My Brother and His Friends (True)



When I was 15, and my brother was 18, we had been together for a year.   No one knew about our relationship, and that is the way we wanted it. He had dated other girls during this time, and it never bothered me.   He was not my boyfriend, and I wanted him to be happy and find a girl to love and marry.   I never had a selfish thought about me being his only girl.   I was his sister, and I loved him, so I wanted him to do whatever he wanted to.

                This story took place about 18 months after the first two stories.   This is the story of the first time I had sex with multiple men.   My brother was one of them, and not one of the other guys knew that I was his sister.   As far as they knew, and still know, I was his girlfriend for the night.

                My brother, if you had read my previous stories, was a star football player at our high school.   He was naturally being recruited by several colleges at the time we first got together, and he had finally chosen a school, attending with a scholarship.   A couple of weeks after school started, he invited me to come visit him at his dorm for the weekend.   Because he had plans to make love to me that weekend, we agreed that I would be introduced as his girlfriend to everyone.   I must admit, to visit my gorgeous brother, and have him show me off to everyone was something that made me feel incredibly important and special.   My brother knew how to treat me right.

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                I got in on a Friday afternoon, and his roommate was nice enough to leave us alone for the night so we could spend some time together.   We made love three times that night before we fell asleep in each other’s arms.   The next day, he had a game, so I spent the day at the stadium watching him play the little he got to play.   Being a freshman, he wasn’t on the starting lineup, but it was still awesome to see him on the field, his muscular arms enhanced by the presence of the football pads.   He looked like a beast out there, and I was turned on.  

                After the game, which his school won, we went out with some of his friends to some guy’s apartment for a victory party.   I had never been to a party like it before or since.   There were three kegs around the room; the bathtub was filled with ice and beer bottles.   Everyone was drinking and having the greatest time.   The boys there were all football players, and they were all amazing.   Their bodies were cut and muscular just like my brother.   They were all handsome, and the more they drank, the funnier and friendlier they got.   Two of them caught my eye, and I kept thinking that if I were in college, I would be having a hard time choosing which one I wanted.   The girls there were equally amazing.   I had never really been into girls, but watching them drunk and flirting with the guys, wearing the tightest clothes possible, and shirts that bared their flat stomachs, I was a little turned on.

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                My brother stayed close to me during the party.   He knew that these guys would screw anything that moved, and he wanted to protect me from them.   It was cute and endearing.   After an hour, when he had a few drinks in him, he must have noticed me staring at the guys.

                “What are you looking at?” He whispered into my ear.

                I shrugged, “Nothing.   Why?”

                He just laughed.   Making sure no one could hear him, he put his lips next to my ear, “Listen,” he said, “I’m not blind or stupid.   I see you checking those guys out. ”

                I blushed.   Was it that obvious? “No I’m not!”

                He put his arm around me and squeezed me tight in his way.   “If you want, I’m sure I could hook you up. ”

                I turned to him, “What?”

                “Listen,” he said, “I know that we aren’t together, and you know I have had other girls, so if you want another guy, I have no problem with that.   So, if you want, I can talk to one of them for you. ”

                My head was spinning.

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    Everything he said was true, but did I really want someone else?  I knew that I did.   Of course I did.   I knew that my brother and I wouldn’t last forever.   And I wanted to experience other people just like he had.

                “Okay,” I whispered, “But I want to try something new.   So,” I hesitated.   I had never told anyone my fantasy. “Could I try them both?”

                “You mean one after another? Sure.   Which would you like first?”

                I shook my head, “No, I want two at the same time. ”

                He actually choked on his beer.   I had never seen anyone do that in real life.   I thought that was something people only did in movies or on TV. “What’s that?” he said, a look of disbelief on his face.

                “I have a fantasy about doing two guys at once.   I know you fantasize about two girls.

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                He smiled at that, “Yeah, you got me there. ”

                “So?  Can I?”

                He hesitated for a few seconds. “Sure, but they need to be up for it.   Let me go ask them. ”

                I gave him a hug, and he broke away, crossing the room.   I watched as he pulled the two guys away from the girls they were chatting up.   He talked to them for a minute, turned and nodded toward me.   I just smiled back at all three guys staring at me.   Then he turned back, and they all talked some more.   I could tell that they were interested, but something was holding them back.   I thought it wasn’t going to happen.   Maybe it was too weird to ask two guys to do someone they had never met.

                My brother left them and came back to where I was.   I didn’t even notice the other two guys as they left the room.

                “Okay,” my brother said, “they are into it.

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                I jumped up, wrapping my arms around him, a big cheesy grin on my face.

                “One thing,” he whispered, “Instead of two guys, you are getting three. ”

                I released my grasp, and sank back onto my feet. “What do you mean?” I asked.

                “I pulled them aside and told them that you were interested in having some fun with them.   And they were really into it.   But they asked me if I was sure I wanted them joining in while you and I fucked. Then it sort of hit me that everyone here thinks that you are my girlfriend, so it would seem really fucked up if I sent my girlfriend off to bang two dudes she just met.   So I told them that she wanted to be gangbanged by all three of us. ”

                I just stared at him, my jaw could’ve hit the floor. “You told those two guys that your sister wants a fucking gangbang?”

                He shrugged, “You can say no.   It’s too late for me to back out. ”

                I just looked into his eyes.   What the fuck had we gotten into?  Did I want this?  I wanted two guys.   Would three be any different, or would it be too much?  My mind was working overtime trying to process it all.

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    Finally, I figured that if my brother were there with me, then everything should be okay.   He wouldn’t let things get too far.

                “Okay,” I said, “But you have to promise that if things get weird, or I want out, you won’t give me shit, and let me go. ”

                He pulled me into his arms, “Of course. I got your back. ”

                I squeezed him tight.  “All right, but we should have a way of stopping everything if I feel to weird. ”

                “Okay,” he said, “There is a thing called a ‘safe word. ’  You feel like shit is getting out of control, just say ‘banana,’ and I’ll stop everything, okay?”

                I nodded.

                “Cool, let’s go.   You ready?”

                I nodded again, and he grabbed my hand and led me across the room down a small hallway and into a room at the end.   The door was closed.   My brother knocked twice.   We heard three knocks back, and my brother knocked twice more.   Apparently there was a code worked out earlier between them, because after my brother knocked the second time, there was a click of a lock being unlocked, and the door swung open.

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                There, inside the room were my two new toys.   One guy stood next to the bed.   He was already naked.   His head was shaved clean, and his face looked like a Greek God.

  His body was just as large as my brother’s.   His body fat must have been near 4%.   His chest and abs were beautiful.   He had his hands on his hips, and I could see the definition in his huge arms.   I looked lower, and his limp penis was 4 inches.   He had shaved his pubic hair, and he was uncircumcised.   Lower, his massive legs were like the trunks of tan trees.  

                My brother led me all the way into the room, and I looked back at the other guy, who was closing the door.   He was smaller in build than my brother and the other guy.   He had black hair down to his shoulders.   He was very handsome in the everyday guy way.

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    Guys have the “girl next door” dream.   This guy personified the “boy next door” look.   No mother on Earth could be put off by his looks.   This was the kind of guy they wanted their daughters to marry.   And his cock.   I once said that I thought my brother, at 8 inches was average based on the porn guys I had seen before.   This guy was already hard, and he made my brother look small.   I literally gasped.   Holy shit.

                “Okay,” My brother said, “Let me get ready before we start. ”  He pulled off his shirt, revealing that chest that I had grown to adore.   I helped him with his belt, unbuckling it slowly so that the other guys could watch.   I slowly unbuttoned his pants, pulled down the zipper, and I slid his jeans down his legs, kneeling while I did it.   When his pants were around his ankles, I was on my knees in front of him.   I could see the bulge of his cock behind his boxers.


    He stepped out of his jeans as I knelt there.   When he was out, I pulled down his boxers.   I was too wrapped up in undressing him to notice that the other two guys were now on either side of me, stroking their cocks.   The bald one was finally hard, and I looked to my left to see that his cock was just a bit smaller than my brother’s, although it had a larger girth.   Without even thinking, I reached up to grab it.  

                His cock was fat, and I couldn’t get my fingers all the way around it.   It was massive, and it felt heavy.   I stroked it slowly, admiring it.   I felt a hand on the back of my head, running through my hair.   I turned to my right to see where it was coming from, and it was black haired guy.   He no longer had his hand on his cock, and I watched it as it throbbed.   All ten inches of him pulsed with the blood that filled it.   I looked up into his beautiful eyes, and he smiled back at me. I reached up and grabbed his dick in my hand.   It wasn’t as heavy as the other cock, but it was warmer.

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    It’s amazing how some details stick in your head the first time you hold two cocks at the same time.

                I turned to look at my brother.   He was smiling at me.   His cock was inches from my face, and I knew just what to do.   I stared straight into his eyes as I opened my mouth wide.   He took a step forward and found my mouth with his hard dick.   He grabbed my head with both of his hands.   He held my head perfectly still as he slowly fucked my mouth.   He loved to do this, and I loved it as well.   It made me feel like I was his.

                As he fucked my mouth, I started to grip the cocks in my hands a little tighter as I stroked them.  

                After a minute, which felt like forever in the good way, my brother released my head and pulled out of me.   “Okay, Mike,” he said to the bald guy, “Your turn. ”

                I let go of Mike, and he moved to where my brother had been standing.   I looked into his deep green eyes as I opened my mouth.


    He guided himself into my mouth with one hand while using the other to guide my head into the rhythm he wanted me to move.   I sucked on his fat cock while my lips felt like they were straining to hold on.   He was incredibly thick now that I had a sense of him inside my mouth.   My lips were burning, they were being stretched so wide.   But it didn’t matter.   I wanted to please him, please them all.   The pain was insignificant next to the pleasure.

                I sucked him for over a minute.   Then I heard my brother say, “All right, Mike.   Squid’s turn. ”

                Yeah, the guy’s name was Squid.   At least, that was his nickname.   He had done two years in the Navy before going to college.

                I let go of Squid as Mike pulled out of my mouth.   I looked up again, and repeated the same thing for Squid.

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    I stared into his eyes, mouth wide open.   He decided on a combination of me sucking him and him fucking my mouth.   He liked it slow, and I never broke eye contact with him the entire time.   It was unbelievably sensual.   If I had to point to the moment my pussy became the most wet, that was it.

                Squid had such a long cock that I couldn’t fit it more than 2/3 of the way in my mouth.   I could feel his head on the back of my throat, and I tried to fight choking on him.   But as soon as he felt me choking, he smiled bigger and began to shove his cock into my throat.   I had done this with my brother, and I knew that some guys loved it.   So I let him choke me with his huge cock all he wanted.

                Without being told, he pulled out, and stood back.   I had drool dripping down my chin and onto my shirt.  

                “Let me help get that shirt off,” Squid said as he knelt in front of me, slowly unbuttoning my shirt.   He never took his eyes away from mine.   Clearly, Squid knew how to make a girl feel special.

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                My shirt finally off, I stood up.   I had my bra on, and I motioned to Mike to help me take it off.   He unclasped me like an expert, and I felt cool air on my nipples as he pulled my bra away.   I turned away from all three boys as started to take my shorts off, making sure to leave my thong on.   I bent over as slow as I could, allowing them all to get a good look at my ass.   When I finally had them off, I turned back around.

                “Now you,” I said to my brother, “Take this thong off. ”

                He smiled and knelt in front of me.   I watched the two boys standing in front of me stroke their cocks as my brother pulled my thong off, revealing my bald pussy.

                “Now,” I said, “Who wants to eat me first?”

                Mike actually raised his hand.   I giggled at how silly it was.   “Okay, big guy, come here and eat my pussy. ” I grabbed his cock and pulled him toward the bed.   I climbed up onto all fours, spread my legs slightly.   Mike bent behind me, and I could feel his breath on my pussy lips as he spread me open.

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    He took a second to admire my pretty, pink pussy before he started to tongue it.

                When I felt his tongue on my wet clit, I closed my eyes and shuddered.   This one certainly knew how to eat pussy.   When I lifted my head and opened my eyes, I saw my brother and Squid climbing up onto the bed.   My brother was on the left side of my head, and Squid on the right.   At the same time, I felt them both grab one of my tits.   My brother squeezed soft, in the way I had grown to love.   Squid squeezed harder, dragging his hand down until all that was left in his grasp was my nipple.   It hurt, but in a pleasurable way.   He pulled at my nipple for a split second before he let go.   It was amazing to have two distinct grips on my body.

                My brother lifted my chin with his free hand and swung his hard cock into my mouth.   I sucked him for a few seconds before pulling away and giving Squid a turn.   I switched between their cocks as Mike ate me out.   By now he had two fingers rubbing my clit, his tongue in my wet hole, and a thumb was playing with my very tight asshole.

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                Remembering something I saw in a porn once, I put my weight on my elbows, as I used my hand to guide both cocks into my mouth at the same time.   I had kind of expected the boys to pull away when their cocks touched, but neither did.   I thought, “fuck it,” and decided to see how far I could make this go.   Just for the hell of it.   I pulled them both out of my mouth and rubbed their heads together while I flicked them with my tongue.   No negative response. “Interesting,” I thought.

                Letting the moment pass, I broke away from all of them, flipping myself onto my back.

  I motioned for mike to come onto the bed, as I grabbed my brother’s cock and pulled him to my pussy.   I wanted him inside me first.   I wanted both of these guys watch their buddy fuck his sister right in front of them.   I wanted them to watch his sister get pounded by her brother while she sucked their cocks.   The thought of it today makes me wet.

                My brother spread my legs open, holding my knees apart as he thrust his cock forward, finding my wet hole ready for him. I cried out as I felt him push his way deep inside of me.

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    By now I was holding both cocks on the side of my face as I squeezed them tight.   I looked up to see my brother staring at me as he picked up speed.

                “What are you waiting for?” he asked, “Suck those fucking dicks, you cocksucker. ”

                I gave him a smile and let my head fall onto the bed.   I pulled the cocks toward my mouth and began to suck them in short spurts, one a time.   Every so often I would take a breath to moan as my brother thrust hard deep into me before he continued with his normal rhythm.   Both guys were playing with my tits as I sucked them.  

                Then I realized what was happening.   My brother was fucking my tight pussy, I was grabbing, stroking, and sucking two very nice cocks as hand were all over my tits and thighs.   For a split second, I realized that this was what heaven was.  

                Then I felt my brother pull out of me.   I pulled Squid’s cock down to my pussy as my brother made his way around the bed and next to my face.   I pulled him inside my mouth so that I could taste myself on his shaft.   I could taste the saltiness of his pre-cum mixed with my sweet juices.   It was a taste I had come to love during our time together.

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                Then I felt Squid enter into me.   His cock was long, and it found its way deep inside of me.   I felt the old pain I used to feel with my brother.   Squid recognized the look of pain on my face, and giving me a smile, he backed off slightly.

                Squid started to fuck me in long, slow thrusts as I sucked my brother and Mike.   I decided that I should tempt fate again, and took them both into my mouth at the same time.   Mike didn’t seem to care that his cock was rubbing on another cock either.   Very interesting.

                After Squid pulled out of me, it was finally Mike’s turn inside of me.   I decided to let him fuck me doggy style.   There was something I wanted to try too, and it would work better if I were on my knees.

                I made sure to spread my legs a little wider, knowing how thick Mike was.   I felt the head of his fat cock pushing my lips aside as he slowly, very slowly pushed forward.   Then I started to feel a new pain, just as I had with my mouth.   His cock was very wide, and my pussy had to stretch to accept him.

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    The pain felt like a mosquito bite. Yeah, that shit can hurt, but the itching feel good.

                After a minute of slow pushing, Mike was finally inside me.   Once he was in me, I made my brother and Squid lay down so that their cocks were on either side of my mouth.   I sucked them both separate and together, my whole body shuddering with Mike’s fat pole moving in and out of me.   Several times I felt him grab my ass and spread me open as he pulled out.   I would guess that he loved to look at my gaping pussy.

                While Mike was occupied with fucking me, I decided to test my experiment. I pulled my mouth away from both cocks, reached over to grab Squids hand, and I placed it around my brother’s cock.

                (Okay, I have to say right here that I would have never done this if I weren’t in the middle of a foursome.   There is something about being fucked that makes your brain think everything you do is amazing.   This is one of those times. )

                My brother didn’t pull away, and neither did Squid.  

                I had always suspected that my brother had some bisexual tendencies.   Now it was confirmed.

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    I took Squid’s long rod into my mouth as he jacked off my brother next to my face.   I pulled off his cock, and my brother started to jack off Squid as I took my brother into my mouth.   No wonder they didn’t mind their cocks touching.

                I would later learn from my brother that he and Squid had fucked a couple girls together before.   They didn’t penetrate each other, but they would sometimes give each other oral if the girl was into it.   I wasn’t about to go that far, I just wanted to test if they would jack each other off.  

                After a couple of minutes of Mike fucking my pussy, I decided that I wanted something a little more for the end.

                I pulled away from Mike, and had him lie on the bed.   I lowered myself onto his cock once more, and turned to Squid.

                “Please fuck my ass. ”

                He gave me a big smile and kissed me on the lips, full and hard.   It was a little unexpected.   For one, it was the only kiss I got that night, and it was from a guy who thought I was dating his friend.   Something just struck me as odd, but it didn’t matter much.   It was very sensual.



                Squid made his way behind me, kneeling at my ass.   I heard the screak of a bottle opening just before I felt the cold drops of lube falling onto my asshole.   Squid began to rub the lube around my hole, as he slowly stuck a finger into my ass.   Mike, below me, was keeping his cock hard by thrusting softly inside of me, making sure not to move me too much.   Mike was grabbing my tits and leaning up so suck on them when I felt Squid pull his finger away and press the head of his dick on my asshole.   Very, very slowly, he pressed his cock against my hole, slipping in.   Inch by inch he made his way deep into my ass.   I could now feel the pressure of Mike’s cock and Squid’s cock inside of me.   It felt like I was about to orgasm without any kind of movement.   And then, they both began to gently fuck me.   Mike barely moved, allowing Squid’s rhythm to move his cock in and out.

                By now I was making some pretty loud noises.   My brother quickly put his cock in my mouth to silence me some.   But it was too late.   With my peripherals, I saw the door to the room open up.

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    Fucking Squid forgot to relock the door when he closed it.

                In through the door came everyone who wasn’t already fucking.   There were at least five girls and four guys.   They were all drunk, and they started to cheer me on.   I was beyond embarrassed, while at the same time turned on more than I had ever been before.

                I sucked my brother as hard as I could.   I wanted everyone to watch me blow my brother.   I want his cum in my mouth so that everyone could watch me drink it.   I was his whore once again.

                Two minutes into everyone watching, my brother grabbed his cock, pulling out of my mouth, his other hand grabbed my hair and tilted my head back.   He stroked once into my open mouth and then I felt his hot cum spraying into my throat.   I stuck out my tongue to capture every drop I could.   When he stopped spraying, I sucked the last drops out of him.   Cheers rang around the room.   I was the center of attention, and I loved it.



                Behind me, Squid started to pump faster. “I’m going to cum,” he said.   One girl yelled for him to cum in my ass as the room cheered her suggestion.

                “Cum in my ass!  Cum deep inside me!”  I yelled.

                As the room cheered him on, I felt Squid stop thrusting, followed immediately by the warm feeling of cum being shot into my ass.   His load was rather large, and I could feel the pressure of the cum pushing out around his cock.   He finally pulled out of me, his cum dripping out of me and down to my pussy.   I pulled off of Mike and walked to the end of the bed, in front of everybody.   I dropped to my knees motioned for Mike to come over.

                The group began to clap as Mike made his way over to my open mouth.   On the bed, my brother was jacking his cock while he stared at me.   Squid was doing the same as he stood next to the bed.

                I grabbed Mike’s thick cock.   It was wet with the juices from my pussy. I guided him into my mouth, and I began to stroke it while I sucked.

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    I noticed that the guys around the room were rubbing their erect dicks through their pants.   “Fuck it,” I thought.  

                Pulling Mike out of my mouth, I said to the room, “If you guys want to jack off, go for it. ”  I waited a few seconds while one guy pulled out his cock.   The other guys, seeing that it was cool, did the same.   “Just don’t cum on me,” I said, and went back to work on Mike while I fingered my pussy.

                I took my time blowing Mike’s cock.   I wanted everyone to have a good show.   And before you ask, I have no idea if any girls were playing with their pussies.   And they didn’t blow the guys.  

                Finally, after five solid minutes, I felt the familiar throbbing in my mouth that meant Mike was about to cum.   I pulled him out, opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue, and jacked him off until he came.  

                His thick, massive cock throbbed in my hand as he came hard.   He shot his hot load all over my face, in my mouth, and onto my tits.   He gave me the single largest load of cum I had ever received in my life.

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    I felt it covering my face and chest.   It warmed me up and made me cum myself.

                As I knelt on the floor, finger myself while he came, cum dripping out of my ass, and I came so hard I squirted onto the floor.   Everyone cheered as leaned against the bed, steadying myself.   My brother threw himself flat onto the bed so that his lips were next to my ear.

                “So,” he whispered, “Is that what you wanted?”

                I turned to him and smiled, closing my eyes as I rested my forehead on him.