My Cousin... and mom?


Let me give you my decription. . I am 20 years old back then. . . asian. . . 5'8" height, and a normal bnody built. . . . .
It all started when my cousin started to kiss me on the cheeks whenever we meet. . .

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   My cousin is 18 years old. . . a big breasted girl. . petite in built. . . latina skin tone and have a perfect butt.
Whenever my cousin kisses me, i give him a hug and i can feel her soft breats on my chest. . i know she wanted this. . . Me, My mom, My cousin and my auntie will go to a carnival  in the city.

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   My cousin was not aware that we were planning to go there so when she arrived at home she has no presentable clothes to wear. . she borrowed from my mom and changed her clothes in our dressing room. . . the door was slighlty open so i peeped i fuck. . i saw her change her clothes. . . she was wearing her bra but her soft. . huge latina breats wants to pop out of it. . i know she knew i was watching and i was suprised that she didnt give a damn.

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  . . she turned around and all i can see is her cute butt facing me. . she spreads her legs and moved her pantied half way her butt. . now i can see the cleavage of her butt. . . damn a 18 years old butt is really tempting. . . . i couldnt control myself so i planned my way in. .

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  . i undressed in my room, grabbed my towel and headed to the dressing room. . . i went there with my cock hard and when i entered she shouted. . . i shouted too and im glad my mom did not hear us. .
"im sorry michelle"i said
":what are you doing here?cant you see im just wearing my bra and panties?" she replied
"im sorry, i didn't mean to", " i didn';t thought you were this sexy", "i said
"really?am i sexy?"as she was saying that i was looking straight on her breasts
"why are you looking at my breasts?i am your cousin and your looking ot me lustfully!"michelle said
"i am sorry but i admit that when i saw you my organ went hard. . when i saw half your butt. . . i wished to see more.

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  . . i am aroused"i said then i dropped my towel showing that it was done by accident and her eyes grew and looked at my cock. .
"why are you looking at my cock?im sorry again you saw my cock" i said
"no need to say sorry cousin"
then she took her panties off and bent down reaching her shoe to untie it, DAMN!i saw her asshole. . . i immedietly penetrated her but she was a virgin and it took a while. . she didnt move. . . i fucked her. . .

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   i fucked her. . . her tight asian pussy. . . her latina complexion , her innocent eyes were too much for me. . .
"shit!it feels good. . dont stop but please slowly. . . .

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  . "she said my sperm flew inside of her. . .
after that. . . she was so hurt that she can't help it but tell my mom what happened. . . damn i do not know what to do. . . . then my mom called me up and asked me to come to her room.

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  . . .
my mom was wearing skirt, bra and tanktops. . . she always wore that at home. . . i thought we were going to talk about what happend to me and my cousin. . . but she asked me a bugging  question,
"ever wondered how does it feel to fuck your own mom?" ever wondered what my pussy taste like?she started to rub herslef and i was shocked. . she called my cousin too and ask us to fuck infornt of her.

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  . . . i fucked my cousin. . i fucked her so much that she was saying stop. . . . . . i stopped an my mom blow job me. . fuck the hell its giving me goosebumps. .

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  . . then my cousin kissed my cock too at thye same time coz i told her too. . . the my auntie came to spill the fun. . . . thats how it ended. . here's the picture of my mc