My Daughter Bethie


More than once, I would notice her white cotton panties showing as she swung legs back and forth as we talked. She would tell me all about her day and what she and the other girls would talk about. I would listen intently but could not help but look up her skirt from time to time and curse myself for the erection it would give me. I watched as she grew and her little cunt lips became more pronounced. After she would go in the house to change clothes and washes up for dinner, I would have to masturbate, thinking of my daughter’s little cherub lipped cunt under those tight white panties. I kept telling myself that it was ok to just have a fantasy and thankfully, my shopapron always covered my hard cock while she was there. Last week everything changed. Bethie had just turned thirteen two days ago and we had thrown her a party with lots of awkward boys and oh God way too many sweet young girls in short skirts or tight pants. It was a fun party for all the kids and I enjoyed just staring at all the young babes, Man they didn’t look like that when I was thirteen! How is it that these young girls have such big tits and great legs and asses at this age? Must be the steroids they are putting in the milk. So , now it’s Monday afternoon and here she comes as always , bright and cheerful . She walks into the shop and as I look up to greet her like I always do, I notice a strange smile on her lips. “Hi baby doll ! How was school today?” same thing I ask everyday. She settled herself on the work bench and I couldn’t help but notice, she kept herlegs together this time. I was slightly disappointed but tried not to let it show onmy face. She said to me “Oh it was fine daddy. You know a lot of my friends think you are so hot ! I mean you are all most of the girls talked about today.

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  ”I was a bit surprised by this remark considering I am fifty seven years oldand didn’t think any of her friends even knew I was alive. Then she really shocked me, she said “But I have known for a long time youare hot daddy, you are so handsome. ” Now I was speechless, my own beautiful daughter thought I was hot? Damn!The shocks weren’t over yet either , they had just begun. Bethie got that coy smile on her face and then said to me “Daddy, I know you been looking up my skirt for a long time and I also know that you really enjoy it. ”“Infact, a few times this year , I have come back and peeked in the window after you thought I was in the house”My heart was beating so hard , I thought it would burst out of my chest and mycock was beginning to stiffen , knowing that she had seen me jerking off . I stammered out “Oh Bethie honey, I am so sorry baby. I . . I ,,well I just can’t help myself sometimes. God honey please forgive me!”The smile never left her full beautiful lips. She just looked at me like a womanand not my little girl. The silence in the shop was deafening except for the roaring of the blood rushing past my ears and into my face. Bethie finally spoke” Daddy don’t be embarrassed , I loved watching you and I love that you enjoy looking up my skirt. I know you get hard when you do. I can see it under your shop apron.

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  ”Well so much for being subtle on my part. I was still locked in a state of panicand had no idea what to say back to her. That’s when the biggest shock of allcame. She looked me square in the eyes and said “Daddy , I have a special surprise for you. “Then she slowly began to spread her luscious legs apart . At first I tried not to look but I couldn’t help myself. I could see her sweet soft young thighs partingand as they did my poor heart was into double time! As she spread her leg she also too the hem of her skirt in her hands and raised it up slowly. My mouth was dry , my cock was raging in my pants and hell my heart was out of control! My hands started shaking , I could not believe what I was seeing!There before me was this incredibly beautiful young girl of only thirteen and now her hairless full lipped cunt was in view!“Dear God Bethie! What are you doing baby?” I almost shouted. “Just showing you what you have wanted to see for so long Daddy. ” “But baby I,,,” and words failed me. There was the most beautiful cunt God had ever created!Her lips slightly were slightly red and very puffy. I could see a hint of wetness in the tight slit. Help me , my brain screamed, but I was not listening at all. She reached down with one hand and barely touched her cunt and said “Don’t you want a closer look daddy?”My chair was one of those old secretary style ones , no arms, just a padded seat and back on wheels. Like a man in a trance , I slowly rolled towards her.

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   As I got to where her knees came in contact with my shoulders, she leaned back on her hands and put both her legs over my shoulders. I could smell the sweetness of her cunt and that was the point of no return , as if I hadn’t already reached it. I leaned in and began to kiss her cunt and she let out a soft mmmm sound. The tip of my tongue caressed her outer lips and I licked and sucked at them lightly. Bethie’s heels were pulling me into her and I push my tongue deep into her virgin cunt. “Oh God daddy!! Yes that feels so good , don’t stop please daddy!”Oh like I was gonna stop now ? Yeah , right! I slowly fucked her cunt with my tongue tasting the sweetest liquid ever! She was squirming her butt around and pulling hard against me whit her feet. I moved my tongue up her slit and found her already hard clit and flicked it lightly. Without warning , she came . My God , my baby squirts when she cums!Bethie let out this animal sound as she came and my face was sprayed with delicious girl cum. I lapped at it like a dog at a water bowl, not wanting to miss a drop of this nectar. As her orgasm subsided she was finally able to speak and gasped out “Daddy! What did you just do to me?” I lifted up my head and said “I just gave you your first cunt licking and you came like there was no tomorrow. ”Still breathing deeply so that her words came out almost one at a time “I never came like that before when I touched myself daddy! That was amazing!” Then she leaned forward and took my face in her hands pulling me to her and she kissed me full on the lips. Her tongue came out of her mouth as she licked my wet face, enjoying the taste of her own girl cum. Then she kissed me again like a lover would, deep and passionate with her tongue probing my mouth. I kissed back , sucking on her tongue and let my hands wander up to her surprisingly full breasts.

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   Her nipples were like red hot tips , the heat so obvious to my finger tips. I cupped her breast and she moaned into my mouth. As our kiss broke and she leaned back, Bethie again looked me in the eyes and said. “Ok daddy, now it’s my turn to look and touch and taste. Get your beautiful cock out for me. ”I was way past hesitation now. Damn the taboo , damn the social morays, damn it all ! I was not going to stop now. I pulled off my apron and tossed it on the bench beside her and then my t-shirt on the floor. I stood up and undid my jeans , kicked off my shoes and dropped my jeans to my ankles. There I stood in my colored briefs with the head of my now hurting cock sticking out of the waistband. Bethie’s smile got so big as she actually leered at my cock with eyes more full of lust than I had ever seen before. “Don’t tease me daddy, take them off now please. I want to see your beautiful hard cock completely. ” Her voice so low , it hardly sounded like my little girl.
    I stepped out of my jeans and pulled down my briefs and tossed them on the bench as well.

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       I stood there naked and shaking with nervous energy wondering what she was thinking now. I didn’t have to wait long. “Sit down daddy . ” was all she said as she slid off the bench and pushed me down to my chair. I plopped my butt down and she got between my legs, never taking her eyes off my cock. Now I am not a superman, not even close. I have a good six and a half inches and measure five inches around my circumcised cock. Her gaze was almost searing as she reached out and took my cock in her hand. Oh lord! The feel of her touch on me was electric! I felt as if my cock just grew double it size, but of course it didn’t. “I wanted to do this to you after the first time I watched you through the window daddy. It’s so smooth and hard and hot in my hand. ” She gently moved her hand up and down my cock. I reached down and covered her hand in mine to show her the right amount of grip and stroke. My baby girl is a fast learner. She soon had me feeling like I would blow the roof off the shop if I came just then.

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      A small drop of precum rose to the tip of my cock and she leaned in and licked it off me. As her pink tongue touched me , I swear they set off the Fourth of July fireworks early this year! All I could see were little tunnels of light in my eyes like I was about to pass out. Actually , I am surprised I didn’t at this point. I would like to tell you that my whole body was alive and involved in this but I could only feel my cock and holy shit did it feel incredible! I thought she was about to take me into her mouth but then came the last of the shocks. She let go of me and stood up. Raising her skirt , she moved and straddled my legs until she was almost against me . She reached under her skirt and took hold of my cock and as she squatted down , began to rub it back and forth between her wet cunt lips. I grabbed her by the hips and help support her weight as she lowered herself down onto me. This was her first time but it felt like my first time as well. As I felt her cunt begin to swallow up my cock , I felt the resistance. Her cherry was blocking me from going any further in. I looked up at Bethie and asked “are you sure you want to do this baby?” “Oh yes daddy , I have wanted this so bad for so long. I am not going to stop now. ” “If the shop catches fire , let them put it out around us!” She’s’ my girl alright!She pushed down onto my cock and made a face of some pain but it quickly changed to a smile. “Gosh daddy, it doesn’t hurt any thing like I thought it would.

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       It feels so hot inside me daddy , I love it ! Now let’s fuck daddy!”I felt her lips touch my skin around my trimmed cock and felt the gates of heaven open up. Oh this is way beyond great! With my help, she raised up and down slowly at first , enjoying the sensations for the first time. Come on think baseballs scores! God , I am about to cum , she is so velvet tight around me. Her movements need no further help from me as she rides my cock hard now. I reach up , unbutton her blouse and push her bra up over her tits. Big mistake here! Just the sight of her tits and dark nipples are overload for me and my cum starts squirting deep into her young cunt. Bethie must have felt it too because she grabbed my shoulders with both hands and pounded down on me one last time and then , I thought she peed on me. She came so much , it was running down my balls and thighs. Of course it was her cum and the smell of it filled the air around us. Her sweet body shook for almost a full minute and her cunt squeezed me so hard , I was afraid I would pop out of her. She regained her breath and then kissed me deeply “Daddy that was the most beautiful feeling I have ever had. Your cum squirting into me was all it took to make me cum. Is it always this good daddy?”This old man , so close to nirvana says “ Baby Bethie, it only gets better my love. ”.



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