My bro and I part3


She just stood there and stared. We started to move for our clothes when she told us, "Did I say to get dressed?" And with that she reached over, grabbed the phone, and called us both in sick for school. She turned to us and took of all her clothes except for green thong, and told us, " come suck on mama's titties. " We walked over and each took a nipple into our mouth. She reached down, and with one hand grabbed Mason's rock hard cock, and inserted one finger into my cunt. She ask Mason, "How did you fit in here when you're so big and shes so tight?" Mason replied, "Shes so wet. " Then my mom said, "Well, how would you like a new toy?" So he moved over and pulled her thong off, reveling her bushy cunt.

He put his cock where he thought her slit was, but since he was wrong, my mom reached down and put it in as she brought me to a sudden, guishing orgasm. As Mason slowly fucked our mom, she looked at me and said, "Don't stand there and watch. I want to taste him in you. " So i walked over and started squatting on her face, but she flicked here tongue and hit my clit. So Mason and my cum sqiurted on her face. She licked what she could and told me to finish, just as Mason told us, "I'm cumming!" My mom said," Pull out and cum on my tits. " He pulled out and shoot squirt after squirt of cum  on here tits, and some made it back onto her face. She told us, "Mallory, get down on all fours and clean me while Mason fucks you. " So we get in position and as I clean her off, Mason fucks me doggy style.

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   After a few minutes, just as I'm finishing up, Mason says, "I'M CUMMING!" and my mom tells him, "Stay in. I want Mallory to learn a lesson. " So he squirts what seems like a litter of cum into my cunt. As I get up, my moms says, "Don't stand yet. Let it seep in. And Mason, come eat me out. " and spreads her legs for him. Her eats her till she cums twice, then she tells him to stop. "After all, we have all day. "
To be contuined.
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