My Cousin Sara part 1


This story is about how I come to be sexually involved with my cousin. I've had a thing for her for a few years now and she's had a thing for me aswell. It started out as a normal cousin friendship. My family always goes over to my grandparents house for Thanksgiving and Christmas to celebrate and be around one another. Us cousins generally ended up outside throwing a football, baseball, or frisbee for fun after we eat. When its dark we play hide and seek though I'm probably older than who should be playing hide and seek. But when my family is around it makes me feel like a kid again so I join in. Well as we've gotten older and into that age where our hormones start boiling over and doing our thinking for us. We started being alittle more touchy feely with one another. Nothing over the top just normal copping a feel of one another or a smack on the butt. Our time was usually spent in the basement of our grandparents house so we could all be kids without constantly being told to stop doing something and because it was cooler. My grandparents like it warm upstairs so its just more comfortable downstairs. Well as time went on I started realizing she liked me, because she would follow me around or sit right next to me and lay her legs across my lap. And that is how our first sexual experience together happened. She would do it and a few times I didn't think anything about it, but then one day I noticed and thats when I decided to see how far it would go. After here legs layed across me for awhile I layed my hands up on her leg and left them there.

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   Then I slowly started running them up and down her lower legs and gauged her reaction. She didn't stop me so I continued and moved up to her thighs slowly still seeing how she reacted. Still didn't deny my advance so I continued inching my way up her thighs as I rubbed and massaged them. It wasn'tlong till I was at the leg of her shorts and thought if she is going to stop me it will be now, because once my hand goes into her shorts she knows it has gone from somewhat innocent touching to something sexual. I rubbed around near the legs of her shortstill I went in and she didn't stop me. I was on cloud 9 for a moment thinking her I am playing with my cousin and now my hand is inside her shorts. I snapped out of my daydream and got back to the task at hand. I slowly continued rubbing my hand up her thigh farther and farther up her shorts and still hadn't show signs of making me withdraw. It wasn't long till my hand was at the point where her thigh and the silk panties she had covering her little piece of heaven met. I rubbed my hand up and down her thigh pressing my fingertips against the hem of her panties kinda like letting her know thats this is the one last thing between me and where I wanted to go. And if she wanted me to stop now this would be the time to tell me. Well she didn't stop me so I hooked my finger inside her panties and started running my knuckle up and down the soft skin where her thigh and pussy meets. While doing that my finger tip would run through the whisps of hair she had shaven into a strip just above her clit. I would ever so often pull my finger over and run it over her pussy lips to see how wet she was. Well I think she knew how wet she was too and tired of being teased cause when i started running my fingers over her slit she reached down and started to unbutton her shorts.

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   I stopped her and told her to let me and she responded by moving her hands. What she didn't know was more teasing was to come. I slowly pulled her shorts down as I licked, sucked and kissed her legs on the way down. With her shorts off I licked her feet and sucked her toes. Then back up her legs licking, kissing, and sucking till I reached her panties. They were soaked, literally, it was like someone dumped a cup of water on her crotch. Now it was time for the panties to come off. So I licked and sucked on her clit and pussy through her panties before hooking my finger into them and started pulling them down. Her lips and pussy opened up like a flower. I knew she was ready, but we aren't done with the teasing. I continued my teasing assault down her legs her pussy now so wet that it was running down and her asshole and what you could see of her asscheeks were shiny with her juices on them. When I got down to her feet I made sure to spend extra time on them as I watched her pussy pump out more and more juice. I decide it was time and made my way back up till I was at the top of her thighs nibbling on them then nibbling and sucking on her pussy lips. Then I put her legs on my shoulders and stopped. When she started to talk asking me why I stopped I lunged forward putting my mouth over her clit and attacking it with my tongue and at the same time shoving two fingers inside her pussy and fucking her like crazy with them.

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   It wasnt thirty seconds and she was cumming as she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face against her pussy. She was squirting as shegrinded against and fucked my face with her pussy. I never stopped fingering her or licking although a few times I got to taste her sweet little asshole. She was cumming and squirting for a good minute and a half or two. After she was done I had had several mouthfuls, the front of my hair was soaked, and so was the front of my shirt and the couch. I thought we might get to catch our breath, but that was broken up by hearing the door from upstairs to the staircase into the basement open. My cousin naked grabbed her clothes and ran into the bedroom as my grandmother came down and asked what all the comotion was and why was I soaking wet. I said we were playing mercy and then my cousin sprayed me with water. She told us it was time for bed so we said our good nights and went to bed. I didn't get anything out of it, but having that experience with her was all I needed. And thats not the last time we got together there is more to cum.