My Baby Girl and her Friend - prologue 3


Author's Note:  This concludes the prologue.   I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope it was adequate exploration as to how this little My little girl is going down on her mother, frantically sucking on her clit.   Meanwhile, I’m behind her, pounding her from behind.   I’m teasing her butt with my thumb tip, taunting it with penetration, but not quiet giving it to her.   This only makes her whimper and cry out, desperate for the I finally pull out and spread my wife’s legs.   I slip into her and start to pump her.   My baby girl begins to suck on my wife’s breasts.   I start to pick up speed and my daughter lowers down.   I pull out and begin to stroke frantically, spraying cum all over my daughter’s face.   My sixth grade daughter lets some of it fly into her mouth while the rest covers her cheeks, chin, and face.   Contented, she lays back to her mother and two begin to kiss, spreading the cum over each other as they lick and suck the other I sit back, smiling at the sight and acknowledging for probably the twentieth time in the two weeks since this all started just how lucky I The drive to school is a bit of a morose one.   My daughter’s quiet, as am I.   Both of us are sulking pretty quietly.   “I can’t believe mom’s going to be gone all week,” Samantha “I know,” I say.   “But, she’s representing the hospital at the conference.   It’s a big “I know,” she sighs.

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    She smiles at me.   “I just, I enjoy it when it’s the three of “Well,” I offer as a consolation.   “Now it can just be you and me.   That’s not so bad, is it?”  She laughs and tells me it’s very good.   But then she surprises me.   “What if it wasn’t mom?” she poses.   By the look on her face, I can tell it’s an idea that just cropped up.   I turn at the light and get in line to drop her off at the middle school.   I look at her, confused.   “What if I, what if I invited a girl?  From class?” she asks nervously.   The line to the door is moving quickly.   I start thinking about the chance to have sex with one of Samantha’s little preteen friends.   The responsible side of me is repulsed.   The deranged side of me is enticed beyond words.   “I could invite over a girl, we could have sex, and then she could maybe spend the night.

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    Maybe we could have sex Once again, I marvel at how much of a slut my daughter’s become.   For the moment, I’m just going to enjoy it and now worry about her otherwise.   We’ve got just a few more cars until I have to drop her off.   “What do you think?” she asks.   “I can invite a friend over for a We pull up to the lane.   The traffic warden opens the door.   “What to you think?” she asks, almost “Okay,” I say, instantly angry at myself for thinking with my libido.   My baby girl hops out with a delighted squeal and practically runs into the school building.   I watch her go, her short pleated skirt riding up so I can almost see her white underwear.   I turn away and drive For the rest of the day, I’m a nervous wreck.   I worry about the possible implications of such an activity.   Work comes and goes and before I know it, I hear Samantha coming in.   I’m in the kitchen, working on my laptop, when I see her come inside the front door.   With her is a lovely young girl who looks to be part-Japanese.   Inside of me, my fetish for oriental women kicks into gear.

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    The girl is a little nervous as my Samantha introduces me to Kimberly.   We say hello and Samantha fixes some drinks and the two go up to her room.   I work on the computer for about twenty more minutes before Samantha comes back down.   She sits down in the chair next to me and looks at me with almost desperation.   She’s just waiting for my “Sam,” I say, worried.   “We can’t do this.   If she tells anyone, anyone at “She won’t,” she assures me.   “She and I practiced kissing last year.   She won’t tell anyone. ”  I look concerned (and file away the thought of these two kissing in their uniforms away for later).   “I know my friends,” she says certainly.   “She won’t tell anyone.   And she’ll love it,” she smiles with a bit of We go upstairs and I head into my office.   The doors to both offices are open and I try to pretend I’m working.   I hear Samantha summon Kimberly into my wife’s office to ‘show her something awesome’.

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    I hear the computer start up and the first video begin.   And I hang on every sound.   For a while, I can’t tell what’s the video and what’s the two girls.   After probably the sixth video, I get up and go On the screen, two girls, probably eighth grade, are sharing a double-ended dildo.   Meanwhile, on the floor, Samantha’s going down on Kimberly.   The half-Asian girl has her eyes covered by her shirt, her practically non-existent breasts exposed.   Between her legs, my baby girl is practically devouring I head back into my office, disrobe, and take a few deep breaths.   I come back inside and Samantha doesn’t say a word.   She gets on her knees in front of me and begins to suck on my dick.   Kimberly, clearly curious where the source of her ecstasy went to, sits up, uncovering her eyes.   When she sees me, she nearly crawls up the wall.   She covers her breasts and sits back.   But I smile as kindly at her as I can while Samantha continues to suck.   The popping of the suction and the wet slobbering noises are clearly enticing I wrap up Samantha’s hair in my hand and hold it like a handle.   Keeping her head still, I start to thrust into her mouth bit by bit, going deeper.

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    I’m afraid she’ll gag but she keeps taking more.   I reach the back of her mouth and decide to test my luck and keep going.   The tight, wet fit is difficult, but she happily accepts my dick halfway down.   I’m already ready to release my load right When I pull out, Kim’s still trying to make herself as small as possible.   Samantha offers my dick to her and says, “Want to try?” Kim shakes her head.   “Sure?” she asks again.   To my surprise, Kim doesn’t respond.   She honestly looks like she wants to, but is “It’s okay,” I say as gently and congenially as I can.   “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.   At all. ”  This comforts her a bit, but she still seems to be I pick up Samantha off the floor and take her over towards Kim.   The girl slides away from us, terrified but also strangely interested.   I bend Samantha up against the wall and slip inside her.   My baby girl just moans at the top of her lungs, overcome with delight.   I check back at Kim from time to time.

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    She’s mesmerized and she clearly wants to try it; she just can’t bring herself to.   And then I get the I pull out of my daughter and she turns to me.   On the verge of orgasm, she looks almost angry that I’m denying her my dick.   “Why don’t I get you girls something to drink?” I offer.   Kim doesn’t respond; she’s too nervous.   Samantha looks But I head downstairs and pull out three glasses.   I pour some orange juice, but reach into the top cupboard and pull out a small bottle of a light pink liquid.   A throwback from Lisa and mine’s wilder post-college days, before we had Sam, I pour just a couple of drops into Sam’s and Kim’s drinks before I head upstairs.   By the time I come back into my wife’s office, the pink as dissolved completely into the orange.   The scene I’m greeted with is Samantha rubbing Kim’s tiny, pink clit while she sucks on her breasts.   She’s holding Kim’s hand to her breast, as if trying to convince her to molest When I come in, Kim slides away again.   I’m really sympathetic to this poor girl.   I can clearly see that she wants to get in on all this fun, but she just can’t let herself go enough.   I give the two girls their drinks and we sit down to finish them.   I’m surprised that both girls nearly chug their orange juice.

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    I’m not even halfway through mine before Samantha’s practically crawled into my lap and is sucking me off This time, as my baby girl’s head bops up and down, I can see the change in Kim.   She’s starting to loosen up.   I can see the desperate desire building inside of her.   I take Sam by the hair and gently guide her back to the wall.   With her back against it, I lift her leg and push inside her.   I start to rock in and out of her as she cries out with After a while, I pull off and step back.   I smile to Kim and gesture of her to take my place.   The small girl, unsure what to do, crawls on all fours over to her friend, closes her eyes, and leans in.
      She licks once, then her own Sapphic delights take over and she starts to lick, suck, and nibble on every tender bit of pink flesh she can find.   I reach over her and start to attend to my baby girl’s breasts, which only drives her to orgasm Once she’s cum, Samantha tells me to get against the wall and she takes Kim’s hair in hand and leads her like it’s a leash over to me.   With my dick covered still in Sam’s juices, I watch as my daughter guides Kim’s lips over the tip.   She keeps a hold of her head and gently guides her through the motions of a blowjob.   I moan with delight, but at the feel of this hot young girl’s mouth, but also at the tawdry sight in front of She kneels down next to her friend and begins to finger her.   I can feel the effect it has on Kim’s mouth and I moan even louder.   Samantha smiles up at me and gets up.

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        She leaves me in the room with Kim.   The young girl, no longer a prisoner to her unwanted inhibitions, is now sucking away like it’s her life.   She’s rubbing her own breasts now, as well as her My daughter comes back in with a plastic tube of lubricant.   I know where this is going and I like it.   She squirts out a bit and spreads it over herself from behind, then goes over to my wife’s desk (which now has a large area that’s been cleared away).   I disengage from Kim, who looks longingly after my dick, and I head over to my bent-over daughter.   With my hand on her back, I position my rock hard body against her butt and start to press.   The slick, clear lubricant allows me to slip in without any trouble.   Samantha moans loudly as she lowers her head.   I start to pump her, driving her to orgasm almost As I go, I look at Kim and she’s staring at us, desperate to join in.   I motion for her to come over and she does.   I bend her over the desk as I keep pulsing in and out of Samantha.   I slather lubricant over her as well and pull out of my Sam.   She looks over as I step behind Kim and begin to push into The slender half-Asian girl’s body isn’t as accepting as my baby girl, but it opens up without too much trouble.   At first, she seems a little unsure, but once I’m inside, she begins to cry out just like my daughter.

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        I begin to finger my daughter’s anxious entry as I pump Kim.   I pull out and go back to Samantha, and finger Kim now.   The two girls are bent over the desk, side by side, and I move from one to the other, enter each girl’s butt without any trouble and letting them bask in the wonder of The feel of the tight girl’s two bodies starts to get to be too much.   I decide since Kim’s the guest, she should get the final stretch and I take hold of her slender little waist and I start to pump her rapidly.   Samantha recognizes the act and she kneels down and begins to suck on her Kim’s breasts and finger her clit.   I pick up speed and I’m slapping my hips into Kim’s, the young girl just screaming with absolute, unending Finally, I yank out and begin to jerk.   Samantha guides Kim onto her knees and presses her face against her friend’s.   Right next to each other, I’m able to just cover both their faces in cum.   I just explode onto them, white sticky release drenching their After I’m done stroking, I drop down into the spare chair.   Samantha kisses Kim right on the lips and slithers her tongue inside.   The young girl gets a taste of the cum and isn’t sure what to do with it, but Samantha just licks her clean, happily swallowing any and all of it she can get.   I sit back and watch, When the two girls, both finally clear of most of the white, sit back, we collective sigh with relief.   In my post-coital daze, I hear Kim giggle as she leans close to my daughter.   “Sam,” she whispers.   “Your dad’s awesome.

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