my come true fantasy with my aunt


It all happened one day in late summer, I remember being extremely hot day that makes my aunt wear the fewer clothes possible which to me is something good.   My aunt has a little store in the downtown area which in the summer I would visit her every weekend because I would go visit my girlfriend who stayed with some relatives who also have a store near my aunts.   Every weekend would be the same I will go with my girlfriend’s store talk a little while, and then we both would go visit my aunt and stayed there. My aunt would tell us stories about her days and etc. Everyone liked her because she was a lovely woman, but me I liked her in other ways. Like I said before in my preteen years I will insinuate to her I will take advantage every time she will pick up something to see any part of her body that I would fantasize about especially her big breast, or every time I will pass by her to touch her something, but it was always the same she pretend nothing happened or gave a look of “sorry my mistake” giving me no hope to take my intentions or fantasies to higher levels. But again that was when I was a little dork; now I was a young adult my body was build and she would noticed that. She would always say remarks about how I had grow and how handsome I‘d become touching some parts of my body.
When they would pick my gf up from the store  I will normally stayed there around 18-18 minutes chatting with my aunt, with no other thing in mind that what was under her blouse and all the things I would do to her if I just could had her , and then drive my self to home around 7pm. But one of the times I did not bring the car and my mom was busy doing other things to pick me up; my aunt nicely offered me a ride home.
Don’t worry darling it will not be a problem to take you home. – My aunt said.
Thank you, auntie. – I said
You will just need to wait until I close the store around 8 o’clock and Richard (my uncle) will come for us- she said.
So I stayed there chatting with my aunt as usual and as usual my mind was concentrated in other thing than in her conversation. As I though about it more, more I wanted to confess my fantasies and make them true.

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While I was fucking my aunt in my mind she was doing some math with the bills on the counter:
Sweetheart can you bring me the calculator that is on the desk in the storeroom. – She asked.
Of course – I said
This was another opportunity to liberate some of my desire because the door of the store room was at the end of the little aisle the counter and the wall made, by then my cock was hard as a rock, so I took the chance to pass right behind my aunt and push against her to let her feel my growing hard and large cock. I knew this was a little too much but I had to do it.   By her expression she totally got what I was thinking of and how big my cock was. I don’t think she can possibly imagine what his nephew really intensions were at that time but he’s big cock and constant starring kind of gave her a hint.
When I stood next to her to give her the calculator I was caught in one of my many fantasies looking at her boobs, when she realized to what I was starring at; she was kind of embarrassed and tried to cover a little them more. I was as embarrassed as she was but I was happy she knew my intentions.
The rest of the time until my uncle arrived was normal, he was waiting in the car while my aunt and me were locking the doors and activating the alarm, I took the last mental pictures of her as I thought It will the last chance of the week. But as soon as we got in the car, which I sat in the left back so I could watch how my aunt’s boobs bounce during the trip, my uncle stared an invitation.
Hey champ don’t you want to stay for dinner? Your aunt will cook us something- he said
No, thank you uncle- I said
Come on champ its being a long time since you spend time with us besides your cousin would be very happy to see you- he said
Well, ok uncle I won’t resist anymore- I answered
As we were having dinner every thing went normal a little talk right here, a little talk right there, we all remembered good times, etc. When we finished my uncle went straight to his room upstairs and my cousin direct to the bathroom also upstairs. My auntie and me were left alone again as we chat again while she was cleaning the dishes and I was sitting on the table right next to her we got to the conversation when I use to gang out for days in her house.
Do you remember how you use to spend all the weekends here with your cousin?- she said.
Yes, it was fun- I replied
Because I would wake up in the middle of the night then go to your room and jerk off watching you in you pajamas or a few times taking off your clothes and kissing you.

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   Even though, you would wake up sometimes I’d still continue, I said in my mind.
The memories cause me a smile as they were very welcome, since that time I have been fantasizing about my aunt.
Again the idea of telling her my feelings was very present in my mind. But how can you tell to a member of your family that you want to fuck her since you enter puberty and that only with being in the same room with her you get a hard on.
Well like exactly like that, this is the time this is the place you cannot wait any longer I told myself.
Auntie, do you remember how I will wake up, telling you stupid excuses? - I ask
Of course you were I pain in the ass always bugging me- she said
And how I would stared at you even now- I said
Yes, you had been always quite a strange boy- she answered
My legs were shacking and my voice trembling as I continued this conversation, I couldn’t believe that I was realizing what I always thought about as just a dream.
Also I couldn’t believe how obvious I had been and the brain of my dear aunt couldn’t think the way I did.
Auntie, and have you noticed- ( standing up, going towards her)- how erect my cock gets when I’m with you; how let you feel it every time I can- I said with a sexy tone of voice and my eyes full of lust.
My aunt stood speechless, eyes pointing nowhere,by the look in her eyes I could see that she was thinking a lot of stuff. As I stood next to her waiting for a response I continue to say:
Come on auntie it pretty obvious I want you- I said
Her white dress, loose for comfort, revealed much of her underwear and body, I was standing next to her and I was watching very precisely every line of her body. Her short blonde hair, her pointing nose, her humid lips, her red chest against her white skin, her two big breasts that with the white dress could be seen to be hold by a nice fine white bra; continuing my research I found her round big ass that was begging my cock to penetrate it.   I was going crazy I need it to have her now.
I was behind her pushing her against the sink letting her feel my erect cock in her round ass, I place my hands in her stomach and slowly moved the right one up while I was kissing her neck and saying to her ear:
You are the women of my fantasies I always want to fuck you, you know it I always wanted you, I want to take every inch of your body, I want to feel you from inside, to make you mine right here right now!!!
Her eyes were pointing to the sky now; her hands were guiding mine as she seemed to give up to the moment and to the sensations.
My right hand was rubbing her breasts, they felt so right, and my left hand was still in her stomach but slowly moving down.
    I got between her legs and slowly, I was trying to enjoy every moments of this dream come true by moving the slowest my body could move, and started to massage her pussy.

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    She turned facing me and we started to kiss, my hands were taking her, and she could feel it she could feel the same excitation I was feeling.
    Then she pushed me away from her.
    This is very wrong, I’m your aunt. You are my nephew, we can’t!!! – She replied
    To this phrase I responded by slamming her into the table, in the table I sat her and open her legs, place my hands in there and maneuvering so I could get off her panties and finger her.
    Everything went ok she was trying to stop me but not with to many force, after a while of finger her, she did not resist anymore she continue to say No! But would take no action.
    Her moans and kisses as she was enjoying like it was heaven I guess, turn me on like an animal. They just made me go faster and harder. As I put my head under her dress to lick her pussy and breasts,we heard someone in the stairs. We both react immediately and got back to normal positions. It was my cousin who asked if I was going to stay.
    Mom, is he going to sleep over? - He said
    I don’t know if he wants to darling. – She responded breathing like if she had just ran a 400 meters race.
    I just responded of course thinking only in one thing.
    Cool, lets go upstairs I want to show something. - my cousin said.

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    I did not want to create anymore suspects so I just followed him. As I went away I threw a look of “what I do?” to my aunt that seem to have a face of this is the worst thing I’ve done in my life.
    Everything went normal, expect of the incredible sexual tension in the house between my aunt and I, until around 1 a. m. I got up and went to my aunt’s room that was sleep.   I wake her up with a kiss and told her I want to continue what we had done.
    No, it is wrong please go away. – she said
    Get out of the bed or we will wake up my uncle – I demanded
    She accepted with almost no resistance. Now she was wearing just long white shirt that covered almost nothing her panties could be seen which make me even hornier.
     I took her downstairs to the living room were I threw her in to the sofa and stared kissing passionately.   My hands were again in all her body, my cock pushing against her pussy.
    She stared to touch my big hard cock and stared to pull it out of my pants.
    There I was, in the living room with my cock out in front of my aunt who desired it so much, it was my fantasies come true.
    My aunt put my cock in her mouth and started to suck it with a great experience only I hot mature woman of her age could do. My load rapidly came and I purred it on her throat.

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    Oh! Darling I love you, make me yours! – she said
    I stared to kiss her mouth, tear up her shirt like an animal and slowly go down: kissing her breasts then her belly, then with my teeth I bite her panties and pull them down then eat her pussy like a thirsty dog.
    She was moaning so loud moving all her body as this was the greatest thing of her life.
    Oh! Your uncle has never done something like this oh! Oh! I think I’m going to come. – She yelled.
    After a while like this she told me she wanted my cock inside her. So first I put it in slowly in to her pussy rubbing it against all her pussy lips and clit. She was going crazy. Then I slide all my 7 inch cock inside her and started to penetrate her so hard and fast that she loved it, she was moaning as her wanted more.
    I could feel her inside she was a little tight that told my uncle and she don’t fuck very often. Her insides were so warm and humid, I loved it, and she made some movements that made both of us go into another level of sensations. Soon I figured out my 52 year old aunt was a sex god. We tried various different positions all night long, she demonstrated me how a mature women’s experience could make me so happy and was nothing compare to my girlfriend’s inexperience. I had come for the third time during the night and the sun started to come out so my aunt dress up, gave me a passionately kiss and went upstairs.   I just stood there thinking how good it felt to satisfy a fantasy that I had for years. I had fucked my aunt nobody could take away that from me.

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    The next morning everything was normal, we had breakfast and my aunt and I act as a normal relatives. Except I know that I can fuck her whenever I want.



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