My Cousin Jenni


A short time had passed when Jenni graduated and was exploring college options. It so happened Jenni was going to an orientation at a school on my side of the state and wanted to know if she could crash at my place while she went in search of her next level of education. “What luck!” I thought to myself. Since I had just broken off from a “pain-in-the-neck” relationship, I felt this would be the best possible time to fulfill a wonderful fantasy! So I had my apartment all cleaned up for my cousins’ arrival, only to have my hopes shot when she walked in with her “friend” Gerry, who was also checking out schools in the area as well. Needless to say, I felt cheated, but I remained a gracious host nonetheless. We went around town to check out the schools in the Jenni was interested in. Gerry and I got along great the whole time! If it weren’t for the fact that I had a constant hard-on with Jenni’s name on it, I’m sure we could have become great friends. I couldn’t help taking in an eyeful of Jenni whenever I could. She had all the attributes of an Asian beauty. She got her mom’s full American size C breasts, but the rest of her was Japanese. When the day was over, we headed back to my place where we kicked back and started to wrap up our night. Gerry asked if it was cool if he smoked out, because the weed helped him relax. I said it was fine as long as he shared. He was passed out shortly after his hit, and Jenni and I talked while he snoozed. I told her of my disappointment in her bringing Gerry and the sexual frustration I was feeling, because I wanted to enjoy the fruits of her beauty. She smiled and said that she has been thinking about all but raping me since she walked into my apartment.

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   Following her opening, I asked her if she thought we could keep it quiet enough to do our thing while Gerry slept. She said that since he smoked himself to sleep, he’d be out for the rest of the night. I wanted to shower before our activities began, and she too wanted to clean up, so we rushed to the bathroom. She said her period had finished that morning and had been craving a cock in her pussy for the last two days! When she undressed, I felt ashamed and excited looking at her. After all, this was my cousin! She had a soft honey tan with distinct tan lines, which I found to be very sexy. Her C breasts had nice sized pinkish/brown nipples, and her figure was a true hourglass shape, which I approached and began to caress. Her breathing had deepened with my touch and her tits seemed to elevate with her desire. Continuing to feel her body, I dropped to my knees and took in a full view of her shaven pussy and kissed the smooth area softly. I wanted this to last … We got into the shower and started washing each others bodies over. Jenni took extra care of by painfully erect cock and used the soap and her grip to jack off my dick. She washed my ball sack and made sure my asshole was squeaky clean. After rinsing me off, Jenni took my whole cock into her mouth. I’m only six and a half inches long, but damn I was impressed with her expertise! If she wasn’t my cousin, I might think that she was a professional. The blow job she was giving me felt so good that I was feeling those pangs of orgasm ready to follow through, and it all felt so good, I had almost lost my balance when she started to grip and massage my balls in sync with her sucking. I felt like a virgin because within two minutes I was coming inside of her mouth, and like a good girl, she swallowed all she could.

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   This experience with Jenni put me on such a high, that my erection hardly faded for its’ recovery. I finished washing her down, and didn’t want to give her anything short of a wonderful experience of her own. After our shower, we went into my room where I laid Jenni on my bed and gave her a quick and brisk massage. My cock was hard again and wanted to fuck this cute Asian pussy. But I wanted to show my cousin that all my talk on the computer wasn’t full of bullshit, and give her a wonderful experience. And before we went on further, I wanted to taste the sweet nectar between those honey-tanned thighs. I positioned myself on top for a sixty-nine, and began to kiss and lick all around Jenni’s pussy. As I started to tongue my cousins’ slit, I could tell she had recently finished her cycle, because I could taste the soft hint of blood among her already flowing moisture. Damn, she was sexy! While I was licking and tickling her clit and lapping up her tasty love juice, she began to suck on my cock some more. She obviously didn’t want to make me come again, because sucked my cock gently for the pleasure of it. Her pleasure was beginning to rise with my tongue flicking and licking away at her moist pink lips and clit. Not too long into my cunnlings, Jenni started bucking against my face while she used my dick to muffle her moans of pleasure. She grabbed and dug her nails into my ass and softly squirmed through a good orgasm. I wasn’t done yet, now it was time to make some beautiful sweet love to my cousin. I turned myself around, so that I could mount Jenni.

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   Her eyes looked at me adoringly, and she said to me, “Josh, I’ve wanted to have sex with you for such a long time…” Hearing that, I pressed my cock between the soft folds of her very wet pussy. Entering Jenni for the first time was heaven on earth. Her body tensed as I pushed in all the way. If it wasn’t for the blowjob she gave me in the shower, I would have probably exploded everything I had into her right then and there. I fucked her for about ten minutes, which felt like a short sweet eternity that was cut short by my body’s desire to release. Fearing getting Jenni pregnant, I pulled out and felt like a porn star shooting my sperm on her tits and tummy. I collapsed on my sweet cousin, kissing her passionately. She said she enjoyed herself immensely, but wanted more. Jenni had me lay back, and she started her attention on me. She started by licking and kissing me all over my torso. She worked her way down and sucked my dick clean until it was hard again and positioned herself on top, and started riding me like she was trying to hoist me up by my cock with her pussy! Not too long into her riding me like a horse, she peaked again and collapsed onto me to rest for a bit. I was a far cry from coming again, so my hard cock sat quietly inside her snug pussy while she relaxed. After a few minutes, she asked me if I would like to fuck her up the ass. She explained that it was something she hadn’t done before, and hasn’t had a lover whom she trusted to try it with. I was already hard and ready to go, so of course I wanted to oblige my cousin and service her cute ass!I had her go onto all fours, so I could take her doggy style.

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   Since this was to be her first time, I wanted to take it easy and slow with her. With a little spit and ky jelly I retrieved from my nightstand, I fingered her with one, two, then three fingers until she loosened up and was ready for my cock to enter her virgin domain.
    I positioned myself and worked my dick in and out slowly at first, until Jenni wanted it faster and started buck back and she started to moan in pleasure. After a few minutes of this, I was able to flip Jenni onto her back, while keeping my cock inside her asshole and fucked her ass in the missionary position. While I was kissing her, my pube and belly area was doing some work on her clit, and with the added attention of my sucking and biting her nipples, she climbed up another peak and had another orgasm. The whole event was so intoxicating, that I too was about to blow my load into her ass. She said, “Josh, I want it inside … I want to feel you come inside me!” And so with those words and a passionate kiss, I came inside Jenni’s ass. The two of us talked while we cooled down. Jenni asked if we could remain fuck buddies if she went to school near where I lived, keeping the relationship discrete and not worrying weather or not we were involved with anyone else, and that we could keep it our own little secret. Naturally I agreed, since this had been one awesome night of sex. Hell, I was even surprised by my own performance! By morning, Jenni had curled up next to Gerry who had been crashed out all night. When I awoke to go to the bathroom, I checked on them around the corner of my hallway, and saw the movement of two people humping away under the covers. Not a big deal as far as I was concerned because of the prior nights events and conversation for the potential for my cousin and myself. Jenni’s visit went without anymore time for she and I to screw around. She had gotten all of the information for school she need and headed back home.

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       And left me with me, some wonderful memories. Since then, Jenni and Gerry had moved on to other relationships, while Jenni and I remain in close contact over the internet. She’s getting things in together so she can come to a college across town from me, and wants to know if we can room up together. Jenni loves the idea, and we’ve even discussed not letting anyone know of our being cousins, because she’s interested in experimenting with girls and swinging while she’s in school, and would like me to swing with her. Our futures looked bright!(Since then, Jenni moved in with me, went to school and did well! We played a few times with some guy and girl friends she brought home. Although I’ve never been into playing with guys, it was always a neat thrill to watch Jenni get the shit fucked out of her and after the guy would leave, we’d run her body through another round of great sex! The girls were fun to play with too, but my heart had belonged to my cousin while we were living together. We knew the whole incest relationship couldn’t last, so we always kept our options open, but we could never able to find anyone to take us away from each other. After only two semesters, Jenni moved on to another school for her education and the sexual part of our relationship had fallen to the wayside. We remain great friends and always look forward to the opportunity to share another moment between great lovers!)This was my first and probably last story. Unfortunatelly, I don't have any other adventures to write down! Thanks to the team that keeps this site free & well put together for the world to read! Darian.



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