My Cousin The Squirter part 2!


 My Cousin The Squirter part 2!
Joni, Jenny and I got a late start from the ranch house this morning so we were deffinetly going to have to spend at least two nights in the bush.
All three of us are capable of surviving in the bush with enough supplies, which I had packed onto another horse, other than the ones we were riding.
We had spent the entire night before exploring each others bodies and sexual desires, and it was very interesting.
Joni is my cousin from Texas and Jenny is my little sister. Both them and I were virgins two days ago, but my cousin Joni has changed that for all of us !!
She was stunningly beautiful, and she was a squirter, yes a squirter! The slightest touch to her tits, ass or pussy would get you sprayed with her pussy juices. And these juices are delicious.
We are going to spend the next three days and two nights in the bush on our family ranch, we are moving some cattle into another pasture.
I have packed a herders tent and supplies that will be sufficent for the three of us.
We are all three riding very good mounts that my father and I trained ourselves, they will keep us safe.
I have plans to make camp at a small pond that I have been to many times and I know it is safe and no snakes are around.
We reach the campsite about an hour before nightfall, and the three of us put our camp together and start some dinner, the girls tend to dinner and I survey the perimeter of our campsite for anything we should be aware of and to hobble our horses so they could get to water and grass.
When I returned to camp both Joni and Jenny were totally nude and waiting for me to have dinner with them.
Damn you both just took all of your clothes off ?? They both laughed and said they wanted to surprise me on my return, I assured them that is was a surprise, but a very delightful one.
They were sitting in a shaded are on pack chairs and both of their pussies were glistening with sweat, damn they were both so hot it was incredible.
As soon as dinner was fiinished, I went to check on the horses and Joni followed me with nothing on but her boots.
We walked up to the horses and they all looked at her like she was an alien, I am sure that Joni was the first naked woman they had ever seen.

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All of them became aroused by her pussy smell and started to extend their cocks , Joni said she has made many of her horses do the same!
She says that her pussy is sore from the night before, that Jenny and I had made it that way but wanted us all to have a repeat performance tonight!!
I assured her that I was up for the task, but was not sure about Jenny she was sore and had ridden a horse for the last six hours.
As we returned to camp Joni asked Jenny if she felt up to another night of sex with her and her brother?
Jenny replied with a, hell yes I am, I will also never forget the night I experienced the both of you, and Joni you were right my brother Mark has a monster cock that I cant wait to have stuffed back into my tight little pussy.
Also Joni, I want to taste your pussy juices again, and I want to try to squirt my juices all over my brothers cock as you did, that was magnificant. . .
Ok Jenny let's get Mark into the tent and see if we have a good time like we did last night,so into the tent they pulled me.
As soon as we were inside they began to take my clothes off, I suggested that we all bath in the pond first, and the cool water would make their sore pussies feel better. They agreed so into the pond the three of us went.
Jenny layed back on a rock that was partially in and out of the water, she had brought some soap from camp and was now washing her pussy and tits. Her nipples were fully erect, and she was pinching them and moaning for Joni or me to please lick her pussy until she reached an orgasm !
Joni swam to her and asked if she could try and make her squirt? Oh sure you may Joni, I really want to do that.
Joni explained to her that she had to relax and just let her juices flow, and that it will feel like you are peeing but you are really cumming.
Joni re positioned Jenny on the rock and asked her to spread her legs so she could lick her pussy, and Jenny did as she was asked.
Joni started on her pussy with a hard tongue and in just a few seconds Jenny was asking me to please suck her nipples, they were rigid and sticking straight up, I swam to them and got beside my sister and placed one nipple in my mouth and was touching the other with my fingers, she just moaned and shuddered.
Joni this is better than anything I have ever felt in my life, I never want this to end!!!
Joni ask Jenny if she wanted to try and squirt for her first orgasm, Yes yes yes Joni but how?
Just relax and let me try some things, Joni started by slowly inserting her middle finger into Jennys tight pussy with her palm facing up, she bent her finger and touched my sisters G spot, oh my god Jenny shouted, you have found the right spot do that again !!
Joni told her to relax and let me see if I can find it again, and she did, she rubbed the same spot back and forth maybe four times and Jenny screamed so loud that she sent the horse into the bush.
Jenny squirted her juices onto her thighs, not quite as much as Joni does but she had still squirted, holy shitttttttt she screamed holy shittttttttt Joni it must run in the family huh???
Joni just laughed and told her that there would many more squirts before the night was over !
I asked the girls if they wanted to go to the tent and do a follow up on this family squirting situation, they both ran to the tent, yelling for me to hurry up !!
I went to check on the horses before going into the tent and they looked at me like what the hell is going on, I just told them that it was ok and that they might just get to taste those two's pussies before we got back to the ranch house!!!
As I entered the tent, Joni was moaning for Jenny to get her finger back onto her G spot, and Jenny was hurriedly trying to find it again, and there it was again, she could tell by the way Joni clamped down on her fingers with her pussy muscles.

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I am just sitting on a camp chair watching, and my cock was becoming hard, Joni is telling Jenny to just apply soft pressure and move her finger slowly side to side, I slipped down onto the sleeping bag behind my sister and stuck my tongue into her wet pussy she went crazy and started to moan that she was cummin and please dont stop, Mark I want to squirt the same time as Joni does !!!
Less than ten seconds later they both squirted their biggest load, all over the tent and me also, I was amazed at the amount of juices that came from these girls pussies, and that it taste so good,I couldnt get enough of it !!
Damn it, so much for a sore pussy, Jenny that was terriffic shitttttttttttttt Joni growled !!
Hey you two, what about me??? They just laughed and said they had plans for me, and to be ready because it was going to be a special thing. . .
As they both recovered from their extrordinary squirting show, I was laying back stroking my cock, just waiting to see what these two had in store for me.
Jenny instructed me to lay on my stomach with my cock pointing backwards so Joni could lay between my legs and suck me off, and I did as told.
Joni lay tits down between my legs and lifted my cock to her mouth, it felt really hot and wet, she was fondling my balls as she sucked me off.
Jenny lay by my side and leaned over and started to stick her long tongue into my asshole, this made me hard as a rock, damn it, that feels so good sister, dont stop until I spew into Joni's mouth!!!
I did not expect what happened next! Jenny being a sneaky little brat had not returned moms pink vibrator to her bedroom, but had brought it with her into the bush.
She started the head of the dildo into my ass with her tongue still inside of me and then switched it onto high and yanked her tongue out and shoved that vibrator into my ass as far as it would go!!
It hurt for just a for just a few seconds and then the greatest sensation I have ever felt inside of myself happened, as the vibrations sank onto my prostrate.
It happened so fast that I didnt have enough time to warn Joni that I was going to cum, I came so hard into her mouth that she started to choke on my cum, but she sucked it up with all she had.
Jenny!!!! What the hell??? I will have to lick your clit one hundred times for pulling that trick on me!!!
Her and Joni just laughed as I attempted to be mad at my sister, they knew that they had just given me the damndest orgasm I had ever felt, and they were right. It was fucking great. .
Ok girls what do you'll have planned next ?? Joni perks up and tells me that she wants to feel my monster cock inside her ass!! Really? Are you sure Joni it may hurt like hell !!!
Mark I am sure! I want your cock in my ass, while I am licking your sisters clit . . .

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We have never tried this but if you want to lets do it! Joni, do you have any lubricant? I think we are going to need some for sure.
Joni spun around to her rucksack and pulled a squeze tube of vaseline out and handed it to me. You girls think of everything!
Joni's ass was so hard and beautiful I got another hard on just looking at her butt. I squeezed a large amount of vaseline onto my fingers and asked Joni if she was ready for me to put it on her asshole?
Yes I am Mark, please use your fingers to push it inside my rectum, I want your full eight inches of cock in my ass!
She was on all fours and I started rubbing vaseline on her butthole and then pushing my middle finger inside of her a little at a time, she was just about ready to squirt when I withdrew my finger.
Jenny get in front of Joni so she can lick your swollen clit, and she did, Joni started licking little sister's pussy like crazy.
I pushed the head of my cock against Joni's little butt ring and thought it would never start to slide in, but she soon relaxed her sphincter muscle and my cock started to slide inside of her.
Joni started to moan and this transfered to Jenny's clit and they were both moaning and groaning, I was soon about half way into Joni's tight butt when I also began to moan.
Mark, mark ! Shove it in all the way before I squirt, I must have it in all the way, so I started inching forward a little at a time until I felt Joni starting to cum, I was all the way in and she knew it.
Joni, Jenny and I all started cumming together with intensity that we had never experienced, Joni was squirting my balls so hard that they hurt, Jenny was drenching Joni's face with her pussy nectar and I was dumping my balls into my cousin who I had met two days ago. .
We all collapsed onto our sleeping bags totally exhausted, this was the second night of this.
I was up tending camp and cooking breakfast hours before the girls woke up, they came out of the tent rubbing their eyes and walking a little bit on the sore side, naked !!
Morning girls!!!! Want some breakfast? They both replied that they were starving and could eat anything. They both got a mug of coffee and said they wanted to bath in the pond before breakfast!
It is wonderful I bathed two hours ago!
When the coffee mugs were empty they both headed into the pond. They asked me to toss them the soap so they could clean their sore pussies.

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   I threw it at them and said I would be glad to clean each of their sore pussies later with either my tongue or my cock !
I heard them returning to the tent, as I looked their way it had to be the most beautiful site I had ever seen, there was the two most beautiful women in Australia with the sun at there back walking naked into camp!
I should have taken some snaps but had forgotten my camera.
We had our breakfast and packed camp and headed off to move the heard of cattle into another pasture.
We all three worked very hard the rest of that day only stopping an hour before sundown to make camp for our second night in the bush.
We were all so exhausted that as soon as we had our dinner we all went fast to sleep in each others arms.
I awoke early and started to prepare for the day, I was checking on the horses when Joni reached around me and gave me a hug, she was naked and her nipples were hard.
I asked her if Jenny was still sleeping and she said that she was.
Mark Joni says, this has been the most wonderful three days I have ever spent with anyone, I am so glad I came here to visit with you and your family, I plan to come here every summer from now on !
Mark lets get a blanket and have sex out here away from camp and enjoy the morning air, Ok?
I had a blanket in seconds, Joni was laying down and I was starting to lick her clit when my horse started nosing around the blanket, Joni said well, your horse is as horny as you are Mark, and laughed. ,
I leaned to her side and pulled her legs apart so my horse could smell her pussy, he was slapping his stomach with a twenty four inch cock seven inches in girth.
He strethched his neck so he could get his muzzle close to Joni's sweet pussy, he sniffed and then he took one lick and Joni screamed and he threw his head up and start curling his lips, just like he had just licked a mares twat!
Joni said that his tongue felt incredible and pleaded to please try and get him to lick my pussy some more.

    I rubbed her pussy mound with my hand and held it out for him to smell, he walked back up and stretched his neck to smell my hand and he got very excited then, I told Joni to slide her ass closer to the edge of the blanket and she did.
    He instantly started to lick her pussy with his long hard tongue, I knew she would soon squirt, but there beside my horse was Jenny, reaching under him and stroking his long cock.
    Jenny get away from him, he may hurt you!
    She just kept on stroking his hard cock, she was saying to Joni and I, that she had to have some of this horses cock deep in her pussy!!!
    Just about that time Joni started squirting pussy juice all over the horses neck and nose for thirty seconds, juice was running from my hose. I had a hard on that was bulging in my shorts.
    Mark, lead him over here by this rock so I can get under him and try his cock in my pussy Jenny was saying.
    Jenny do you really want to try that? Yes, I think it will work, lets try ok ?
    Ok go and get a blanket to wrap around his head so he will calm down.


    I wrapped the blanket around his head and he just started relaxing, but he was still slapping his stomach with his enormous cock.
    Jenny had also brought herself a blanket to lay on the rock so it wouldnt hurt her any, as she was placing the blanket on the rock I lead the horse over to it.
    It was a flat rock about eighteen inches wide and thirty six inches long and just about twenty four inches tall !
    I told Jenny to let me lead him astradle the rock and then she could lay under him as soon as he calmed.
    He calmed very fast and Jenny quickly got onto her back under him, then Joni came over and started grasping his cock and helping him find my sisters wet pussy.
    There was precum coming from the giant head and it was dripping onto Jenny's pussy, Joni said to Jenny that she would have to slide up some on the rock so she could hold his cock at the proper angle to try and insert it.
    I was as hard as I had ever been in my life, watching my cousin trying to guide a huge horses cock into my little sisters pussy was about all I could take !
    Joni had a grip on his cock about eight inches back from the head with both of her hands, while Jenny was holding her pussy open for that giant cock to try and penetrate her.
    Joni told her to get ready because she was bringing the head to her slit, as soon as it touched her open pussy she groaned with extasy, the head completly covered her little pussy opening, but her and Joni were determined to get that huge cock into her pussy!
    It then started to shrink at the tip, to about the size of my cock, but it remained hard as ever, then it was inching in a little bit at a time, until it was in up to Joni's hand. She removed her hands and then the horse shoved with his hips and it must have gone into Jenny's pussy eighteen inches, she was screaming at the top of her lungs, but it was a scream of great pleasure.
    The horse started fucking my sister like the animal he was and she never stopped screaming, finally he stopped his thrusting and the head of his cock started to flare inside Jenny's womb and you could see it expanding inside of her, then he started cumming buckets of thick horse cum into her, as she screamed in pure extasy.
    The horse cum was running all over the blanket and rock like a river, and Jenny was enjoying every second of it. Finally the horse started backing away and I stopped him so Jenny could crawl from under him safely. Her now stretched pussy gave a loud pop as the horses cock head came out, it had to be eight inches across and was pink and black with his cum still dripping from its head.
    She could not believe what she had just done, she was giggling and still squirting her cumm everywhere.
    Joni and I just looked at each other with big eyes of amazement, Joni you are next I said!!!
    Shitttttt she replied, I am not sure I can do that!
    Joni you have to try, it is the greatest feeling I have ever had, Joni you have to, you have to, I will help Mark with my horse, he is smaller.
    Well, I guess I can give it a try, but are you sure it doesnt hurt Jenny? Not at all, as she was going off to catch her horse, for him to service Joni.

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    I let my horse go and turned around and had Joni suck my cock until Jenny returned with her horse, within minutes I was dumping cum into my cousin's mouth and she was swallowing every last drop of it just as Jenny led her horse up to the rock.
    He instantly started nuzzling Joni's snatch, and then his tongue came out and licked Joni's dripping pussy and she nearly fainted.
    Hell yes Jenny, I have to try, it has to go inside of me! This horses cock was not as big as my horse but still, it had to be twenty inches long.
    I wrapped his head with the blanket and he calmed down quickly, then I lead him astradle the rock as I had my horse for Jenny.
    Joni quickly slid under the horses belly and there was Jenny already grasping the giant cock.
    The head wasnt very big but he was squirting globs of precum all over Joni's belly and pussy.
    She also as Jenny had done, opened up her pussy as wide as she could and let her cousin direct the horses cock to her open tight pussy slit.
    It entered her easier than expected, and she began a low groan as she started. to squirt her pussy juice all over the horses cock, it slid into her nearly twelve inches before he really started humping into her!
    Jenny stepped out of the way, just standing there watching her cousin get her pussy pounded by an enormous horse cock just like she had done to her, just minutes before.
    Joni continually squirted juices the whole time the horse cock was inside of her and then for what seemed like minutes after he had pulled out of her.
    The horse had just started to fuck my beautiful cousin, he thrust nearly the entire length of his cock into her for what seemed like thiryt minutes,and then started pumping bucket after bucket of hot cum into her as deep as he could thrust.
    The horse was pushing her back up to top of the rock when he reared and spun on his hind end nearly dragging Joni underneath him, but his cock finally slid from her before she fell under him!
    She lay there partially on the rock with her pussy squirting juice three feet into the air, then she passed out.
    Jenny and I both picked up Joni and took her back to the tent, she soon started to regain conciounous!
    Mark, Jenny she screamed, that was the ultimate, never will I ever feel like that again !!
    I thought he was going to rip me apart, then he started cumming inside of me and it felt like a warm water hose, how long was I out?? Jenny told her that it was just a few minutes. .
    I was in shock, what I had just witnessed was crazy, I had just watched my little sister and my cousin get horse fucked, damn.

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    This was just the third day of our cousins visit, what could possibly happen during the coming weeks before she had to leave?
    More to cum !!!!!