My Brother Shocked Me


When I was 18 and my baby brother was 18 something happened that I haven't forgot in 4 years! I came home from college on a Friday morning knowing that my parents were working and my brother was at school. When I went upstairs to my bedroom I noticed my parents door was closed but ajar, usually it is wide open when they're not home. I walked barefoot over to the door and peeked in to be totally shocked! My brother Mark was lying on top of my parents bed totally nude and talking on the phone. I watched for what seemed like hours but was only a couple minutes as he began to rub his semi hard cock and his huge balls while still talking on the phone. As his cock grew harder and bigger he gripped it tighter and began pumping his right hand up and down stroking himself real slowly. In the midst of him stroking himself he abruptly ended the phone conversation and hung up the phone. That's when the fun started, I continued peeking in watching him ever so slowly make love to his own body, stroking his huge cock and rubbing his nipples with his left hand. Just as he was starting to go at it with faster motion my cell phone rang and startled both of us! He jumped off the bed with his huge cock now pointing upwards and called out my name "Jamie your home already"? With that I opened the door all the way and asked what he was doing. He told me he was on the phone with his girlfriend and she was telling him about how their sex went on the previous Saturday and he was getting "turned on"! He asked if I had ever seen a guy "jerk off", in which I did and did I ever see a cock as big as his.

. . . I had to admit i didn't! He told me that he had the biggest cock in High School, which I had heard from some of my own friends who had sisters still in the High School.
He asked me if i would watch him complete his job and even asked if I wanted to touch IT, which I didn't. I did stay and watch him explode with a loud moan and a huge load of cum all over his belly and chest. That was four years ago and now we have continued our "play times" together watching each other masturbate til orgasm.

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   He visited me for a long weekend and spent two nights at my dorm, we slept together in the same bottom bunk with my room mate in the upper bunk, in the middle of the night he woke me by poking me with his huge hard cock. I was kind of scared that my room mate would hear him but I told him he had to be real quiet and I went on to stroke him to an orgasm. My room mate woke up the next morning and just asked if we had a goodnight sleep but I was wondering if she saw the white stains all over the front of Marks sweatpants. We have made a pact that we won't have intercourse and if one of us wants to end it we would but I know I can't get enough of his huge cock and to this day have never seen another guy with a cock as big as his!
I guess this is why people call it "brotherly love"!.