My daughter returns day 3


This is the continuation of the story begun in My Daughter Return Day 1 & 2. If you haven’t read them read those first.

Waking up my body refused to respond to the requests I was making of it like moving my arm or getting up. It seems it did not appreciate being stuffed in the corner of a couch all night long. I realized also that I was alone on the couch. Wondering where my lovely partner in crime was I start wandering around look for my new playmate, only to find her asleep in bed. She was still in her white outfit from the previous night still hot enough to make me drool. At least she was smarter than I was and would not be paying for last night with the lack of mobility I was feeling.

Quietly I approach her bed. Thinking to give her a little tickle before she wakes up, I lean over her and as I reach for her sides she opens her eyes and with a devilish grin grabs me whispering “Gotcha”. It is at this point my back decides that it has had enough punishment and gives out. The pain shoots through my entire back and straight to my head and I collapse on top of my daughter. I am completely immobilized. My daughter seeing my distress extricates herself from beneath me and starts asking me what is wrong. Laying there unmoving I tell of the pain I am experiencing in my back. She retrieves a bottle of lotion from her night stand and proceeds to put some in her hands and massage my back.

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  She says she can feel where my back is out and for me to relax as she knows just what to do. Standing on the bed she places her feet on my back and slowly stands on me. Using her feet to apply pressure on various locations I feel my back start to return to normal. She sits on me and start to massage me with her hand again occasionally applying more lotion. I become more and more relaxed until I slip in to a very relaxing sleep filled with dreams of my sexy daughter and my dick in all her dainty orifices.

As I slowly awaken from my wonderful dreams I feel more relaxed than I have since my daughter’s arrival. Gone is my hardon and my balls are no longer aching. Also I seem to have misplaced my shorts sometime in my sleep. My entire body has the faint residue of my daughter’s lotion including the crack of my ass and my anus. One place that is missing any lotion is my penis. But I am pretty sure that it has been in somebody’s mouth, it just has that soft silky feeling that is left after receiving a blow job. I am pretty sure that I know what has occurred but do not see any upside in confronting my daughter. In my mind any confrontation would end in having an upset young lady on my hands and probably driving a wedge in our newly born relationship. I figure that if things get out of hand I can always put a stop to it (yea right).

It is about one in the afternoon when I pull myself from her bed.

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  I feel as if someone has given me a new back. Gone is all of the discomfort and pain from this morning and I feel a renewed sense of energy. For the second time today I start the hunt for my little molester. Finding her in none of the rooms upstairs I head down to find her and to grab something to eat. I find her on the computer. She is wearing a white t-shirt with the bottom bunched together and tied with a ponytail. Along with black tight silky short that I later found out she wore to dance. Coming up behind her she wishes me a good morning and proceeds to show me the sites she is looking at. She has several up related to dance and cheer schools in the area and we discuss going to some the next day to find one for her to attend.

The rest of the afternoon is spent discussing plans and schedules for the upcoming week, looking for things for her to do while I return to work and quite a few other innocent topics. I can not help but admire her wonderfully sexy body as we talk. Her shorts leave very little to the imagination as they conform to every crack and crevice of her 18 year old body. We also have quite a bit of physical contact as I stroke her arm and leg and she plays with the hairs on my chest. All of this stimulation and contact brought back my hardon and aching balls. Which she seemed enjoy viewing as much as I was enjoying taking in her luscious body.

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The afternoon streaked by and before we know it the day was drawing to a close. We got up and started making dinner. The touching and flirting continued throughout. She would come up behind me and hug me. I could feel the burning points of her nipples drilling holes into my back. Reaching behind me I would grab her firm ass and rub mine into her crotch, pulling away she would give my butt a swat. Later I would hug her from behind making sure my dick was centered in between her two glorious globes. Repeating my performance she rubbed those firm cheeks up and down my penis. I smacked her rear and let my hand linger squeezing and groping it. We were both enjoying this flirting and I could feel my face burning and hers had a rosy glow to it as well.

After dinner we sat next to each other on the couch and watched mindless television. I stroking and playing with her hair and she rubbing my chest. Occasionally I would lean over and kiss her forehead or she would grab my hand and kiss my palm. It was a sort of afterglow without the sex part bonding us closer than any father and daughter should be.

Latter we both got up kissing each other good night and went to our separate rooms.

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  I was happy having that joy and emotion that only comes from that first realization that you are in love and that no matter what the cost what this feeling is worth it. Slipping into a deep sleep knowing that everything is right with the world.