t stop myself and I reached out and rubbed her ass she just bent over further so I slowly slid a finger inside her pussy and she started to moan. She slowly moved to the floor and was on her hands and knees, her snatch was steadily getting wetter as my finger steadily pumped in and out of her. I scooted up to her and heard her take a breath as I gently slid my solid cock inside her wet cunt. We made gentle love for about an hour before I filled her hot pussy up with my load of jism. I watched her get her things and I noticed my cock was starting to get hard again so I pushed her along in front of me. She climbed the stairs with minimal trouble and I pointed her into Britt’s room. She lay down and I tucked her in, kissed her on the forehead then headed off to my own room.

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   I was lying on my bed thinking about her as I fell into a alcohol-induced sleep. I woke up a few hours later and Jenna was in the bed. She was naked and had her leg over mine, her hand g on my leg just inches from my cock. I lay there and looked at her for a few long minutes, and then I started whispering her name.
    She opened her eyes and smiled at me as she moved her hand up to my cock as it rose to its full glory. She looked at it as she stroked it with her hand. I moved a little so I could roll to my side and started caressing her body, I thought to myself as long as we don’t have sex I would be okay. She continued rubbing my dick for a few more minutes then she sat up on her knees and lowered her head to take it in her mouth. I started slowly pumping it in and out of her mouth, moaning the whole time. She was still sucking my cock when my bedroom door opened slowly, I didn’t see it moving at first but it creaked a little and I jumped. Jenna had turned around about that same time so now I had her virgin pussy in my face. I buried my face in her snatch and forgot about the door. I had my tongue buried in her love hole and I felt her stop sucking my dick, then it started again a second later so I kept on licking her young pussy. I could feel my orgasm building in my balls so I took my face away from her snatch to warn her, but when I looked down towards my cock I saw bleach blonde hair, Jenna’s is red. The orgasm hit before I could worry about it and I felt my cum spilling out of my cock and filling her mouth up. 

       The blonde hair moved and my daughter raised her head from my cock. A stream of my cum was running down her chin as she swallowed the rest that was in her mouth. I was in a daze and Jenna rolled over me, climbed up and with my cock pointed to the sky, she slowly impaled herself on it, rocking and bouncing till she was almost screaming in delight. My daughter, without missing a beat climbed up on the bed and got on all fours so her pussy was in my face. I reached out with my hand and slowly ran a finger over her cunt lips, then slid one finger inside her cute little snatch. She moaned and squirmed as I finger fucked her. The whole time Jenna is still bouncing up and down on my cock and yelling for me to fuck her brains out. I started thrusting in time to Jenna’s strokes to get as deep as I could inside her. I had never had such tight pussy in all my life and I didn’t know how long I could hold on. About that time Brittany moved away from me and she told Jenna it was her turn, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. As Jenna stopped I looked at my lovely daughter and she touched my lips with a finger that had been in her pussy, so I just licked it as she climbed on top of me, my cock sliding into her about halfway before her cherry popped and then it slipped on in, I grabbed her arms and rolled her over so I was on top and started thrusting gently in and out of her slick snatch as she moaned for me to fuck her harder. I started pounding my cock in and out of her. Her eyes were closed and her head tossing like crazy while my cock slid in and out of her small pussy. I told her I was about to cum again and she told not to pull out, that she wanted my cum in both holes, her mouth and her pussy. I started bucking and pumping faster and harder in and out of her as the orgasm got closer.

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       I closed my eyes as I started to cum, still pumping in and out of my daughter’s 18-year-old snatch. I slowed down as the orgasm subsided and rested atop Brittany’s chest with my cock still inside her. I slid my hands up and down her hips and across her belly as I studied her. She opened her eyes and reached up and brushed some hair off my forehead and said Thank you daddy.


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