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Topic: My bro fucks meLet me start by introducing myself. My name is Mallory Harwell. Im 15, 5"9, and have 29B breast. I live with my mom, dad, and brother [Mason]. This all started when I saw my brother showering with the door cracked open. He is small for his age [13] but I now know he makes up for that with his dick. He didn't know I was there, and the sight somehow turned me on. Now I know hes my brother and thats incest, but it would be well worth it. Back to the story. I was so turned on, that I reached down and slowly flicked my clit. It only took a minute, but I had the biggest orgasm ever. I went to my room to think how I could get him in me. My parents wouldn't be home tomorrow, so I decided that was the best time to do it. I went to sleep only to dream of him in me. I woke up wet and quickly masturbated before getting ready for school. I couldn't concentrate through school.

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   So when I got home and my parents left, I couldn't wait till Mason got in the shower. He finally got ready for bed and yelled to me he was heading into the shower. I waited a bit, then walked in slowly pulling off my clothes. He didn't notice me as I walked in. In fact he didn't notice till I got in with him. He yelled, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" I didn't say anything but bent down and slowly put his 4 inch limp dick in my mouth. He was shocked. And I was shocked when he dick grow to 7 and a half inches. I just went down and deep throated it the best I could. At the third time I went down on it, he screamed and liquid shot down my throat. I drank it all down. Then he went and started sucking on my right nipple. Waves shoot through mybody as my pussy erupted. He asked what was happening. I told him thats how girls orgasmed.

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   He stopped licking my nipple and started licking my pussy. I was in heaven as he slowly found my clit and started sucking on it.   By now I had cum 3 times. so I layed down with him on top of me and positioned him so we were 69ing. I was about to cum for the 4th time now, when we both started cumming at the same time. He got off me and moved so his  still erect cock was at the entranced to my pussy. I couldn't wait as he slowly entered me, so I yelled, "Stick it in me already. " So he rammed it in till he meet my cherry, but then procceded on. He stretched me till I thought my pussy would rip. But then he slowly went out till only his head was in, but then slowly entered back in. He continued till I yelled, "FAster, FASTER!" he picked up speed till he erupted in me. He slowly slid out. We both rested for a bit, then got dressed and went to bed. I dreamt of him fucking me the whole night long. When we got up, we didn't say a word to each other.

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   We went to breakfast and mom asked, "Anything interesting happen last night?"
        Possibly more to come as it happens.
         Please send feedback as this is my first story.  


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