My Daughter Cindy Part # 4


It was friday morning and I have just woke up with a raging hard-on thinking how my daughter Cindy had given me one of the best blow jobs I had ever had, the morning before, and how I got to taste her sweet virgin pussy for the first time. I'm laying on my back when I hear foot steps moving torwards my room. A moment later my daughter appears at my door, completely naked, her just forming titties sticking straight out and her long light brown hair flowing over her back and down the front almost touching her budding tits, looking at me to see if I am awake.

I look at her and she smiles back, moving torwards the bed and saying; " Good morning daddy! "She lifts the covers and snuggles into me, laying her body on the right side of me and her right leg over my right leg. She lifts her head up and kisses me on the neck. I return by kissing her on top of the head. She moves around more and her leg moves up and hits my hard-on. Her eyes get big and she has a devilish smile on her face saying; "Ooooh! Somebody's ready! "I look back at her, smiling, and say; " That's all your falt! " She moves her right hand down the sheets and grabs onto what was hitting her leg. She moves her hand up and down my shaft, smiling devilishly, and says; " But Daddy! I'm a good girl! "(giggles)

I love the way she is moving her tender young hand up and down my shaft and her hot body laying on the side of me. She keeps stroking my dick and watching my face to see the reaction she was getting from me. She moves up, opens her mouth slightly as she slide up and I open mine to meet her tender young lips. Our lips meet and we kiss tenderly. Our tongues touching each other lips, sliding over them, and then kiss again with our tongues dancing in each others mouth. She's grinding her body into the side of me, shes has her leg over mine pushing her pussy against the side of my hips and letting her perky titties into the side of my chest.

She's so hot now, breathing hard, and breaks the kiss, saying; " Oh daddy! I want you! I want you to eat me again! Please! Eat me! "I smile at her, gently pushing her onto her back and throwing the covers to the floor. I lean over kissing her, playing with her tiny little nipple, making her moan.

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   I move from her mouth, down to her nipple, taking my tongue and going in circles around it, while my hand goes down to between her legs, seeking her little moist spot. My hand touch the top of her slit and I feel her legs move apart to accept my wondering fingers. My handslides down over her puffy lips, and I take my fingers pulling her lips apart. Her inner folds are so wet and hot, and she moans, as I slide my fingers up to het clit and back down to her hot little honey hole.

I move down, kissing her stomach, licking the side of her hip and move until my head is between her legs. I nose is so close to her pussy and her sex smells soooo good. I look up at her and she is looking back at me, with her one finger in her mouth, waiting for my tongue to lash her pussy. I take my hands and pull her puffy lips apart, and her back arches a little as she feels my touch. I take my tongue and start moving up and down her wet slit, licking down to her honey hole, and up to her enlarging clit. While I started to lick her, she takes her hands and puts them under her knees, pulling them up and arching her pussy for better access.

I keep licking up and down her, faster and faster, tasting the sweet juices running out of her, and her hips moving in unison with my tongue. Her back is arching and she's moaning loudly, saying; " Oh daddy! That's it daddy! Eat me daddy! Oh god! I love your tongue! Oh god! I'm so close! "I take my tongue and form it into a U shape and start fucking her virgin hole with my tongue, moving faster in and out of her. Her sweet juices are running out onto my thrusting tongue, and all over my face. I can tell she was close, so I take my thumb and wiggle it over her clit while licking and tongue fucking her juicy honey hole.

This sends her over the edge as her back arches up, pushing my tongue deep in her, and she shakes and screams as she has an explosive orgasm.

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   Cindy screams out; " OH GOD DADDY! I'M CUMMING! I' M CUMMING! OH GOD! HERE IT COMES! EEENNNGGGHH! AAAWWWGGHH! "She takes her hands and pushes the back of my head into her pussy and I can feel the hot gush of her juice as it runs past my tongue and onto my face. Her pussy lips are gripping my tongue and then letting go, doing this several times over. She starts to come down from her orgasm, letting her legs fall down to the sides, and her breathing slowing down.

I look up at her and see her face staring into space. She looks down at me and smile as to say, Yes that was a good job. I move up on top of her letting my hard dick sit in her folds of her very wet pussy lips, and hold myself up on my elbows, letting my chest just touch her pointy titties. I kiss her letting her taste her own juices and grinding my dick into her little wet slit. I look at her and say; " Well daddy satisfied you. Can you satisfy your daddy? I would really like a blow job. "She looks back at me and say; " I don't want to suck you off. I want to make you cum with my pussy instead. I love you and want to feel you inside me. So please! Make love to me. "I look at her and say; " Are you sure your ready? Do you really want to? "

She nods her head and pulls her legs up my sides, letting her lips spread apart and my cock to slide right to the entrance of her little hole. I start kissing her again, grinding my hips into her, feeling the entrance of her tight pussy slowly opening.

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   I push again and feel my head pop into her entrance. She is so tight and her juices are running over my head, and her walls are clamping onto my thick member. She jumps for a moment as I enter her. I look down at her,she smiles back and closes her eyes and we meet in a kiss as I start moving into her some more.

I cant beleive how tight she was, squeezing and massaging my rod, and lubing my member as I move in. I keep moving in till I feel a resistance. I look at her and say; " Honey I am at your hymen. I need to push past that to get the whole way inside you. I t will hurt for a second, but it will feel good afterwards. Do you want me to keep going?"She looks at me and takes her hands and puts them around my neck, kissing me hard, as she takes her hips and pulls them up. I take this as a yes as I tear past her maidenhood, making her a woman. Her back arches as I slide the whole way in. Her pussy walls grip tight on my throbbing member, as the pain hits her holding me there. I look into her face as a tear rolls down her face.

We just hold each other for a few moments till I feel her vagina loosen up and I start to move slowly in and out of her.

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   I keep moving further out till just the head is in and back in till I can feel her cervix touching the head of my throbbing cock. I can tell she is really liking it now as she is pushing her hips up to match my thrust. She is so tight and so wet that I can feel my balls start to tighten up and getting that tingling feeling in my stomach.

I look down at my daughter as I feel my cum churning to release any moment. I tell her; " Oh honey! I'm about to cum! "She pushes harder against me and I go to pull out of her, when she takes her legs and wraps them around me and takes her hands holding onto the back of my ass. I can't get loose in time as my cum explodes from my balls, up my shaft and into my waiting daughter's fertile little pussy.

My animal instincts kick in and I thrust hard into her, pushing past her cervix, and dumping gobs of hot baby batter right into her waiting womb. I scream at her saying; " OH GOD! HERE IT COMES HONEY! HONEY! I'M CUMMING! I'M I'M CA! CA! AAAWWWGGGHHH! EENNGGHH! "She feels the hot cum filling her up and the sensation sends her over the edge, cumming again, and milking my still pulsing dick buried inside her. She screams back; " YES DADDY! I FEEL IT! I FEEL IT! OH GOD DADDY I'M CUMMING TOO! EEEEEENNNGGH! AAWWWGH! "I feel the grip of her pulsing pussy, her cervix flexing over my head as she cums, and the hot gush of her orgasm stream over my entire member.

We both just lay there for a few moments and my cock deflates and falls out of her once virgin pussy. I roll over onto my back and she snuggles up to my side holding each other. I look at her kissing her on the head and holding her hand and saying; " I guess your not going to school today. huh! "She smile back and says; " I really need to stay home and recuperate! " (giggles)

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