My Daughter Lisa and her friend Anna Part 1


My wife had gone to visit her mother for a week because we had been having some problems and I had a couple days off. So I’m sitting at my desk at home really punishing my big dick to a Japanese schoolgirl porno that I had just downloaded. I had been drinking beer and downloading porn all day. It just got to be too much so I was jacking like a mad man, grunting and moaning as I furiously worked over every bit of my 8 ½ inches like a teenager. I feel my nuts tighten and a couple of strokes later I geyser of cum is shooting into the air landing on my stomach. Through my “aaahhhh” I hear “Oh my god!” behind me. I quickly turn and just catch a glimpse of my 18 year old daughter Lisa’s back bolting down the hall towards her bedroom. Panic strikes immediately and I scramble for the paper towels. I clean myself up as quickly as I can and pull my shorts back on as fast as possible. I collapsed back into my chair in total shock and humiliation. How long was she standing there? How much had she seen? What the fuck was she doing home from school already!? What in the hell am I going to say? Fuuuuuuck! My mind was reeling as all these thoughts bombard my brain and I can only sit there, numb. After about 18 minutes I figured I should say something. After all, I am a father and I’m supposed to be able to explain things to my kid. I had no idea whatsoever how I was going to explain this though. So after a few more minutes, I tried to calm myself and think of a reasonable explanation. Slowly, I get up and walk down the hall to Lisa’s bedroom for what was certain to be the most awkward conversation of my life.

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   As I reached the bedroom door I could here voices and paused to listen before knocking. One of Lisa’s friends was with her. I could barely hear but it sounded like Anna, her best friend. They were talking in hushed voices but with my ear to the door I could make out what they were saying. Anna: “Oh my god Lis, your dad was totally jacking off to a porno!” Lisa: “Shut up!” Anna: “Did you, like, see how high it went? My BF never shoots it that far!” Lisa: “Oh my god! Shut up An, that’s like, so sick!” Anna: “Lis, your dad is like, really huge. I’m totally serious!” Lisa: “Oh my god, you’re such a slut. Shut up about my Dad’s cock! You’re such a hoe sometimes and you better not tell anybody about this ever!” Anna: “Know what? Fuck it! Let’s like, go use your pool. Can I use your yellow bikini? I like, totally like that one the best. ” Lisa: “Ok, no prob. I’ll use my white one. ” Shit, Anna had seen too. This was my worst nightmare coming true on what should have been a relaxing 4 day weekend. I figured I would just try to play things cool and act like nothing happened until Anna leaves. That way I could talk to my daughter in private and try to explain things. I snuck away from the door, headed to the kitchen for a new beer, and hit the couch in the living room to watch some TV.

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   I was flipping through the channels when the girls scurried by, without a word, on their way out the patio door. Once the door closed behind them I could hear Lisa and Anna giggle and a new wave of embarrassment washed over me. There is absolutely nothing good on TV during the day. I decided to stick with ESPN Classic watching re-runs of NFL Films which was pretty cool. To try to numb the humiliation I kept pounding beers and tried to forget about everything that had happened earlier. I didn’t really notice but had apparently drifted off to sleep. As I woke up I heard some stupid music and a bunch of clicking. I realised that the girls were lying on their stomachs on the floor playing a game on the Playstation 2. I stretched and lit a cigarette. They didn’t even turn to look so I decided to continue to play it cool for a while. I was still pretty buzzed and found myself staring at an eye full of bikini clad 18 year old ass wiggling around as they manoeuvred their players through some stupid game. Anna had the finest 18 year old ass I had ever seen until I compared it to Lisa’s. They looked so firm and round like a pair of little playboy models. I found myself thinking how much I wished girls looked like that when I was 18 I snapped myself out of the trance and headed to the kitchen for another beer. When I got back Lisa put the game on pause and jumped up to go to the bathroom.

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   As Lisa disappeared around the corner my real problems started. Anna sat half way up, turning slightly towards me, with an evil little expression on her face. “Mr. xxxxx, can I ask you something?” “Um, yeah I guess so. What’s up?”, realising instantly that was a very poor choice of words after I said it. Hopefully she wouldn’t catch the irony. Anna pushed herself up onto her knees and ran her hands slowly down over her stomach, hips and thighs, “Do you do that a lot?” I know I must have turned bright red and new exactly what she meant but didn’t want to talk about it, “What do you mean? Do what a lot?” “You know, what you were doing when we saw you in your office, like, jacking. ” “Um, that’s definitely none of your business, so drop it. ” “I’m sorry Mr. xxxxx, I was just wondering. ” Anna spun back around onto her stomach turning her attention back to the TV. I felt like there was no way I was going to get through this day. As I got up to go get another beer Anna started waving her feet around in the air totally exposing what was for sure a sweet little pussy. Her bikini bottom had crawled up into her crack slightly and I could clearly see the outline of her pussy. I started to imagine what it would be like to shove me big dick in there when Lisa came back into the living room.

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   I quickly looked away from Anna’s crotch and went to the kitchen for another beer. I could hear them whispering to each other as I walked away. When I came back to the couch Lisa turned to ask me if Anna could spend the night. At first I was horrified because I just wanted Anna to go away. Then I caved in and said it would be Ok if her parents said so. It was Friday and I didn’t really have a problem with it. Lisa ran to the kitchen and dialled Anna’s number, got the approval, and came back to continue playing. I couldn’t take my eyes off those gorgeous little asses wiggling around on the floor in front of me and I was rock hard again in no time. I decided I should go put on some underwear so that the bulge in my shorts wasn’t obvious. When I came back to the living room, Anna was just heading out the front door and waving goodbye. “What’s going on? I thought she was sleeping over?” “Anna has to go home to get some clothes and other things. She’ll be back in a little while. ” “Oh, Ok. So what do you girls want for dinner?” “Daddy, first I want to ask you something. ” Oh shit, here it comes.

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   Man I was hoping to avoid this. “Ok, what?” Lisa got up and came over to stand by the arm of the couch next to me, “Daddy, do you wanna fuck Anna?” “WHAT! No, of course not! I’m married and she’s only 14!” “When the screen goes black in between the levels I could see your reflection in the TV and I saw you totally checking her out. ” I didn’t know what to say. I was busted again. “I know you and mom don’t like each other any more but not with Anna, she’s my best and I would die!” “No baby, I would never, just forget it Ok” At that, Lisa smiled and slid down onto my lap throwing her arms around my neck. Instantly she noticed the bulge under her sweet little ass cheeks. “Oh! Oh man, I’m sorry Daddy, I didn’t know!” as she looked down at my lap. She squirmed in my lap a little but didn’t get up. Fuck! Just as I thought one day couldn’t get more embarrassing it did just that! But Lisa didn’t get up. In fact, she sort of settled her ass right down on my cock and gave me a hug. I put my arms around her waste and hugged her back. We stayed like that for just a minute when Lisa leaned back, looked me right in the eye, and kissed me. We kissed all the time but not like this. She pushed her lips firmly against mine a few seconds longer than the usual peck. If I weren’t drunk I probably would have never done this, but after she kissed me I lifted my hips pressing my stiff dick up against her ass. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   She drew a quick breath and slightly arched her back pushing down against me. I felt panicked again but couldn’t stop. I lifted my daughter by the hips turning her towards me. Instinctively she turned and straddled my lap to face me. I gently pulled her towards me. Lisa pressed her pussy down on my bulge and I knew it was going to happen. In a flash of passion I gripped her ass cheeks with both hands rubbing and squeezing them like an animal. I quickly untied her bikini top and tossed it to the side. At the same time, Lisa untied the strings of her bottoms resting on her hips. I grabbed hold of the back of her bikini bottoms bunching them up into my hand. Slowly I pulled them backwards as they slid over her pussy and up her ass crack. Tossing them to the side as well I just couldn’t believe that my gorgeous daughter was straddling me with no clothes on. Lisa kissed me again, this time shoving her tongue into my mouth. I reciprocated as she started to rock her 18 year old hairless pussy back and forth over my swollen cock. We were both breathing hard.

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   I lifted hips again. Now kneeling over my lap I put both thumbs into the elastic band of my shorts and underwear. I started to wiggle out of my pants as Lisa pulled my t-shirt up over my head. Lisa slid down off of me coming to rest on her knees on the floor between my legs. She didn’t hesitate. She grabbed hold of the base of my meat and plunged it into her mouth. I threw my head back groaning as she impaled her face with my fat dick. As her mouth bobbed up and down my length I stroked her hair and back. Her skin was so soft and creamy and firm. Lisa tried to take my entire length and gagged but didn’t stop. I felt that I was about to cum so I pulled her mouth off of me by the back of her hair. Lisa’s mouth and chin were covered with spit. God what a beautiful sight! As she caught her breath I pulled her towards me. This was sick but I wasn’t stopping now! As she climbed back over my lap I guided her hand to the base of my raging dick. I told her to hold it in a straight up position, she just nodded.

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   I reached around behind my daughter sliding both hands up under her ass cheeks to spread her pussy open. Lisa knew what I wanted and started to lower herself down onto me. As my angrily swollen head parted her pussy lips she winced and paused. “Daddy, I…, it won’t fit” “Yes it will baby. It might hurt a little at first but it will fit, believe me, we’ll make it fit, Ok?” She nodded like a good little girl and began to lower herself down onto me once again. My little girl winced a second time as my huge head began to enter her. This time she didn’t stop, she just slowly impaled herself on my rigid cock. I could see the discomfort in her face and decided to make it easier. I turned to the side laying her on her back on the couch. Lisa dutifully spread those creamy little thighs as wide as they would go. Without warning I lined her up and plunged nearly half of my engorged prick into my daughter. Lisa let out a little scream and clamped her legs around my waste. I withdrew about an inch or two and forced myself downward and into her stretching pussy with all my weight. Lisa’s legs shot straight out along my thighs and arched her back as the pain of my much too large meat filled her. Like an animal I began to pump myself in and out of her tiny pussy.

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   For a second I was afraid that I would literally rip her but didn’t care. She dug her fingers into my back and screamed with each thrust. I reached back tugging on the backs of her legs bringing her knees up along my rib cage. Reaching down to clench her ass cheeks in both hands I began to drive myself into her harder and faster with each pump of my massive dick. It suddenly struck me that my violation of her canal didn’t include ripping open her hymen. So my baby wasn’t a virgin and this wasn’t her first time. It didn’t matter. I was in a frenzy and she would never be fucked like she was being fucked right now. She began to scream “Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy!” as I punished her inexperienced hole. I was out of control and pounding that ass like a pimp on a hooker who couldn’t pay up. I didn’t care that it was my own daughter. Or maybe that even made the whole situation that much more intense. I don’t know any more. All I know was she was the tightest little cunt I had ever split open and I wasn’t stopping. Driven on by her screams and the sound of my heavy nuts slapping against her ass I drove myself into her as hard as I could.

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   Then the doorbell rang!!! Oh shit! We jumped up. Lisa gathered up her bikini and ran towards her bedroom. I snapped my shorts and t-shirt back on faster than a fireman. I paused for a few seconds to wipe the sweat from my forehead and face, caught my breath, and headed for the front door. It was Anna. She strolled through the door as usual and headed down the hall. She acted perfectly normal so I prayed that she hadn’t heard or seen anything. The pain of my unrelieved orgasm pulsed in my rock hard cock. I bolted for my bathroom and jacked as fast and hard as I possibly could. Casually I headed back to the kitchen and ordered a pizza. The rest of the night Lisa and Anna hung out in her room. Every once in a while I would sneak to the door to see if they were talking about me or what had happened. Needless to say I didn’t sleep at all that night for fear of them talking. The next day I made breakfast, the girls played videos and really shitty music, and I prayed that no one would find out what I had done as I struggled with my guilt. Even though I was certain that I was going to hell for what I had done to my daughter, I couldn’t wait for Anna to go home so that we could finish what we started! Look for part 2 coming soon.





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