My Daughter Debbie


Later on I turned on the TV and started thinking, what I was going to do today. My mind went back to the thought of Debbie’s young firm body, my dick got hard almost instantly. That thought bothered me so I decided I was way to horny and would go out and get a couple of cases of beer and a bottle. Then rent some XXX rated video and get drunk tonight and “jack off” while watching the movies. At least that would offer some relief, so off I went. When I returned home I was feeling better, the fresh air and just being out felt good. I put the rental movies in the bedroom and was in the process of loading the refrigerator with beer, when Debbie returned home with her treasures from the mall. I finished putting the beer away and very honestly asked her to show what she got at the mall, being really interested in what she had purchased. Debbie smiled, She was excited by the fact I was interested and had not asked her how much she had spent. She had a new pair of shoes and really cute dress, which I really liked and told her I did. I spotted a “Victoria Secret bag” and asked her what she had in there. She got a little nervous but showed me anyway. She had a very sexy black lace bra with panties to match. I said “OH!” and smiled. I won’t ask you to model that but I would like to see what your new dress look’s likes on you. She looked at me a said really and was off to her room to change.

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   The though of seeing her in that panty and bra set had my dick starting to come to life again and when she return in dress. I was glad I was sitting at the kitchen table. When she walked in I said “WOW!!!” really meaning it and she was thrilled at my reaction. I had her turn around and again I said wow. I could tell she was pleased with my reaction and very properly said “Why Thank You Sir”. She said the Jimmy her boyfriend was going to pick her up a little later. They had a party they were going to later and she had to get ready. I told go get ready and that I really did think her new dress was nice. I was glad when she left because my cock was hard as a rock and I couldn’t have gotten up is she had asked me too. The dress really showed off her full breast and clung to her cute ass and I needed a beer right now. I tried to calm myself down and when into my home office with my beer and turn on the computer. I started playing some video game and thankfully I was quickly lost in the game. I had completely lost track of time, when I heard the doorbell ring. I heard Debbie call out that Jimmy was here and she was leaving. I told her to have a good time and heard the door close and I was alone.

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   I looked at the clock and to my surprise it was almost 8:00 and I hadn’t had anything to eat since breakfast. I call one of the local pizza places and turned the TV on and in about 45 minute the pizza was there. I was really glad to see it I was really hungry. I was just opening the pizza box, when I heard the door open and when I looked up Debbie was slamming the door behind her. I just looked at her surprised to see her and she said “THAT JIMMY IS A JERK!!!” Bad night, you want to have some pizza with me it just got her, She looked at the pizza and said yea let me get out of this dress. I guess right then I knew what I was going to do, but I wouldn’t even admit it to myself. I brought the pizza into the TV room with some paper plates and two beers and two shot glasses along with the ½ gallon of Jack Daniels I had gotten earlier. When she came into the TV room she was wearing a silky robe, which she liked. My dick came to life watching breast bouncing around and I could make out the outline of her nipples under the thin fabric. She look at the coffee table and I could tell she had spotted the beer and the shot glasses, I told her it looked like she had a bad night and I thought she could use a drink. She frowned and said jimmy is a jerk, I feel like getting really drunk. To her surprise, I said OK, and started pouring out shots and opening the beer cans up. This will be a first dad and his little girl getting drunk together, I patted the couch for her to sit down. In about 45 minutes, I found out my daughter was not much of a drinker. She had about three beer and six shots and was really getting quite loaded.

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  Her robe had come apart a bit and when she reached for her drink I could she one of her tits. My god it was firm and her nipple was hard and so was I!! I got up and brought both of us back some fresh beers and poured a couple of more shots and told her I rented some movies. She asked me what I had rented and I told here she would have to wait. I went into my bedroom stripped off my clothes and put on robe and got the movies. My cock was rock hard but I didn’t care if she noticed, if fact I was going to make sure she noticed, it in many ways. When I return she was pouring herself another shot and I went straight to the VCR and popped one of the tapes in and stood with my back to her waiting for the movie to start. When it did it started off with some hardcore previews. Debbie said OH MY God!!! I have never seen one of these types of movies before. See was transfixed on what was going on the Television, when I sat down next to her. I poured myself another shot, and watched her, watch the movie. In about fifteen minute and several shots later I had opened my robe and was openly stroking my cock next to her. Her eyes had not left the television for one second and I could see she was getting excited. I slid closer to her on the couch and took her hand. She smiled and gave my hand a squeeze but did not look over. It was now or never, my cock was throbbing.

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   I moved her hand over to my erection and wrapped her fingers around my cock. That got her attention as she jerked her hand back and looked. A look of shock and fear came into her eyes, which exactly what I wanted. She shouted what are you doing this is wrong you’re my father, but I noticed she never took her eyes off my hard cock. I know I said, I put my hand between her legs and could feel that her panties were really wet. I think you really need to be fucked good and hard right now!!! Her face turned red, she knew that I had felt how wet her pussy was. She tried to get up, but she not quick enough. I grabbed her and pulled her over my knee and pull up her robe. I yelled you being bad and deserve a good spanking and I gave her one. She was sobbing but in didn’t care my cock was raging and I pulled her panties down and beat her sweet ass until her cheeks were fire red. She screamed stop Daddy I will behave tell me what you want please but don’t hit me anymore!!!! I said well, we are going to have a good time tonight if you behave. I had her stand up and remove her robe. I took my time, having her pose for me. She was still crying but her nipples betrayed her, they were hard and erect. I also notice that she would sneak peeks at my cock, which I was stroking, while having her pose for me.

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   I had her play with her tits and made her show me how she masturbated. She started to say no, but a swift crack on her sore ass was all it took. She got down on the floor and spread her legs’ and immediately started fingering her pussy with practices strokes. I couldn’t just sit there anymore; I had to get my hand on my daughters’ hot body. I sat down next to her and started to message her breast, while watching her play with hot pussy. I really got into watching her masturbate, and told her I wanted to see her make herself cum. It didn’t take her long and in a couple of minutes she stiffened and started to moan, OH MY GOD. I was fascinated, watching her practiced finger bring on climax after climax. I found myself getting into it with her and started to pinch and pull on her nipples. The harder I pinched, her hand moved faster and her moans just got louder. After several minutes of what looked like continuous organism, she went limp and just laid there gently rubbing her pussy. My cock was raging, but we had all night and it was time for a break. I got up and gave her a hand up and both of us sat down on the couch. I told her “WOW KID” you were great, I loved watching you cum. She blushed and to my surprise said “THAT WAS GREAT” I have never cum like that before.

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   Then she playfully slapped me on the arm, and said with a, pout on her face, you really spanked me hard. Then she winked at me and smiled and said you know I kind of liked it. We both looked at each other for a second and both of us broke out laughing. She grabbed my cock and said looks like I have a problem here dad, but don’t worry I think your little girl can fix that for you, but I need another beer right now and a cigarette. Sound good to me and she got up and cleaned up the pizza mess and empty cans. I was in heaven watching her clean up naked. She came back carrying 4 beers and ashtray and our cigarettes. She put on a little show for setting things down on the table and opening the beer cans. She poured us both a shot and then sat down next to me. We just sat there relaxing for the moment enjoying each other’s company. After about 18 minutes, she said stand up dad, which I did. She had me stand right in front of her and she said I still have some work to do here. My cock had relaxed while sitting around, but I soon felt her guide my cock into her open mouth. I could feel her lips and her warm tongue on my growing cock. I no time my cock was rock hard and I grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth.

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   To my surprise she was able to take my cock into her throat without gagging. She was letting me fuck her face hard and played with my balls while I fucked her mouth. It was like she had a sixth sense, for just before I started to cum she shoved her finger up my ass. That was all it took and I exploded in her mouth, she did her best to swallow it all but some dribbled down her chin. I stood there rigid enjoying the release, while she continued to suck my cock not missing one drop of my load. Finally she said” Wow Dad”. Mom’s only been gone three weeks that was quite a load, did I do good? I smiled and said that was “Great”. I sat down next to her on the couch and we both had one more cigarette. We decided it was time to go to bed; we both had drunk quite a bit and were getting tired. It felt great having my daughter warm naked body next to mine. She fell asleep almost at once, but I was thinking about tomorrow and fucking her hot pussy and that cute little ass. I fell asleep and had very pleasant dreams. Sunday turn out to be quite a day But that is another story. INCEST PICS, STORIES, CARTOONS AND MOVIES AT THESE SITESTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.