My brother, my lover, at the water slide


My brother, my lover, at the water park
I peered around the corner of the house at Bobby, leaning under the hood of his big black pickup tinkering with some thingamajig, with a wrench in one hand, and a screwdriver in the other. His baggy shorts hung low on his slim hips, and I ogled his sexy buns and well muscled bare back, and licked my dry lips.
I tiptoed across the lawn, and up behind him. He was so engrossed in his work that he didn’t even hear me, as I reached down, and grabbed his shorts, and yanked them down around his ankles, and then jumped back quickly to watch his reaction.
His head jerked up, and he banged the back of it on the underside of the hood, while the wrench and screwdriver clattered down around the interior of the motor compartment, and fell on the driveway. Then he spun around with fire in his eyes, as I backed up, bent over at the waist with my arms out in front of me, giggling uncontrollably.
His long fat penis hung down between his legs, as I leered lasciviously, and batted my eyes repeatedly, continuing to back up faster and faster.
“Oooooh!” I panted loudly, “Look at big bros big cock dangling in the open air!”
He reached down and yanked his shorts up, as I tore around the corner running for my life! My brother is the star defensive back on our high school football team, and it took about three seconds before I felt his body hit mine in a flying tackle, as he threw me to the wet grass alongside the garage.
“Darn you little sis! Are you trying to kill me or what?” he yelled, as he ripped my bikini bottom off.
He had me pegged to the grass on my stomach. I rolled over between his straddling legs and bucked my mound up into his shorts, hard! He yelped, and grabbed my bikini top, and ripped it off, and shoved the wet triangles into my open mouth.
“Suck on that, you little tease!” he laughed, as he grabbed my nipple, and twisted it hard enough that I gasped, and screamed in pain!
I mumbled into the fabric, “I give up! I’m sorry! Please let me up!”
“Not a chance, you mean little devil! I’m going to make you rue the day you fucked around with me! That hurt, banging my head, and all the neighbors probably saw my cock and butt when you pants me! So let’s let them see your cute little snatch and titties, too, hunh?”
“No, Bobby, please? I’ll do anything you want, just let me go!”
He laughed, and bent over, and kissed me softly, as I threw my arms around his neck, and pulled his lips against mine. I wiggled my hips under him until I felt that old familiar bulge pressing against my swelling clit.
His nipples were standing out on his hairless massive chest, and he rubbed them back and forth over my swollen breasts, until I was shuddering with desire to be fucked by my big brother. He began to hump me through the thin fabric of his shorts, until he shuddered, and came, as he groaned in my mouth. My own gushing orgasm jerked me around under him, until we were both panting and gasping, tightly clinging to each other.

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“God, Jan! You certainly messed up my shorts that time! How am I ever going to get my truck running with you harassing me all the time?”
I giggle playfully, as I wiggled my hips under his sweaty yummy body.
“I can help big bro. What can I do?”
“Actually, that’s a good idea. Could you get in the cab and turn the key, so I could check what’s wrong with the starter?”
“Sure! Anything to help my sexy sweet brother. ” I sighed, as I ran my tongue over his sweaty lips.
He hugged me tight as another orgasm wracked my little body!
 Then he helped me up, and tied my bikini back on. We walked back out to the driveway, and I leaped up into the cab, while I smirked at the big wet spot in the front of Bobby’s shorts. He looked down, and smiled, when he saw me looking.
“Real proud of yourself, aren’t you slutty sister of mine?” He laughed.
“Sure am!” I giggled.
“Okay, let’s see if you can do something useful for a change, instead of fucking around. Turn the key while I check the voltage at this solenoid. ”
I looked under the edge of the hood, and then when he was leaning way in, I pushed down on the horn hard! He jerked, and banged his head again, as he swore, and glared back at my grinning face.
He threw the voltmeter on the ground, and came around to the window.
“Damnit, Jan! Are you trying to really piss me off?” he yelled.

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“Who, moi?” I asked coquettishly.
“Yes, you, you incurable sexy little tease!”
“I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about, big bro. The horn just honked itself, I think. ” I giggled, as he reached in and tweaked my nipple through my sagging bikini top.
I gasped at his touch, and grabbed his hand to press it harder into my aching breast.
“Oh, God, Bobby. I love your hands, soo much!” I panted, as moisture began to seep out of my hot little cunt lips and run down my leg.
He reached down further, and ran his fingers under the top edge of my bikini bottoms, and into my sopping wet little hole. I moaned, and held onto his arm tight, as he began to finger fuck me, harder and harder, until I was writhing all over the wet vinyl of the truck seat. He rammed another finger up me as he thumbed my hard little clit, and jerked both fingers in and out, faster and faster.
“Fuck me Bobby! Shove deeper, sweetie! Oh God! I’m cumming! Oh, oh, oh, unh, unh, unh, unh, oh Bobbeeee!” I screamed, as my cum shot out and covered his big hand!
“Well, well. What’s going on here?” I heard a girl’s voice say through the ringing in my ears.
I looked over Bobby’s shoulder at Susie, Bobby’s slutty girl friend, grinning at me, as she ran her hands around in front of Bobby, and shoved them down under his sagging baggies.
She began jacking him off, swirling the sticky cum from our previous love making all over his throbbing penis, as she pushed her mound against his butt, and wiggled back and forth to rub her clit against him. Bobby panted in my face, and his eyes closed, as he gave in to the tremors running up and down his body.

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I reached out and raked my nails across his distended nipples, as he shuddered, and groaned, and came all over Susie’s squeezing hands in his now dripping shorts. He grabbed my cunt hard, and orgasms wracked us both, over and over again! Then Susie shrieked, and shivered against Bobby, as she, too, climaxed, while hugging his back, and rubbing her hard nipples back and forth over his sweaty skin.
She pulled her hands out of his trunks, and rubbed his cum all over his big chest, until he glistened in the bright sunlight. I licked his flushed face as he convulsed in his after spasms, until he finally sagged against the door and gasped for air, with his mouth hanging open, and drool running out over his lips and down on the window sill.
He shuddered one last time, then opened his eyes, and stared into mine with a dazed look on his face.
“Jeesh, Jan. I’m never going to get this truck ready to take us to the water park this afternoon, if you guys don’t stop fucking me over. ”
Susie giggled, and hugged his back. He turned and went back to the fender to try again to find the problem with his “big baby” black pickup.
Finally, he found the answer and got the truck operating again, so we all piled into the cab and Bobby drove us all to the water park. We piled out and bought our tickets, then went in and changed into our swimwear.
Susie wore a string bikini, which should have been banned before it was ever sold. Bobby had on a new pair of shorts, and I wore my tiny bikini with a sarong cover up over it.
After about two hours of climbing the stairs and whooshing down the water slides, we collapsed on our towels next to the chain link fence that ran along the east side of the park and overlooked the freeway. Susie laid big towels over all of us so we wouldn’t get sunburned.

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The kids were still running and screaming, up and down, as we lay on out stomachs, watching the cute little rear ends and little nipples sticking out of the tiny swimsuits.   The little girls’ suits had pulled up into their slits, and we could see little folds poking out around the tight material on almost all of their suits. And in the back most were virtually naked, since their bottoms were stuck way up in their firm round cheeks.
“Jan. doesn’t looking at all those little buns get you turned on?” Bobby whispered in my ear, as we lay side by side, under the big towels, with our noses almost touching.
”God, yes! I’m wetter than when we were on the slide from ogling those cunt folds and perfect little nipples. ” I panted, as I felt his hand slowly working under my hips toward my bikini clad cunt.
I lifted my hips so he could slide under the waistband of my bottoms and felt his fingers find their mark as he ran them up and down my hot little cunt lips. I moaned and pressed down on his hand as he pushed up into my cunt and slowly finger fucked me. I stared into his eyes, and reached over to plant my puffy lips on his cute little boy mouth.
Susie turned on her side and moved close to me, as she slid her hand up and down my back under the terry cloth. Then I felt the strings holding my top loosen, as she untied them at my neck and my back. She edged her hand under my chest and cupped my breast, and began kneading my soft, firm tit and nipple
I gasped and squirmed as they both stroked and grabbed. Then Bobby moved his hand so he could untie the side of my bikini bottom, and I felt the cool air hit my butt, and blow up between my legs, and over my wet cunt lips. Bobby slid his hand back into my cunt, and rubbed my clit, until I jerked, and moaned in his mouth,
“Oh, God, Bobby.

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   If you don’t stop you’ll be sorry. I’m about to squirt all over your hand!”
“Go ahead, honey, nobody can hear you over those kids, and we’re far enough down the slope that the only people who can see are whizzing past on the freeway. ”
Susie kissed the back of my neck while she leaned her warm breasts into my shoulder.
    I moaned, and stretched my arms over my head, and dug my fingers into the grass, as Bobby fingered me faster and faster. Then I felt fingers sliding into my butt crack and then into my little hole.
    They increased their rhythm until I was jerking, and shaking, and gasping, as I clinched the turf hard!
    “Unh, Unh, Unh, Unh. ” I panted, as I humped my cunt up and down on Bobby’s flying fingers. I could hear the squishing sound as he withdrew, than shoved in, deeper and deeper, until I thought both their fingers were touching inside me!
    “Oh, God, you guys! I’m gonna’ cum in a second! Oh, Oh, Oh, ohmigod I’m cummmiiiiing!” I screamed, as I threw my hair around my face and writhed all over the towels.
    Bobby kissed me hard, while Susie grabbed my rear end, and squeezed my nipple, so I came again, with an ear splitting wail!
    I collapsed back down on the towels and Bobby grinned at me.
    “Happy now, sis?”
    “Oh, God yesssss! You guys ripped me up one side and down the other! Wow! Ummmmm! God, that was good!”
    Susie rearranged my towel so it covered me up, and I slid my suit all the way off so I was naked under the cover. It felt so nice to feel the towel rubbing on my bare mound and nipples!
    I slid my own hand over under Bobby, and squeezed his erection through his shorts, and he groaned, as he pushed down on my hand with his hips. His eyes fluttered briefly before they closed, and a big smile spread over his face, as I moved my hand up, and then down under his waistband to grab his stiff penis, and caress the fat mushroom on the end.
    “Oh God, sis! Feel how wet I am? Your fingers feel fantastic! Fuck me honey, fuck me faster! Faster! Yank my dick, little slut sister! Harder! Harder! Oh shit, I’m cumming honey! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, aaaargh!” he gasped, as he jerked and twitched from the contractions running up and down his tight abs, over, and over.
    I pulled my sticky wet hand out of his shorts, and licked the sweet tasting cum with my tongue, as he stared into my eyes.
    “God, how I love you, sis! You are just the kind of a sister every guy dreams about!”
    “And you are every girl’s idol, yourself.

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      ” I answered, as I softly kissed the side of his sweet mouth.
    “Hey! I’m feeling kinda’ left out here, you know?” Susie giggled, as she lay over my shoulder and ran her hand through Bobby’s tousled hair. He laughed and yanked her across my back, and over on top of him, as he rolled onto his back. Her sliding body tugged the towel off my back and I was naked lying next to them, in plain sight of the passing cars!
    I slid close to Bobby’s side for cover, as Susie giggled, and pinched one of my bare nipples hard. Then she shoved his shorts down, as he looked nervously out at the freeway.
    “What are you doing, Susie? They’ll see us!”
    “As If I give a fuck, big guy! It’s all right for you to finger fuck your own sister, but when I want some you’re gonna’ complain?” she laughed, as she pulled her string bikini aside and slid down on Bobby’s quickly recovering big fat pole.
    “Ohmogod, Susie! Shit, your wetter than the water slide, for Christ’s sake!”
    “All the better to fuck you with, little red riding hoodlum!” she giggled, as she slowly moved up and down on his sweaty chest and sucked on his lower lip.
    I reached between their lunging bodies, and ran my hand down to Susie’s clit, and began pulling and squeezing the little nub. She threw her head back and gasped, as Bobby shot a big fountain of white sperm high up into her cunt opening!
    I came again, too, from my frantic rubbing against Bobby’s muscular thigh.
    We jerked, as a trucker blasted his air horn, covering up our screeching and gasping. We looked down at the road to see him pump his fist in the air, and Bobby gave him a thumbs up sign back He blasted again, and then another took up where he left off, and then another, as they passed the word on their CBs.
    Three naked teenagers fucking under the water slide was definitely not seen every day!
    I looked over my shoulder to see two little kids gawking at my naked bottom, and I threw the big towels over us all, as we broke out in riotous laughter.
    Under cover once more, we began again, and played for the better part of an hour until we had had enough. Them we pulled our clothes on, and got up, folded the towels, and walked up the hill through a group of grinning high school kids, all ogling my bikini, which was almost to fall off, and Bobby’s soaked shorts.
    We climbed up into the pickup and snuggled close, as Bobby drove us home.

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    As we walked into the kitchen, Mom asked how it went, and we all chorused, “Cool!”

    The end of the My brother, my lover series.