My Brother Screwed Me


 It was a normal Sunday afternoon. My 18 year old brother, Kurtis, was coming over for about 3 weeks, because my mother and my father were going on a Cruise to Florida, they really needed an escape. I only see my brother, every once in a while, so I was looking forward to seeing him. I got up off of the couch and walked into the washroom, I studied myself in the mirror. I had crystal blue eyes, that always looked like they were smiling, flawless pale skin, wavy blonde hair, to die for 36DD boobs, long legs, lucious lips, and a perfect round ass. When I was in highschool, I always got good grades, becouse of my greatest ASSet. I could simply "drop my pencil" and go from a D- to a B+, in a matter of seconds. I walked out of the washroom, and into my room, to change. I chose tight booty shorts, and a tiny tank top, to go with them. Living in a beach front flat, you have to dress for the weather (which was mostly hot). I just finished pulling my hair back into a pony tail as the door bell rang. I ran to the door, smiling. I finally reached the door, and saw my brother. He looked good. He was tanned, with curly brown hair, his eyes looked greener, and he looked as if he had gotten a six pack. I looked up at him.

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   But, his eyes were looking elsewhere. I pretended not to notice.
"He little bro! You have gotten, alot taller. " I said, smiling. "Yup!" he said, trying to keep his eyes off of my chest. I smiled and hugged him, teasing him by slightly rubbing my boobs against his chest. I smiled, and winked innocently then, walked past him and hugged my mom. She said her thanks, and was off. I looked at the clock on the wall, 6:30 p. m. "Ya, hungry?" I asked. "Yeah, a little. " he answered "'Kay, I'll make some. . .

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   pasta. " I said, walking over to the kitchen. He nodded, and sat down at the table. After about 20 minutes, the Pasta was done, so I served it up. "Mmm. . . " my brother said. I don't think he was talking about the pasta though. I looked up and smiled. "So, schools out for, you, eh'?" I asked. He nodded, "Yeah, thank god!" I smiled, and continued eating, I looked down for a minute, and heard the tinkling of glass, I looked up, and Kurtis had spilt his drink, and broke his glass. "Shit! Sorry, Hannah!" he said. "It's okay. Don't move, I'll clean it up.

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  " I ran to the sink, and grabbed a dish cloth. I walked behind, Kurtis, and put my boobs behind his head, and reached over his shoulder, cleaning up the drink, but also, flopping my boobs, against his head. I looked down, and he was getting hard. I smiled. Yes, he may be my brother, but it felt good, giving a guy what he wants. I then, walked beside him, and bent down, allowing him to get a clear view of my ass, and cleaned up the rest of the liquid on the floor. I stood up, and smiled, "All good!" I said, walking away. I walked to the sink, andput the dish cloth into the sink, but as I was doing so, I pushed my breats together, I saw from the corner of my eye, that my brother, was watching. "Can, you clean up the, rest. I'm bored. . . let's play a game after. " I said, innocently. He nodded.

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   "okay, yeah, I have to go. . . um. . . the washroom. " I nodded. "Okay. " I walked away, and into my bedroom, where I changed into a see through bra, and took off my undies. I smiled, and changed back into my booty shorts, and tiny top, and walked out. He still wasn't out. He must be jacking off. . .

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   After about, 20 minutes, he was, out of the washroom, smiling. "Okay, so I have an idea for a game, how about. . . Strip Uno. . . ?" I said, giggling. He looked shocked. "O-okay. . . " he said, stuttering. I got out the Uno game set, and took out a blue, card, and placed it in the center, I then dealed out, 9 cards to each of us. I nodded.

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   "Okay!" I said, putting down a blue card. He didn't have any. "Take of your shirt, little brother. " I said, grinning. He took his shirt off. Damn! He had a six pack, alright! "I pulled out another blue card, and he pulled out a 'Change the Colour' card. He chose yellow. Which I, of course, didn't have. I sighed, and took off my shirt. His eyes went wide eyed. I smiled, and he pulled out another change the colour card, he chose red. He didn't have any red. I pulled out a red card, and smiled. he took off his pants, and was trying, very hardly, to keep his boner, in his boxers. I pulled out a green card, and frowned.

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   Faked it. I took off my bra, revealing my perky boobs. I put my arm over my breasts, hiding the nipples. I seductivley, removed my arm. I smiled. "What? Never seen any boobs, in real life?" I asked, innocently,of course. "No. . . no. . . " he said stuttering. "Well," I said, moving to sit next to him. "Why don't you feel them?" I asked.

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   He nodded. He rubbed my boobs. . . rough, but not too rough, and gentle, but not too gentle. "Oh. . . wow. . . you're good at this, for a beginniner. " I smiled. "Lick them. .

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  . " he obeyed, licking my nipples, sucking on them, as if to savour the moment. "Oh. . yes, ohh. . yes. . . " I pulled his cock out of his boxers, and was surprised by the size of it. 8. 5 inches, at least. "Hello, big boy!" I said, beginning to rub his cock. I rubbed it for maybe, 3 or 4 minutes, when he exploded all over my booty shorts. He was really turning me on.

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   I took my hand off his cock, and pulled off my shorts, exposing my dripping, pussy. "you want it?" I asked suductivley. He nodded, gulping. I guided his hands, from my breats, down my flat tummy, to my pussy, I spread my legs open. He knew what I wanted him to do. He wasted mno time and started going to work. He licked my pussy, flicking my clit, and kissing my pussy lips. I moaned in pleasure. "OH! I said, between gasps. "Good. : He said, grinning. I screamed out, as I burst. "Oh. . .


  My. . . Fucking. . . God. " I said between gasps, again. I have never cummed that hard. I pushed him off me and got on top of him. "Shut up, and let me go to work. " I said, growling. I kissed his lips, and made my way down to his 6 Pack, and finally down to his cock. I began to kiss up and down his shaft, and then licking the head of his penis. I then began to start sucking him harder, and deeper.

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   "Oh, god, Hannah. DON'T FUCKING STOP!" he said, moaning, in pleasure. He pushed my head down, roughly, making me take all 8. 5 inches of his cock. I deep throated it, as he burst out a huge load of cum into the back of my throat. I ate it all. And looked up, drips of cum, dripping off of my chin. "Fuck. . . " He said gasping. he got up, and picked me up, draping me over his shoulder, and taking me into the bedroom. I spread open my legs. He smiled and began to rub his cock again, until it was rock hard. "Get, in me now.

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   I am soo horny. " I said. He game over to bme and pushed me down onto the bed. I grinned, as he entered. I moaned. He moved back and forth, very fast, while I was biting into his shoulder, trying hard not to scream. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore, and I screamed at the top of my lungs, not caring if my neighbors heard me. He kept going, while my backboard hit the wall harder, and my mattress, kept squeaking. "KURTIS!" I screamed, "I'm going. . . to. . . cum.

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  . . again!" I burst, just after I finished that sentence. "Me, too sis. " he said, out of breath. "Don't. . . cum, inside. . . . of. . .

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  me. " I said, again, "I wanna taste it, let me taste it" he pulled out, and moved towards my face. He began to rub his shaft, and after 30 seconds, he exploded, more than I've ever seen before. I licked it off of his shaft, and kissed his lips. "That, was. . . amazing" I said, smiling. "I agree" Kurtis said. And then, we fell asleep, in eachothers arms.


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