My Darling Tanya


As I exited the room, a nurse came to me and informed me that there were papers to sign, and which funeral home did I want to have pick her up. Spending the next few hour waiting for her body to be removed. I called friends and family. During this period I was crushed as to how I was going to tell Tanya. When I arrivied at the school, I parked the car out front and waited the few moments until the final bell rang. Right on time, it went off and a gang of kids broke through the doors and spread out on the school grounds. I hardly noticed Tanya, until she was a few feet from the car. Jumping in, she threw her book bag in the back seat, gave me a hug and asked about her mom. The look on my face said it all to her. No words spoken, as I started to cry. She continued hugging me as we both sobbed. It was some time before either of us moved. I'm sure those people that saw us were wondering what was happening. When I finally could talk, I let her know that her mom wasn't suffering any longer and from the way she lived, I knew she was in Heaven looking down on us. This seem to help Tanya accept her mothers death, as she sat back in her seat. We drove home in silence.

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   Over the next few days, it was this little ten year old child that pulled me through all of this sadness. I was amazed at how she handled not only herself, but kept me from losing it time after time. She was the one that called the florist, picked out the clothes heer mother was to be buried in, and answered the majority of incoming phones calls from well wishers. I was extremely proud of how she took over, just like her mother would of done. Since her mother passed away six years ago, Tanya had taken over everything in the household. I paid the bills, but that was about all I had to do. Tanya, although going to school, made sure the house was kept clean, the laundry got done, and supper was on the table when I arrivied home from work. Our evenings were for us. We allowed no one to enter our little world. We sat on the couch and watched whatever we wanted and at the end of the night, she'd kiss my cheek and say good night. I usually stayed up for a while. Tonight, while we were sitting, her in my arms, I began to realize that she was turning into a very beautiful young girl. Her body had changed quite a bit, her breast seem to go from the flat chest to a 36C in no time. She got much of her "female" questions answered by her best friends mother. Watching her walk off to bed tonight, I couldn't help but notice that her frame was quite beautiful.

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   Nice hips, slim waist, and being about 5'5" tall, her legs were very nice. In two weeks, she'd be sixteen, so I wanted to do something special for her, but what? Cindy, her best friend might be able to give me a few clues. I decided to call her the next night while Tanya was taking her shower. Cindy suggested that I throw a big pool party. She would contact the other kids, I had to make sure the cake, soda and all that stuff was bought. We did have an olympic size in-ground pool and it had been some time since we used it. At breakfast, I told Tanya that I was going to have some people come over to clean the pool out so we could start enjoying it. She was all for it, saying we should of done it a long time ago. On Friday, I called Tanya from work and told her I was going to stop and pick up some pizza and cokes, so we could have supper by our newly cleaned pool. "Sounds like fun Dad, can I invite some friends over for a swim", she asked?"Sure sweetheart, how many, so I can get enough food", I said. "Just three or four, not many", she said. Arriving at the house, I could hear the kids in the back yard. Placing the pizza and cokes on the kitchen table, I peeked out the kitchen window to see who was here. Cindy was the first, she had on a thong bikini, her back to me. My god what a fine ass she had on her.

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   Both globes were such a beautiful sight. I was suddenly ashamed of myself for having those thoughts, i'm an adult, these are teenagers. I moved to the table, picked up the pizzas and carried them to the patio table. I watched as they approached. Tanya was leading the group, shh too was wearing a bikini, but not a thong. The top of her suit was overfilled with her breasts, It was so small, I was amazed that she didn't pop out of it. The bikini was white, so when wet, it was nearly see through, and it was wet. I could see her nipples thrusting against the material, her half dollar sized areolas were also visible. The bottom was not much bigger. She was pulling it up, and I was able to make out how the outline of her pussy was clearly prominent. When she got next to me, she hugged me and her body pressed into mine, this was to much for me right now. I started to get an erection. I don't think she realized my problem, as her hips were pressed into me. She introduced the other two girls as Melinda and Candice. Four very pretty young girls, all of them barely dressed, looking at all that sweet inocent, tender flesh.

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   My cock wasn't helping me, it was as stiff as it had ever been. I excused myself saying I would get the soda, when Cindy volunteered to help. Walking into the house behind her, I again was drawn to her ass, as it swayed in front of me. Once in the kitchen, I turned toward the sink and arranged my cock from it's downward position to an upward one, relieving some of the pressure. When I turned back around, Cindy was leaning over the top of the freezer trying to get the ice from the bottom. God that was a sight. I walked over behind her and held onto her hips saying that I didn't want her to fall in. My stiff dick was right between her ass cheeks. I felt her back into me a little and wiggle her butt. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at me. As she came to her feet, her ass was kept against me, but once on her feet, she turned to face me. Her bikini top just covered her nipples, and she filled out that top very nicely. The cleavage was a beautiful sight. I had to pull my eyes up to look into her face. As she started to walk back outside, she said, "Maybe we can add another topping to the pizza, as her hand ran over the length of my shaft".

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   Then she walked away. I had to excuse myself and went right for my bathroom. Dropping my pants and briefs to the floor, I grabbed hold of my hard cock and began to jerk off. My hand felt good, but I closed my eyes and brought thoughts of Cindy's beautiful ass rubbing my cock and running her hand over it. Quite quickly, I ejaculated on the sink, counter and floor. The relief that flooded out of me was magnificent. I cleaned up the bathroom, then changed into shorts and a pull over shirt. I went to the living room, where I wouldn't be tempted by all that nubile flesh out by the pool. While I was in the house, the girls devoured the food and soda and got into a conversation. As normal with teenagers, it turned to sex. Cindy looked at Tanya and said, "Girl your dad is a hunk, does he have a lot of girlfriends"?"Only me, I'm the only girl in his life", Tanya said with a proud smile. "I'd like to be his girl for one night", Cindy said. "Thats my dad your talking about, you'd better stop that talk", Tanya said. Melinda said, "He's a good looking man, you shouldn't be so jealous of someone who likes him". "I'm not jealous", Tanya said, "He's my dad and I never thought of him being with anyone but me since mom died, and never in a sexual way".

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  Candice then looked at all three and she licked her lips as she said, "Did anyone else but me notice his pants when he was out here"? "I can honestly say i've never seen a man's thing, but his was trying to rip through his pants". "You guys are gross, don't be talking about him like that, at least not in front of me, give me a break", Tanya said forcefully. Seeing her get angry, they switched to talking about some of the boys from school. After they left, Tanya cleaned up and headed into the living room to see her father. He had fallen asleep on the couch and she didn't wake him. She did get close to him and she started to recall the earlier conversation about him. Tanya was checking her dad out like she never did before. His hair was always neatly combed, still a dark black. He was a handsome man, in her eyes (and obiviously in her friends eyes too). He wasn't a rugged outdoors type, but he was somewhat muscular. He has a slim waist, and his legs were nice to look at. She moved closer and brought her eyes to his crotch. The outline of his flaccid penis could be seen in his pant leg. As she stared, at it, she felt wet between her legs. She was standing here, checking out her fathers cock, wondering what it looked like.

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   The longer she stood there, the wetter she got. She went upstairs to her room and closed the door. Leaning back on the door, her hand went to her bikini bottom, between her legs. She was heated up and rubbed her pussy. She had never masturbated before, but she wanted to right now. Removing her bikini bottom, her hand rushed back to her pussy, as she took her middle finger and placed it between the folds of her labia. This felt good, so she inserted a finger into herself. She reeled with a strange, but nice feeling, as she moved her finger in and out. Her thumb caught her clit, quite by mistake, and she gasped at the sheer loveliness of it. As her finger was rolling in and out of her, she took her other hand and went back to her clit and started to rub it with her finger tips. This was amazing, as her body racked with her first orgasm. Her knees went week, as she slid her back down the door, until she was sitting on the floor. Her fingers were still working her pussy and clit. When she finally slowed down, she got to breathing regularly. Sitting there with such an outstanding shiver ebbing within her, she finally stood, and as she walked into her bathroom, picked up her bottoms and removed her top.

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  After a shower, she dressed in pajamas and a robe and went down to say good night to her father. She called to him as she entered the living room, and he woke to her sitting on the couch next to him. "Just wanted to thank you for today, its been a long time since I had friends over", she said. "It has been a long time sweetheart, but from now on, you can have your friends over anytime you want", he said. Without thinking, Tanya said, "Yeah, you'd like that too, wouldn't you"? "Cindy thinks you're a hunk and wants to do you". "WHAT", he said. "You heard me, she likes you", she said. They never spoken of anything sexual. Tanya never asked, and he didn't volunteer, so all this was making him feel odd. "Cindy is your age honey, besides, your my sweetheart, not her", he said, as he hugged her to him and kissed her cheek. "Daddy, I know there isn't anything we can't talk about, but I feel silly and don't know how to say what I want to", she said. "Well sweetie, just say it. We've always been truthful with each other, no matter what", he said. "Okay, here goes; When you left us outside we got to talking about things, and the others were talking about how nice you looked to them and how they wanted to do things to you". "I was getting upset over them talking like that and told them", she said.

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  "When I came in after they left, I came in here and just looked at you and I got hot and wet between my legs, so I went up to my room and masturbated", she added. Jim was taken aback by what his fifteen year old daughter just revealed to him. To himself, he thought, how do I handle this? I guess just be honest and straight forward with her. "I take it that this was the first time you ever masturbated"? "I don't know how to explain your feelings as to why you did it, except to blame it on your earlier conversation with your friends", he said. "I think its only natural that you would feel that way, after all its been just you and me for the last six years", he said. "But I was standing over you, thinking about what you would look like naked, and trying to picture in my head how your thing would look", Tanya said. "This isn't right, i'm your daughter, not your wife". "Thats right honey, but stop and think about things". For the last six years, you've taken over the house cleaning, laundry, cooking and everything else your mother use to do". "When your mother was alive, we had an active sex life, not every night of the week, but often enough". I guess she considered our sex as her "reward". "That is the only aspect of her, that you haven't received", he said. "Daddy, i've never thought of you in a sexual way, but today, that was all that was on my mind, besides i'm not going to let that Cindy have you, if I can't", Tanya said. Jim's mind was moving so fast, his daughter wants to make love to him, and her girlfriends wants him too. My God, they are beautiful, what man in his right mind would turn them down.

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  "I know you like the way I look, because I could feel your thing against my leg this afternoon", she said. "Darling, that bikini has to be ancient, because its so small on you", he said. "I thought you were going to pop out of your top when you were walking towards me". "Its also white, so when its wet, you can see right through the cloth, and I saw just how beautiful you are, and how much you have grown", he said. "Your right, i've had it a long time, but I like the way it looks on me, and I feel sexy in it, and now I guess you like me in it too", she said. Trying to change the subject, he said, "Maybe I should take you to the mall and get you a new wardrobe, we haven't been there in a long time either", he said. Tanya was thinking to herself that she could buy some "nice" clothes, so she could look pretty for her daddy. Then maybe she too could get the "rewards" that her mother got. "Would it be okay if just Cindy and I went shopping, I can call you when we're done. I want to pick out my own clothes", she said. "Alright, your the one who is going to be wearing them, so I won't be a fuddy-duddy", he said. She hugged him again, kissed his cheek, and then ran upstairs to her bed. Jim was so glad that this little conversation was over. Just sitting there with her talking about how she liked to show her body in that suit was making his cock hard. He too went to his room and when he laid on his bed, he took hold of his stif dick and this time the girl in his thoughts was Tanya.


   Her breasts bouncing as she walked towards him, the sight of her nipples and how beautiful her titties are. When his mind went to how her pussy lips were outlined in her suit, his cock spit out his sperm on his hand and chest. The following morning, he drove Cindy and Tanya to the mall and went back home. Five hours later, she called and was ready to come home. He wondered how badly she dented his credit card, but really didn't care. They were waiting with hands full of shopping bags, and great big smiles on their faces. He pulled up, opened the trunk, then they slid in the back seat for the ride home. They were whispering and giggling all the way to Cindy's house. When she got out, Tanya climbed into the front seat for the rest of the ride. At the house, Tanya told him to just go inside, and she'd take care of the bags. He told her, he was going to go for a swim, whils she fiddled with her new clothes. He went in and changed into his swim suit and they met half way down the stairs. Tanya looked at her father, and she felt that wet feeling again. She still had to get more bags from the car, so she let him go by and she turned to check out her daddies butt. She said to herself, "He is a hunk", as she went into her room.

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  Jim was enjoying the cool feeling of the water on his body, as he swam from one end of the pool to the other. Tanya called to him, as she walked out on the patio, wearing the same bikini as yesterday. She jumped in the pool and swam along side of him and with each stroke, he made, he eyed his daughter, as that suit had all but disappeared in the water. His cock was again hardening as he looked at her, so when he reached the end of the pool, he stopped. His back was aginst the wall, and he observed Tanya do another lap, before she came to stop right in front of him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and when she hugged him, she felt his hard cock against her pussy. She looked at him and said, "Your hard again daddy, am I doing this to you"?, as her hand went down between them and onto his dick. "Oh baby, are you sure this is what you want to do, because if I start, I won't want to stop", he said. Getting up her nerve, she removed her hand from his cock, slipped it back around his neck, then wrapped her legs around his waist, grinding her pussy against his now steel hard dick. "He pulled her closer to his chest and felt her breasts push into his chest, as he brought his face to hers, he kissed her, like he use to kiss Rita. His hand untied her bikini top, and she leaned back a little, so he could remove it. With her in her daddies arms, grinding her pussy on his cock, and her tits being bared for the first time to him, she was delighted. She leaned back a little further, and brought his mouth to her breast. When he encircled her nipple, she said, "Daddy, oh daddy that feels so good". He inhaled her breast into his mouth, his tongue circling her nipple.

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   Then he took a small nibble of the small stiff rod in his mouth, as she pushed his head closer to her. With his hand, he cupped her other breast, twisting her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Tanya was loving this attention from her father. Why in hell did she wait so long for this to happen, as her cunt lips moved up and down his hard shaft. "Daddy, are you going to put your thing in me while were in the pool", she asked. Not being worried about being seen by anyone due to the very high fences, he took hold of her waist and told her to sit on the edge of the pool. He looked at her, sitting, her lovely breasts exposed to him, but what he wanted was lower, her pussy. It had been so long since he tasted the sweet nectar of a woman. He took her bikini bottoms in his hands, and told her to lift up so he could take them off. She did, as her cunt came into view, his breath was taken away at such a wonderful sight. She kept herself shaved clean of any pubic hair. Jim brought his face to her lap and was kissing her inner thighs. He moved closer to his target, finally he was there. Her aroma was intoxicating, as his tongue tasted the fruit of his daughters pussy. Tanya was in heaven, her daddy was eating her out, just like she hoped he would do.

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   All night, she laid in her bed, just thinking of him doing just this, and now it was a dream come true. Her body was sent such pleasurable feeling. She thought the orgasm yesterday was something, but it did not compare to the way she was feeling right now. Jim, sucked on her pussy, lapping up her juices, as his tongue shot in and out of her tunnel. His hand went to her clit and felt it grow in his fingers. Tanya shuttered as he played with her clit. He moved his fingers rapidly over her stiff bud, as his tongue worked her soaking pussy. Tanya's body and mind were swirling. Her body shook with an orgasm which made her throw her head back, and dig her fingers into her daddies hair, pulling him closer to spasming pussy. "Daddy, i'm cumming, i'm cumming in my daddies mouth, Oh god thats so good", she screamed. Jim felt her start her climax, but was unprepard for being thrusted into her crotch as hard as he was. He was held there so long, he thought he was going to pass out, but she finally loosened her grip and he inhaled a freash breath of air. Tanya saw the cum on her fathers face, and she slipped into the water and kissed his lips, tasting of herself at the same time. She licked his face and kissed him again. Her pussy was being pushed against the wall of the pool by her daddies hard cock.

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   She reached down into the water, pushed his swimsuit down and freed him. Her hand was on his cock, before his suit hit the top of the water. She felt a mans cock for the first time, but she wanted to see it too. "Dad, I want to see your cock, not just feel it", she said. Jim looked at her, then got up on the side of the pool, so she could see him. His cock standing eight and a half inches, was a mass of meat for her to enjoy. She was between his legs, in the pool, her arms over his legs, holding her up. She brought her hand back to his shaft and ran it up and down. Her other hand was holding his ball sack, moving his nuts within it. "Show me what to do daddy, show me how to make you feel good", she said. He explained how to masturbate him and how to give a blow job, and she followed directions to a tee. Her tongue licked his mushroomed head, tasting of her fathers love muscle. She liked the taste and aroma of his pre-cum, as she opened her mouth and engulfed the head. Her tongue moved around the head, as her hand was pumping his shaft. Looking at his daughter sucking him off, he pictured Rita, doing it.

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   She was a carbon copy of her. Now she was learning how to suck a cock, just like her mom did. Her mouth was trying to take as much as she could, but she would get it all sooner or later. Her head bobbing up and down, matched by the rhythm of her hand, she was going to make his cum very quickly, if she didn't stop. But he didn't want her to stop. He wanted to blow his load into her mouth. Give her what she seem to be striving for. He felt the tingle in his nuts as his sperm built up for his daughter. "Tanya, daddy is going to cum in your mouth, keep your mouth on it, swollow my cum", he stammered, as his cock shot the first load into his daughters mouth. Tanya could feel his sperm running up the shaft and when it hit her mouth she was surprised, both at the force and the taste. It didn't taste bad at all to her, but it felt like she would choke, if she didn't back off of him. His second shot went into her opened mouth as her hand continued to pump him. The third shot his her cheek, and the next her lips and chin. Pumping and pumping, his cock finally stopped shooting his sperm. She didn't stop, her hand loved playing with his dick, but when it went soft, she finally let it go.

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  "Did I do good daddy, was it good enough for you", she asked. "Sweet Jesus Tanya, that was beautiful", he said. "Are we going to fuck, I want to feel you in my pussy. I need to feel you in me", she said. "Oh My sweet little darling, I am going to fuck you", he said. "I'm going to fuck you real good, but your going to have to wait until tonight for that, we have a life time to be together". Besides, I want you in my bed for that, not out here in the pool", he said. She smiled at him and said that it would be nicer in his bed, as they just held onto one another. Definately to be continuedMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.



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