My Cousins Stay


My cousin then decided that she wanted to have a look around the place seeing it was about 6 years since she last came for a visit, I of course decided to stay home so I could raid her luggage for panties, so dad and mum took her out and showed her about for a few hours. No sooner than they had left the driveway, I raced upstairs and made for her suitcase. After rummaging through it for a small while I found a nice silky white pair of panties with a pleasant musky aroma. I brought these up to my nose and sniffed at them for what seemed like 18 years, then I slowly started to lick them and stuff them into my mouth, oh what a wonderful tasting pussy my cousin had. After I seemed to have gotten all the flavour off them, I pulled down my pants and released my throbbing 7 ½ inch cock and wrapped the panties around my dick, keeping the crotch of them at my knob. I slowly started to masturbate with them whilst thinking of fucking her in as many positions as my mind could allow me to conjure up. After 5 minutes of slowly rubbing my cock, I quickened the pace until I reached the threshold of release then I pulled them off, put them in my mouth and sprayed all over the carpeted floor. Shit that felt good, the best release I’ve had in the 4 years since I started to masturbate. Quickly I folded everything up and put it all back in its place, all neat and orderly, and then I went downstairs to have a piss. No sooner then I finished, they arrived home with dinner, pizza. I didn’t want pizza for dinner; I wanted pussy, my cousin’s pussy. Having her sit next to me didn’t help either, I wanted to put my hands in her lap and stroke her thigh, but with mum and dad sitting across the table and my cousin seeming to be a non responsive person, I decided not to. After dinner I announced I was going to have a shower. After a long hot shower with a bit of extra attention given to my cock, I went up to get my boxers for bed. I knocked on the door to see if my cousin was in, and after hearing no response, I entered. To my shock, surprise and enjoyment, my cousin was lying on the bed with her walkman on and massaging her perky tits with both hands.

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   Not wanting to disturb her session, I crept into my room and slowly opened my drawer to retrieve my boxers. After getting them out I started to edge slowly to the door to make a quiet exit, but due to my carelessness, I banged my knee on the cupboard and half yelling, half being quiet, uttered a few curses at me and the cupboard. My cousin sat up and saw me there, in my towel and holding my boxers, then looked down at her uncovered breasts, then gasped and put her arms over them and threw a book at me. I grabbed the book, walked over to bookcase and placed the book back then smiled at my cousin and told her not to be so careless around me, otherwise she would have a situation on her hand. Then I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead and walked out of the room and went to watch TV downstairs. I set up my sleeping bag in the lounge room as my bed for the next week, and at about 12. 30, I drifted off to sleep. That night I had the best dream ever, I was dreaming of the situation before where I was in the room with my cousin rubbing her tits, but instead of her getting mad, he asked me to fuck her. I was all to happy to reply, and when I shot my load, I woke up with the biggest puddle of cum I’d ever seen, all I could say to myself was “fucking great, now I hafta stay awake till it dries. ” Waiting wasn’t that bad, I put on a porno that I stole from dad’s drawer and started to wonder if my cousin would try any of these positions. After a few moments of deep thought, my cock was once again standing tall and proud, and once again, my cousin was my object of lust. I couldn’t take it any longer, so I crept up to my room and after a few seconds of building up some courage, I entered. Slowly creping and being sure not to run into my cupboard again, I made my way over to my cousin sleeping in bed. The sight of her cute little face made me want to whip out my dick and bat over her, but I got braver and bolder and slowly eased the covers down a few centimetres at a time. After what seemed an eternity, I finally got to see those marvellous tits again, I almost creamed myself then, especially with the moonlight reflecting off them.

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  After a bit more restraint and lots more courage, I folded the sheets down even further to reveal the same pair of silk panties I masturbated with. The thought of those panties being on my cousin then in my mouth was good, but now I’ve seen them on her, I want to eat them and keep them in me forever, but my dirty mind getting the better of me, I decided to climb in bed with her and see how things went from there. After making a few “settling in” and “sleep moans”, I went to sleep. The next morning I woke up with a glorious view, and my usual morning wood, but today it seemed harder and bigger. I don’t know why I wondered, especially with my cousin’s tits directly in front of my face, and her leg had straddles mine and her arm over me as if she rolled over during the night. I just lay there looking at her and taking in the wonderful sight and delicious aroma of her. At about 7. 30 she started to stir and wake up, so I decided to “go back to sleep” so that she wouldn’t get up me for staring at her boobs and all the rest, but faking sleep was kinda hard when I had a monstrous boner. After a minute or two of yawning and rubbing her eyes, she noticed me and kinda half shocked, leant over and gave me a kiss on the cheek to wake me up. I stirred and murmured and rubbed my head into what I believed where pillows, but then I realised that pillows don’t give off heat. Jackpot! Titties! I slowly mumbled and started to say my usual “go away mum, cant I sleep longer?” and felt my tongue brush past them as I spoke, damn I was so hard and horny I just wanted to spring up and fuck her. She then nudged me and told me to get up. Feigning sleepiness, I sat up and said “Wha?” then I opened my eyes and she was smiling at me, I smiled back and said “good morning,” and she did the same, but then I “realised” that she had no top on, so I “turned away” and “tried not to look” but she said it was ok, and that she was thinking about what I had said last night and that’s why she didn’t do anything when she felt my climb into bed last night, at the same time as I was apologising for sleeping in bed with her, as I wasn’t used to sleeping in anywhere else than my bed. She said that it was ok and that she used to do it a lot when she was a teen as well. Then out of the blue she asked me if I was a virgin, and a bit embarrassed I said yes, to which she replied that it was nothing to worry about and that she didn’t loose her virginity till she was 19.

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   I kinda smiled to myself and said to in my head “he he 4 years to beat her, shouldn’t be that hard. ” Then what really shocked me was her asking if I wanted her to give me pointers on sex and how to really pleas a woman. Me being the horny little bastard I was, replied with a “fuck oath I would!” she told me to go and have something for breakfast whilst she had a shower. I told her that I wasn’t hungry and asked if I could join her. She said no that I had to wait till she was ready, I think she knew how much that pissed me off, so she took a 30 minute shower to tease and annoy me, it was driving me insane and I felt like my balls would explode from the anticipation. After she got out of the shoer, dried herself down and set up a large quilt in the living room, she told me to come over and show me what I knew of orally pleasing a woman. I haven’t orally pleased a woman before, but I knew what to do to get them jumping and yelling. And I told my friend what to do with his girl when he went down on her and he got the results. So anyway, I told her that I haven’t had any sexual experiences before, and that she’d be my first for everything. I started at her neck and slowly kissed down and around her neck and chest and when I got to her tits, I kissed softly over her nipples and flicked my tongue over them, swirled circles around them and then blew softly onto her nipples so that they looked like little bullets. This was giving her the thrills she was after and told me I was a natural and asked who told me what to do, I replied by saying “no one, I learnt myself from reading sex stories. ” This impressed her and she said, “Get back to work, I’m getting the build up of an orgasm. After about 5 minutes on each tit, she started to moan and scream as her first orgasm for that day unleashed itself. “Sweet fucking Jesus!!” she yelled, “that was one of the best orgasms I’ve had!” smiling at her I told her that we had a week to do more of it. This made her happy as a pig in mud and then she asked me to eat her out.

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   Slowly kissing down her chest, stomach and after a few kisses and licks of her belly button, I went for her moist pussy. I couldn’t help but smell it for a while, and she started to get anxious and tried to push her groin into my face. I backed away and said, “tut tut, don’t rush things, we don’t want to do anything wrong now do we?” well that was kind of stupid, seeing as fucking family members was wrong, and here I was pleasuring my cousin. Damn I’m a hypocrite. Oh well. I started to kiss her legs, slowly edging down to her feet and back up, going to the other leg, then repeating. By now she was moaning in anticipation and begging me with anything and everything to eat her out. Finally after about 5 minutes of teasing, I kissed her inner thighs and then placed a kiss on her puffy lips and licked upwards.
    She shivered and said, “oh god, eat me now! Fucking eat me now!!” how could I refuse a request like that? So looked up at her and smiled, gave her a kiss and then went back to work on her pussy. My god was this pussy oozing juice, there was so much I reckon that it could have filled a 2 litre bottle. I eased my finger into her hot cunt and started to move in and out whilst gently blowing into her pussy. I could see her legs quivering and felt her pussy suck my finger in as she climaxed again, “wow… how horny is she today?” I thought as I pulled my finger out and licked it clean of pussy juice. I then looked up at her, and she was in a trance like state with the biggest smile on, I swear it was going to crack her face apart if it got any bigger. I then pushed a few fingers back into her pussy, easing them in and out until it felt like a river with torrents of juice gushing onto them, I pulled them out and brought them up to her mouth, put them in and told her to taste her own cunt. She was happy to oblige.

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       As she sucked on my fingers, I thought to myself, “Fucking hell, if she sucks on fingers like that, imagine she’s like with a cock!”After a minute where she got her juices off hr fingers, she once again begged me to eat her out. So I did. I went back down to her tasty pussy, slowly licked circles around the outer lips, then thrust my tongue in and slurped up at the juice inside. After I was getting full of juice, I searched for her hooded clit. After toying around with it, I lifted the hood up and licked the little button up and down and in a circular motion. This sent her crazy and after a few moments, she came yet again whilst screaming and yelling. After her third orgasm in the space of 1 hour, decided to suck on her clit to see how many orgasms I could get in a row. After a good 18 minutes of rolling the little button around in my tongue, I counted 4 orgasms in a row. Damn she must have been stuffed. After eating her out, I brought myself up to her face, and the look she had could have been confused with the look stoners have on after a few joints. She was in ecstasy and I helped her to it. When she finally came to, she reached up for me and pulled me down for a long and passionate kiss, making sure she got as much pussy juice as she could get off my face. She said that she could never repay me for that but I knew she could, I told her to give me head and she happily agreed. She went down to my rock hard dick and slowly started to tease me by licking circles around the head of my knob, fuck that felt good. After a minute of this, she slowly took my whole member into her mouth and I thought she would choke on it, but she managed the whole thing.

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       When she got the base of my cock, I felt my knob being tickled by something, I then realised that it was her tonsils and she was deepthorating me. This was too much and I yelled, “IM FUCKING CUMMING!! OH FUCK!!!!!” and I blasted my goo into her, after what seemed like 1000 spurts of cum, she slowly pulled her head back and slurped every last drop from my now limp dick. “Fuck this is awesome!” was all I could say in my head. I then looked down at her and she was smiling with the biggest, broadest grin I’d ever seen and then leaned up to kiss me. At first I thought that it was gross that I’d taste my own cum, but with her hot body on me, and her hot tongue in my mouth, who was I to complain? Besides, I kind of liked the taste of my own cum, it was salty and had a peculiar taste to it that made me want more. After a long passionate kiss and a it of a fondle up, I was at full mast again and was hornier than ever. I don’t know if my cousin was as horny, or maybe even hornier, but she asked to fill her pussy up. That was all I needed as I flipped her onto her back and started to ease my way into her hot dripping cunt. Fuck it was better than I thought it would be! And to top it off, she was tight as all hell. My life was at its peak at this very moment, if I thought being deepthorated was good, this fucking pissed all over it and shat on it. After a few moans of “ooh” and “aah” her pussy had adjusted to my cock and I started to slowly pump her. She was getting so hot in her pussy that I felt like my dick would melt, but this only spurred me on to pound her harder. I was going that fast that when I drew back out, my balls would sometimes get in the way of my dick. After about 18 minutes of pumping her, I felt my balls tighten and I told her I was cumming. A few more thrusts and I blew it all into her pussy, I thought that at the amount I blew into her, and how hard I blew it, that it would come out of her ears soon.

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      After my dick fell limp again, I slowly pulled out of her and lay down next to her, exhausted, I said, “Fuck, that was good!! I’m so fucking happy that you came to stay with us for a week. ” She replied by saying, “yea I’m happy as well, and you know the good thing about this? We have a whole week of fucking ahead!” that was music to my ears, one entire week of fucking my cousin’s brains out. I was happy as all hell at that moment. Then I leant over and gave her a kiss before settling into her chest and falling asleep in her arms. .