My big Brother Jack .


i was finally finished grade 11, it was summer and i was permitted to live with my mom this summerand my brother jack, he had a different father, but lived Mom, i had not seen him since i was 18 Im 18 now. i i dont not  really miss him, Buy boy did i miss Mom.
I pulled at my skirt Nervously as my plane landed, I had slept most of the way, but i woke up during the landing. I got off the plane and made my way threw, i seen my mom waiting at the gate, i had forgotten where i had gotten my looks fromIm 5'9, Very curvy body, Thick hips and a very around little ass, with small perky tits. I have Long cherry bomb red hair thatgrew to about my chest, i dye it different odd colored, but i had enjoyed being a red head this year. I have big cat shapedgreen eyes, a small nose High cheek bones, Heart shaped lips pierced on the left, usually pained ruby red. And i long cut jaw line. I have to admit, i am gorgeous right now.
On the drive home, my mom and me chit-chatted, the town was small, but nice, it diddent take us long to get our houseI seen a boy playing with his dog on a front lawn close up, i thought he looked hot and i could get acquainted with him perhaps this summerBut then my mom drove in to that very lawn and i thought "oh fuck i totally just checked out my brother". I hopped out of the car, pushing the thought backand a pit bull ran up to my legs sniffing and poking at me, i squealed nevervously, My Big brother jack ran over saying"He doesn't bite"
Jack was 6'1 big Broad shoulders, a small toned frame, Longish black hair with a stripe of blond past his eyes. I noticed hisFeatures, His big bright green eyes, Heart shaped lips, High cheekbones, and long jaw line, i have to say. He was pretty fuckinghot. I started adjusting my mind to thinking "This is my brother" for the summer.
Jack helped me put my things inside. i pressed againsed his body in the door frame, blushing i quickly moved past him"He's your brother he's your brother" i repeted to myself just for good measure. we sat and talked, mostly about music, turns out he plays drums in a local punk band in town, i was impressed, i loved local musici was already happy to be reacquainted with him
I was tired early, i was on a hole different clock then these people, i tried to stay awake to a somewhat decent time to sleep at.

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   but alas i only made it till 9. it was 6 in the morning where i was from, no wonder i was so fucking sleepy,i collapsed on my new bed in the guest room, and wriggled out of my clothing, i never slept with much on, maybe a t-shirt but tonight i couldn't care less, i just needed rest, but first i slid a hand under my body and fished in my panties and started rubbing my slitA girl cant sleep with out getting off at least once in a day you know?
I was dreaming about my boyfriend back in england, Chris. How he would slide his cock up and down my pussy slit, poking at my clitthen down and probing my hole just and inch or so then sliding it back up teasing me , i would hold on to my legs and beg "uhhhg put it in now"then eventually he would slide all 8 inches of his aching cock in me, and i would moan and grunt and i would buck wildly againsed his body. I felt an orgasm rush threw me, i grinded againsed my fingers, thinking about his big dick pumping me. i finished, and licked my fingersbreathing hard againsed my bed. i herd a "Click", and turned around, a shadow moving past the door. "was someone just watching me. . or. . what was that?"i was sort of embarrassed, but thought " no, im sure they opened the door and seen i was haph dressed sleeping and closed the door again"i drifted off happily thinking about chris at home.
At breakfast mom was gone off to work she worked all sorts of hours, so it was hard for me to remember her shift for each day yet. Jack was kind enough to make me breakfast, i across from him at the table, watching him watch me. "So do you have a boyfriend" He questioned"Yes" i said "Chris" with a smile, "Do you have a girlfriend? "No" "I broke up with mine over 4 months ago" . .

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  . "oh im sure you have lots of girls chasing you"Chris smiled "Yes i guess i do". "But im sure its the same where your from" . . i laphed, and thought of the stupid boys from home. "Yeah pretty much""Well aren't we egotistical!" and we cackled a bit and ate our toast. i felt , Jacks toe rub againsed my leg, and i moved it, thinking that he did not mean to. then he rubbed his foot over mine" "er that's my foot" i said " I know, you don't remember footsey? he said"No" i said " We use to play footsey under the table at christmas dinner when we were kids" chris chuckled kicking and rubbing his feet around minei laphed and did the same, not really remembering.
the days went by, jack and me bonded more and more, but i found for a brother he was really touchy-feely, i diddent know what the protocolwith brothers is, we diddent really grow up together. He was always hugging me, and kissing my cheek, nothing too wired. just felt a little off. but . . something in me was enjoying all the attention from my big handsome brother.
His birthday was the next day.

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   he was throwing a big party while mom was on her graveyard shift. not that she minded, she was cool like that. everything was going well. Jack was 19 now. he bought a keg for the party, and everyone there brought there own booze as well. i was drinking quit a bit and felt a bit hammered, i was mingling and flirting with some of jacks friends, most whom have already herd alot about meapparently. , i walked up to the upstairs bathroom to pee. and walked past in to a what appeared to be jack sober, standing in my room looking threw my drawersi Dunkley wobbled past to use the bathroom post haste! and moseyed back to my room all the better. There he was just standing there holdingon to a pair of my knickers, rubbing them againsed his already hard errection threw his jeans with his eyes closed. "JACK?" i said loudlyhe dropped my panties and opened his eyes. "Ah! oh. . I. . was" jack stammered.

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   but then regained his thoughts. he walked close to me and reached past andshut the door, leaning over me.
"What are you doing?" i asked confused, Jack then pushed his body againsed me, his hard-on pressing againsed my thigh, leaning to kiss mei moved my head and said "what the fuck?" and squirmed out and around him. "I want to fuck you sis, i have since you moved in". . my heartbeat quickened. . "No that's sick, im not going to fuck my brother firstly, and i have a boyfriend you know", jack smirked, and came towards mei slid his hands around my hips and i tried to back away, but he pushed me back as well, and i was leaning againsed the wall pinned around himhe slid his hand over my ass and up to my chest, i squirmed and tried to get out, but he pressed his hole body againsed me"Your going to like it Moe" as he grinded his errection againsed my skirt, felt my knees buckle under me, as he nuzzled and forced his lips on to my neck kissing me all over. I was dreaming i thought, none of this is happening, then i felt his fingers slide up my thigh and pull at the edge of my panties, rubbing his hand over my warm little cunt, i screamed and pushed him off coming back to reality.
    But the loud party downstairs could not hear my cry. I scampered to the door. but jack grabbed my hair, and pulled me to him, throwing me on the bed. I tried to sit up but he slapped me across the faceand i fell back down "You cant beat me Moe, just enjoy it" i lay there stunned and angry. i felt the hole bed deepen as he climbed on, andhe announced "Spread your legs" . .

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      i reluctantly did so. Jack just sat there, lifting my skirt to my hips " Hold your knees up" He said. I did so, i just wanted him to leave, i was so drunk and upset. He sat between my arched legs looking at my exploded panty shot and starting massaging my cunt over the fabric, i shuddered, i haddent been touched in a month by another hand.
    He gently lifted my panties off my and over my knees and feet. then taking off his shirt, i could see his well toned body, he had a start and a sparrowtattoo on his chest, his buckle hit the floor with a clank, along side his pants, still in his boxers my brother crawled over my body and laid on top of me "Do you like my body" he asked. I gave partially in and i nodded. Jack kissed up my neck, my cheeks, my forehead, to my nosethen kissed my mouth, everything in me was saying "NO! this is fucking discussing" but his cock poking threw his boxers grinding againsed memade me forget anything else but how much i wanted him right now. " I kissed him back, and rapped my leg around him, he pulled his head back and said"Ah atta girl, your going to be good and take it aren't you" and kissed my lips again, sliding his boxers off and throwing them asidewhile pulled my shirt over my head. . . i watched his 8inch thick cock pop up like a flag, and thought about chris's i couldn't tell whose was bigger
    "Suck it" he stated as he came to the side of the bed, holding his dick out and slapping my mouth with it once, i opened my mouth and suckledon the end swirling my tounge around his size, he started thrusting a little, fucking my face gently, " play with my balls moe, go on" , i slid my hand up and cupped his balls in my hands massaging them while my face got a good fucking. after a few mints " stop" he muttered " i want to come inside that tight little pussy of yours"my brother announced quietly.
    he lowered his now completely fully naked body on to me, pointing his dick againsed my hole, and slowly pushing each inch in to mei clenched around his size, he was defiantly thicker, i couldn't help but let out a small moan, i slid my own hand down to my slit and rubbedmy clit at the same time, Jack started pumping in and out of me "Oh god you feel so good, fuck, take it! take it!" he grunted to himselfhe massaged my pointed little mounds of brest roughly with his hands, sliding his hands up and down my sides, grabbing on to my hips and pulling my body down on histhrobbing member. he lowered back down fully is weight on me, whispering in my ear "Take it, Take it bitch" over and over, as he pumped his cock in and out of me harder pressing and pushing on  my g spot, and his abdomen rubbing againsed my clit i started to feel an orgasm start " don't stop" i saidand he said "your going to come for me aren't you , you little slut, you your big brothers big thick cock deep in your cunt?" " i started to orgasmmy pussy tightening around him, i closed my legs around his side, gripping him in me as he rocked inside me.

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       i oragamed , and moaned loudlyAt the same time, Jack started to come as well, " Im coming, uhhh, take it, take it, take it" he chanted as he filled my slippery cunt full of his comeJack collapsed on me, still inside as he finished. both of us breathing hard.
    He slipped out of me and started dressing, . i just laid there thinking, enjoying, and pondering what to do now. we both returned to the party, no one had noticed the 30 mints we had been gone. I barley noticed the 60 teenagers dancing and talking and yelling around me, all i could think was "you just fucked your brother"over and over. when jack ;leaned over and whispered " I expect you in my room by the end of tonight"
    And i did .
    Continued. . .
    Feed back? First story ever! sorry if you diddent like it. it sure turned me on to write.