My Cousin...


One day a couple of summers ago, I rode my bicycle to my cousin's house.   Let me tell you about us: she is like 5'3" (she has always been pretty short), small thin build, dark hair, B cup boobs, and a really hairy pussy. . . extremely hot.   I am about 5'10", built like a football player, and a 7. 5" hairy penis.
So anyway, I rode my bike there, and I knocked on the front door.   Her voice told me to go on in, so I did.   I walked in, and there she was on the couch, fully nude.   I looked at her sexy body up and down very slowly.   The first thing I said was "wow" and she just smiled.   All I could look at was her hairy pussy.   I then asked her if anyone was home, and she said she was alone.   She then asked me if I wanted to take my clothes off.   I was pretty hot after the bike ride, and she said she didn't mind, so I stripped.


    When she saw my then 6" penis, she said, "Oh, my gosh!". . . she apparently liked it.   I was also very hairy around my penis, and I think she liked that too. . .   I asked her whether she had ever seen a penis before, and she said she had only seen her dad's penis a couple times on accident.  
I sat down next to her on the couch, and because of what I saw, my penis was standing straight up from my crotch.   I knew that she was my cousin, but I also knew that she was hot.   Before I could say anything, she started stroking my pubic hair very gently.   I asked her if she wanted to touch my penis, and she immediately nodded and grabbed my penis with both hands.   She has small hands, so they both fit on there.   She looked at me, smiled, and started masturbating me.   For like 5 minutes, she rubbed as hard and fast as she could.

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    I had never felt anything like this; it felt so good for a girl to be doing this.   I couldn't take it any more and I came all over the place. . . on her hands, on myself. . .   She stopped rubbing and looked at my cum on her hands.   I asked her if she had ever tasted that stuff before, and she hadn't, so she licked her hands clean.   By now, since I had ejaculated already, my penis was starting to droop a little.   Then she got down and licked the cum off of my belly, and then she asked if she could taste my penis.   I said that was fine, and she first licked the leftover cum off of it.   She then started licking the shaft of my penis up and down, and that made me hard immediately.   She even went down and sucked my balls some.   She then put only the head of my dick in her mouth and started twirling her tongue around it.

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    After a couple minutes, she didn't waste any time and she deep-throated my penis.   I couldn't believe how good she was at it.   She kept it in, and she just kept sucking and sucking until finally I just blew load after load into her mouth.   She waited until all five shots of my cum went in, and she swallowed it all.   Once she finished, she opened her mouth showing me that she had swallowed all of my cum.   She smiled again and layed on the couch, and she spread her legs so that her pussy was pointed right at me.  
I immediately started stroking her pussy hair, and it felt so nice. . .  her pubes were softer than mine.   I asked her if I could finger her and she said she wanted me to.   So I proceeded to rub the outside of her pussy, and I got her a little wet.   Her pussy lips started to turn pink too.   At this time, I started sticking just my middle finger in, very slowly.   I then added 1 finger at a time slowly, and I got to the point where I was ready to stick my whole fist in (her pussy was not very tight).

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    I asked her if I could, and she said, panting, to do it.   I stuck 4 fingers in, then I made the fist, and I started to dig as far as I could go.   She was moaning beyond control at this point, and I started going in further and faster, and she started screaming.   At one point, I saw some blood on my arm (I had taken her virginity).   After like 18 minutes of this, when I was in as far as I could go, she said she was gonna cum.   I took my fist out and I put my mouth down in front of her pussy and she squirted all over the place.   I got a mouthful of her cum, and the rest drenched my face and the couch.  
At this point, my penis was harder than it had ever been in my whole life (she was the first girl I ever saw nude, and the first I ever did anything with).   After she stopped panting (which took like 5 minutes), she asked me if I wanted to fuck her. . .  
I first asked her if she really meant what she asked.   She said she did.   I didn't have a condom on me, because I wasn't planning on having sex that day, and she said she didn't care.   I then asked her"what would happen if I got her pregnant, and she said she wouldn't.

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    After these questions were resolved, I agreed to have sex with her.   It was amazing, because not only was I losing my virginity, I was losing it to a really hot girl.  
So, I sat down on the couch, and I let my penis fly up.   She got up and straddled me.   She grabbed my penis and started to rub it on her pussy lips back and forth, getting the tip of my penis wet.   She then positioned my penis just right, and she just fell all the way onto it, so my penis was in as far as it would go.   I can't even describe the feeling I had: I was excited, happy, and I just felt good.
      She looked at me and said that she loved it.   She then leaned to me and kissed me on the lips, with tongue.   I gave her the same back, and as we let go, she started bouncing on me.   As she bounced, I just stared at her beautiful tits, the perfect size, bouncing like she was.   I leaned up a little, and I started licking and sucking her right nipple while she bounced.   This was when she started moaning again.   After a few minutes, I went to her other nipple, and I sucked that one even harder.   After a bit of that, I swore I got a little milk or something out of her, because it tasted good.

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        Then, I let go of her nipple and I smiled at her.   She was still boucing (this was going on for like 18 minutes).   I started to moan now, and I started feeling the warmth in my balls.   I was about to cum a load in my cousin.   I told her that, and she just kept going even faster, and I came a huge, hot load in her pussy.   She stopped bouncing, and was panting furiously, and then her hips bucked and she came again with my penis still in her.   She then fell into my arms and we just held each other in that position for 10 or 15 minutes, with my penis never coming out of her pussy.  
    As we sat there holding each other, she said she would never be with anyone but me.   I told her I would always be there for her no matter what.   She smiled up at me and moved up to kiss me, but this made my penis move in her.   Because her pussy was so sensitive right now, this made her buck again, cumming all over me.   She then kissed me and took my penis out of her.   She looked at it, and said she loved how it looked and felt.   We promised each other that we would never shave ourselves, because we loved hair on each other.
    I still love her more than anything.

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