My brother, my lover, on the dock, naked?


Author’s note:
 I went for a bike ride with my significant other this morning. We rode a long way over to the big lake near my home. There are a lot of beautiful homes around the shore, and we talked about how nice it would be to live in one, with a big dock, and sailboat, and jet skis, and all that neat stuff!
As we talked, I had an image flash through my mind, of Bobby and Jan, lying on the dock below one house, basking in the sun, and lusting after each other! You all asked for it, thank you very much, so here it is:
My brother, my lover, on the dock, naked?
I turned my head toward my brother, and found him gazing back at me. His blonde hair was mussed up, and he looked so cute that I wanted to eat him! He grinned that little boy grin, and I melted! I’ve noticed the same feelings a lot lately! I seem to enjoy looking at him, and staring at his eyes and lips, more and more, the older I get!
“What’s the matter, sis? Lusting after dear old bro again? I see that look in your eye! Admit it, you want me don’t you?”
“Oh God! Yess! You know I do! It’s getting so I think of very little else lately!”
“Angie is going to get pissed, if she finds out, you know!”
“This isn’t about the way I feel for my little buddy! I’ll always love her more than anything in the world! But I seem to have these wild cravings to fuck you, too! Oh, Bobby, I’m all fucked up in the head!”
He reached over and took my hand, and entwined his fingers gently with mine.
“No you’re not fucked up, sis. It’s normal for a girl to have feelings for both sexes. Boys tend to go only one way. But it’s alright for you to want me. I want you just as bad, but we’re stuck since we’re related. ”
“Why can’t you be a cousin or something? Then I could fuck your brains out, and you wouldn’t stop me!” I giggled.
He laughed and squeezed my fingers.
“Sis, we’ve seen each other hot and bothered, and naked as jaybirds. We know almost everything about each other. So I think we need to come to some arrangement, to alleviate the tension we seem to be building up lately!”
“What do you have in mind, big brother?” I asked, with a sexy little pout on my face.
He laughed again. “You should see yourself! You look like you’re about to rape me right here on the deck!”
“The thought has crossed my mind, several times in the last minute!” I giggled.

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He edged his towel closer, until I could smell his sweet breath on my face!
“Here’s what I propose. I’ve always tried to keep us from having sex, because it’s not right. But how about we make a pact to not fuck, but just play with each other?”
“You mean masturbate each other? How far can I go?”
“That’s what I mean, everything except penis in cunt actual fucking! Fingers and hands, and maybe some other stuff later on, like vibrators maybe?”
“You really think I can do that with out going nuts?”
“Sure you can, sis, you’re a strong girl. And think about the fun we can have, while you are still true to little Angie!”
“It does make a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Okay, I’m game!”
He grinned again, and moved even closer, and kissed me, very lightly, on my lips. I jerked at his touch, and I felt my cunt get wet immediately!
His shoulder was against mine, we were so close, and I moved my body tighter to feel the heat from his skin! We just laid there staring at each other for a long time, as wild thoughts raced through my head!
Then the hot sun slowly lulled me to sleep, with Bobby’s body next to mine. It felt so good to relax holding his hand, and I felt so protected, as I always do when I’m close to him.
I woke up when I felt Bobby nudge me. I opened my eyes, to find his right there, gazing into mine.
“What? Why did you wake me?”
“You’re getting red, sweetie, you need to put some oil on, and turn over, before you wind up looking like a lobster!” he laughed.
“I feel content this way. Can’t you do it for me?”
“Oh, alright, lazy, I’ll get the baby oil. ”
He got up, and went over to the little end table by the loungers, and came back with the oil.
“Undo your bikini top, so it doesn’t get oil all over it. ”
“Jeesh, Bobby, can’t you do anything? Untie it yourself, dummy!” I giggled.
He reached over and untied the strings at my neck and back, and the top fell down my sides to the towel.

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   I felt the cool breeze against my breasts, as I lifted up and pulled the top from under me. I could feel Bobby’s eyes on my nipples, before I lay back down on my chest, and they felt like pebbles under me, as they swelled up into little pink peaks!
I heard the little gasp escape his parted lips, as he slowly dripped the oil over my shoulders and down my back. Then he began to rub it in gently all over, and I was in heaven, from his soothing touch!
He worked his fingers lower and lower, until I felt him lift the back of my suit, and slide underneath, and knead the oil into my rear end!
“Bobby, quit! You’re getting oil all over my suit!”
“Well, shit, what am I supposed to do?”
“Pull it down, silly!”
“Jan, there are houses up there that look right down on our deck! They’ll see you if I do!”
“Not if you straddle my knees, and shield my buns from their view!”
“Okay, it’s your butt we’re talking about here. You want to show it to the world, far be it from me to argue!” he laughed, as he slid his leg over, and sat on my thighs, while tugging my suit down over my round cheeks.
The heat emanating from his firm inner thighs felt sooo nice! I wiggled my hips to tease him, and he slapped my butt as he laughed!
“Lie still! Or you’re going to give me a raging hard on from your butt rubbing my penis!” he chuckled.
“You mean like this?” I quipped, as I wiggled up, and back, against the growing bulge in his baggy volleyball shorts!
“Yeah, you slut, just like that!” he laughed, as he swatted me again!
All this horseplay was getting me hot, as I continued to press my, now uncovered, cunt lips against the terry cloth towel! I felt him push my suit lower down the back of my legs. Then he began to rub the oil in, lower and lower, until one finger brushed my swollen cunt lips!
“Hey, buster! What do you think you’re doing?” I yelled, as I looked back over my shoulder at his fat dick, trying to stay inside the loose leg opening of his shorts, and not succeeding at all! I watched as the big head slowly slid out, as his fat shaft expanded!
I could feel a wet spot on my leg where his precum had dripped down, and I shuddered and trembled from the feeling! I kept moving my butt against his crotch, until I felt his cock slide over my thigh! God! Did that ever feel erotic!
He parted my cheeks to rub the oil over my hole, and I jerked, as his finger teased the  puckered flesh!
I rose up on my elbows, and he slid forward over my back, as his hands went under me to grab my aching nipples! I felt his cock slide down between my cheeks, and I gasped as it slid up my crack, when he lowered his body onto my back!
I was pinned to the towel, as he groped my tits, and pulled on my nipples! His weight pushed my clit down on the terry cloth, and I began to slide up and down, as chills surged through the nerve endings in my nipples and cunt lips!
I was panting and moaning as he pushed up and back, sliding his penis in my crack!
“Oh, God, Bobby! What are you doing to me? I’m going to cum if you keep that up!”
“Unh! Unh! Unh!” he panted in my ear, as he humped my butt faster and faster!
“Oh! God!” he gasped, as I felt his body go rigid, and felt a white hot jet of cum surge up my crack, and onto my lower back!
I screamed, as my own orgasm hit me at the same time, and I gushed on the towel, as I jammed my clit hard against the deck! My body jerked, and shook, and trembled, under my brothers jerking penis!
As I lay there under Bobby’s weight, I rolled my body back and forth, luxuriating in the after shocks running through me! Bobby had his face buried in my hair, and was gasping for air as he, too, jerked spasmodically, when each jolt hit him!
Then he was still, and his breathing slowly returned to normal, as he nuzzled my ear!
“God, Jan! That was wild! I’m sorry we waited so long now! Just think, we could have been doing this since we were eight or so years old!”
“Or even younger!” I giggled.
“You better push my suit back up, big bro, and put that fat dick of yours away, before it gets any more ideas!” I laughed, as he slid off my back, and adjusted my bottoms, and shoved his limp penis back in.
He flopped down on his back next to me, and looked at me, and grinned widely!
“Boy, you sure look like you just got laid! You should see your face, now!” I giggled.
“You look still pretty hot to me, little sis!” he retorted.
“Why don’t you slide your hand under my body and find out how hot I really am!” I said, as I raised my hips to give his fingers room. He slid the front of my bikini down under me, and ran a finger up my slit! I was wet, wet, wet!
He grinned again, and said,” Wow! Little sister is still horny, hunh?”
“Well, bro, you started this, and now you’re going to finish it, or me, in this case!”
He turned up on his side toward me, as I rose up on my elbows, to give him a clear view of my rigid nipples!
He had his finger up my cunt now, and was slowly moving it in and out, while rubbing my protruding swollen clit with his palm! I hung my head, and bit my lower lip, as I pushed down on his fingers with each thrust that he gave me!
Bobby leaned over and started darting his tongue in and out of my ear!
“Come on, little slut, fuck your big brother’s fingers! Cum for me, cum now!” he whispered, as he sucked hard on my ear!
“Umph,  Umph, Umph, Oh Bobby, I’m getting close! Oh God, that feels sooo good! Oh, fuck me, Bobby; fuck your finger in me! Harder, yeah, that’s it, oh God, oh, oh, unh, unh, oh shit, I’m going to cum, Bobby, I’m cumming Bobeeeee!”
With that, I jerked and bucked on his fingers, over, and over, and over again!
When I could breathe again, I shook my head in awe, as Bobby grinned at me, mischievously! He pulled my hair back, and peered into my face! I turned and kissed him hard on his sexy mouth!
“That was fantastic, big bro! You really are good, you know?”
“Good enough that Angie would like some?” he chuckled.
“Oh,yeah! No doubt about it! She has always said she wanted to fuck you!”
“Now, you tell me! Why have you been holding out on me, little sis?”
“Because she’s mine, is why! So keep your mitts off her, understand?” I giggled.
“Well we’ll se about that!”
I slapped his shoulder, and then we got up, and dove into the lake to cool off.
We swam out to the diving platform about fifty yards from shore, and lay down to dry in the warm sun.

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Bobby leaned up on his elbows and scanned the shoreline.
“You know, Jan, they can’t see us clear out here very well, do you think?”
I sat up and looked around, too.
“I don’t see how, unless they had binoculars trained on us. ”
“Wanna’ skinny dip?”
“Sure, why not? If they’re using glasses they are hoping to see something anyway! Let’s give them a show!”
So we stood up, and pulled our suits off, then bent over, naked, and laid them out to dry in the hot sun. I stretched as the warm sun caressed my skin. God! That feels wild, letting the breeze blow up my cunt, and tease my nipples! The thought of someone staring at my naked little body, turned me on something fierce!
Bobby came over and hugged me close, so our bodies were flush against each other! I felt his thick penis start to grow, and moisture seeped down my leg. I was so hot! I moaned, as he kissed me gently, and rubbed his dick against my sensitive belly! My nipples were throbbing, as I moved them back and forth over his stiff bare tits!
I started humping his shaft, until he knelt a little so he could slide it between my legs. I looked at him questioningly, and he grinned back.
“Don’t get your balls in an uproar, little sis! I’m only going to slide it in and out of your clamped legs, so flex your thigh muscles, and hold me in!”
I clamped my legs hard around his thick dick, and he started rocking back and forth, sliding in and out between my thighs! As he rose up slightly his penis rubbed my cunt lips, making them spread, until my clit was against his base, rubbing in the coarse hairs!
I gasped, and panted, as I rode him! If this was as close to fucking him as I would ever get, it was fine by me! God, it felt great!
He moved faster and faster, until I was digging my fingers into his shoulders!
“Bobby, Your fat dick is rubbing my cunt lips raw! Oh, God, keep it up! Unh, unh, unh, unh, faster! It hurts so good! Unh, unh, come with me, Bobby, Now!”
“Oh God, Jan here it comes, aaargh!”
Bobby’s cum rocketed out between my legs, until the insides of my thighs were coated with the white stuff! I trembled so hard with my own orgasm that Bobby had to hold me tight to keep me upright!
Slowly we recovered, and he grinned, and kissed my forehead, as if I were his child! It was sooo sweet that I started to cry!
“What’s wrong, sweetie, did I hurt you?”
“No, my loving big brother, you just got to me is all! I love you sooo much!”
“You know I love you too, little sis, and I always will!”
I dried my eyes, and we ran to the edge, and dove into the lake.
    The water felt good washing over my partial sunburn, and my nerve endings sang with delight! I was so happy!  I was grinning, from ear to ear, as I came up under bobby, and grabbed his penis and pulled him under!
    He surfaced sputtering, and thrashing around, trying to find me!
    “That’s not fair!” he shouted, as he grabbed my tits, and yanked me under, too!
    We climbed back up on the dock in hysterics, we were laughing so hard! He hugged my naked body once more, and kissed me hard, as he ground his teeth against mine!
    “I’ve decided that all bets are off!”
    With that, he threw me on my back on the dock, and yanked my legs open, and shoved his swollen fat dick into my sopping wet little cunt! I gasped when I felt how big it was! It hurt for a second, until I stretched enough to let him all the way in! Then he began to fuck me in earnest, pounding his cock deep into my little cunt!
    I threw my legs around his back, and raised my hips, so he could go deeper! I felt the big mushroom ridges tease my G spot, and I let loose with a huge orgasm, that rocked me senseless!
    Then Bobby jerked his cock out, and sprayed cum all over my face, and into my hair, and over my nipples! I couldn’t believe anyone had that much cum in them, it just wouldn’t stop! Each new spasm in his stomach, forced a big glob into the air! I was soaked in no time!
    I looked down at the mess, and then up to Bobby’s eyes and he started to grin!
    “Well, sis, so much for your big responsible brother! I’m so sorry, honey, I just lost it!”
    “That’s okay, big bro, I wanted it worse than you did!”
    “Promise not to tell?”
    “It’s our secret until we agree otherwise. Or until that guy up there on that hill recognizes one of us!”
    Bobby whipped his head around, and I went into gales of laughter!
    “Gotcha’, bro!”
    “You little minx, I ought to tan your little white bottom!”
    “Ummmm, yummy idea! I’m for that! Right now?”
    Bobby smiled, and shook his head, as he picked me up, and threw me off the dock!
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