My Cousin, Pam


I was 21 and was home for a little while. I had been gone for months and so I came to visit around the time of my Mom's birthday. I just came to see her really but when I got there the house was full of relatives. For some unknown reason a brother and sister of Mom had come to visit from North Alabama. Well, my bedroom was occupied by a cousin, her name was Pam and she was 18 at the time. Mom had told me about her and said, "She is upstairs now, go say Hi. " I wanted to just get in my car and leave but Mom gave me a look and so I did. I walked in and a lovely young woman was totally naked in my room and trimming her nails. She had forgetten to lock the door and I stood there just taking in the view. She grabbed the covers and pulled them around her and turned red faced. I was smiling. "I am Brenda, your cousin. Did I interrupt?" I said walking towards her. "Ah, well, yeh, I guess. " she stammered. "Well, throw something on, I don't mind.


  " I said and stood there. She was beautiful, long dark brown hair and her skin tone was just off white, tanned I suppose but no lines. Brown eyes and very full lips. She stayed covered and moved to her clothes and put on her shirt and shorts covered by the blanket. "You could have left. " she said. "This is my room. " I said. She stared at me a moment and then her mouth fell open, and she reached under the towels in the corner. "This is yours I guess?" she said pulling out one of the bras I had left there months earlier. I took it from her and held it against my chest over my shirt. "Yeh, mine. " I said and tossed it back to her. I had reached 40EE in the bra and it was huge compared to her chest but she had nice tits, 36DD at least and I had seen lovley dark nipples before she covered them. My bed was just barely bigger than a twin bed and mom had said that we will have to sleep in the same room.

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"Well, I guess we are prisoners for the time. " I said and she said, "Guess so. " and turned to dress. I on the other hand needed a shower and stripped as she turned back around and took off my bra and thong in front of her and did not cover up. " What are you doing?" she said. "Getting ready for a shower. " I said. "Well, can you get undressed in their?" she said angry now. "No, I always undress here and go in there. She plopped onto the bed and watched me as I walked to the closent and got a towel and went to the shower and left the door open while the water got hot. My pussy was getting wet already and I knew that somehow she was going to be mine and it had to be soon.

She left and went downstairs and I showered and dressed and came down. Pam tried not to look at me but when I looked she was and looked away. Anyway, after supper I told Mom I was going to the movies or something to get out of the house full of people that I really did not know. She said okay and then as I was leaving Pam came behind.

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   "Can I go with you?" "Sure get your purse and let's go. " and I waited in the car. I had on a skirt and blouse and thin bra and panties. I had hoped she would come with me so I dressed according to my plans. She was wearing low rise jeans and a button up blouse and bra. She got in and I drove off. We talked some and it was easy to see she was nervous. I pulled into a store and asked her, "What do you want to drink?" "Oh, I don't know, whatever you are having. " she said and I went in and got a pack of winecoolers. She looked at me and said, "I am 16. " "You said, 'whatever I was having Hun, I am having winecoolers. You want something else?" "No, I guess not. " she said and I opened two and gave her one as we pulled away.

I had to drive one town over to go to a movie and so I had two while I drove. Pam had drank one almost right down and was drinking her second when I joked, "Hey, careful Hun, these will make you do things you don't want to do.

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  " She was giglie ad said, "Like what, attack a boy?" and I said, "Well, no but there is a woman in the car. " and she got quiet again and sipped the cooler slower. I opened another as we pulled into the movie and parked away from the lights to see what would happen. She had her third in her hand and it was almost gone. She looked at me, "Is there really a danger with a woman in the car, more than with a guy?" she stammered out suddenly. I turned to her and got close to her face, "Well, the danger is that I will make love o you like crazy but the good thing is that you will not get knocked up if I do. " I looked at her eyes and she drank the rest of her cooler and looked back at me. "What is it like, to be with another girl?" she said and now she had turned to me some. I touched her face gentley and ran my fingers through her hair and then down her cheek to her neck and then undid the top button on her blouse. "It is much better than a boy. " I said and my face was closer now. Another button came open and she looked down at my hand that was slowly carressing her face and neck and moving to the third button. "Are you going to show me?" she said and her face was flushed from the wine and being close to me. "Yes, I was going to show you sooner or later Pam, which do you want it to be?" I said and she now had her eyes closed as I ran my fingers gentley around her face and lips and neck to the fourth button and then the rest of them. Her blouse was open and her bra exposed that covered her lovley breasts.

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   "Sooner" she whispered and my lips were on her lips and she parted them so my tongue was in her mouth carressing her tongue. She really knew how to kiss great and so I was wet like hell. I undid her bra and her tits fell into view and I carressed them gentley and then massaged them a little harder. My hands undid her jeans and they slipped over her hips and off and then her panties too. I kissed her all over and let my tongue slip into her pusy as her legs came up and moved apart for me. "Oh, this is great, no boy has ever been this good. " she moaned. I was naked too now and she looked at my tits in the moonlight and said, "Oh my god, they are beautiful. " and her face moved to suck them all over. "Tell me dear, would you like to go somewhere we can really get comfortable?" I said and she said yes, oh hell yes.

We drapped our clothes on us and I drove to a hotel not far away. I paid at the window and the girl at the desk looked at Pam and smiled. "Do her once for me. " she said and I laughed, "Come join us and do her yourself. " I said and she said she got off at 18 and would be there.

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   In the room she took off her clothes and attacked mine and took them off. We sat on the bed kissing and I was fingering her building her to an orgasm and then as I got her there I would stop and she would try to ride my fingers and I would stop her. "Oh you fucking tease. " she almost screamed. "Okay, lay back. " I sid and she did and I ate her slwly and soon she gave me her juices all over my face. "Oh that was fuckin incrediable. " she moaned and then I moved her to my pussy, "Okay hun, take care of Cousin Brenda. " and she dove in and began doing as I had done her perfectly. We now began experimenting and I showed her all that she asked. I had brought a strap on and a couple other toys with us and s I had them for her to play with too.

A knock came on the door and it was ii and so I opened it and the girl at the desk was there. I let Pam answer it and she was not shy anymore. "sam" she introduced herself and came in and undressed and slipped into bed. "You mind?" she said pointing at PAm.

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   "No, enjoy. " I said and she began kissing her hard and taking her a lot rougher than I had. Pam was eating Sam and she grabbed her hair and began really getting nasty, "Oh yeh, eat the cun little bitch, eat it good so I won't fucking hurt you. Do it good little slut. " Sam was saying. "Soon they both lay in a heap and Sam had eaten Pam too and now I came to them and reached into the bag Sam had and pulled out her collar and put it on her. "Look who the bitch is. " I said geting it as tight as it would go without cutting opff the air. And Sam laid on her back and said, "anything at all, anything you want me to do. " "anything?" I said and she said "Yes mistress. " "This could be painful you know. " I said and she knoded her head and held it down. "anything Mistress wants is good for me. " Sam had a tight body but her tits were about 36DD or so and they hung some. She was in her 30s and had seen lots of use.

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   I took the cuffs from her bag and told Pam to put them on her and they had to be behind her back. Pam did and then I stood Sam in the corner and slapped her tits hard and she just begged me to do it again. "Do you like it hot?" I asked her and Pam watched us. "Yes Mistress. " Good, lets see. " I said and took the matches from the hotel ash tray. I held them in front of her face and said, "You will not make a sound, understand?" "Yes. " and I struck the first one and put it under her nipple. It began to burn her and she squirmed but made no sound. Tears were in her eyes as I let the flame die out.

"Do you want the other one like that?" I said and she wimpered, "Yes Mistress, please. " and I struck the other match and began burning the other nipple. Pam sat next to me excited and saying, "My god, this is so fucking hot, fuck, damn. " and finally the match died out. I grabed the leach and put it on the collar and then told Pam, just put on your blouse and jeans baby.

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   And I put on my blouse and skirt and no underwear at all. "Throw a sheet around our slave. " I said and Pam did just that. I looked out the door and no one was near so I took Sam by the leach and led her to the car and pushed her in and we drove. Seeral truckers had Sam pussy and ass that night and Pam saw all that she was to become soon. .