My Baby Girl and her Friend - prologue 2


Author's Note:  Sorry that the beginning is a little bit. . . wordy, but it's a narrative necessity.   Hang in there.   The torrid stuff is on its My wife, Lisa, and my daughter, Samantha, and I are sitting at the dinner table around chicken breasts and macaroni.   I look across the table at my wife and realize where my daughter got most of her looks.   My wife’s got the same long blonde hair and striking, big eyes.   And if my daughter’s anything like my wife, she’s going to have a pretty impressive rack when she gets Lisa looks to my baby girl and asks, “What did you do Samantha tells my wife about some events at school, mostly involving her friends and at least one story involving boys.   She carries on a bit about assignments before finishing her assessment with, “And daddy and I had sex in your The table is suddenly Lisa looks across the table at me, unsure how to respond.   “She was watching your videos,” I point out.   And now my wife’s face goes white.   I check Samantha and she’s eating.   I decide to go back to eating as well.   Maybe if we both play it off as not that big of a deal, Lisa can handle it better.   I ask my daughter about some of her school projects and we discuss what we’ll need to buy to do them while my wife sits practically Finally, I look across at my wife and smiles.

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    “Honey, come on,” I say with a sarcastic laugh.   “People have been doing it since the Roman days. ”  She doesn’t laugh.   “Honey, she was watching your videos,” I say, trying to subtly emphasize who owns the videos, “and she was “You don’t have sex with your daughter!” Lisa nearly “Why Both of us are a little stunned by my daughter’s question.   We look to her.   She’s clearly really nervous as she asks her mother, but she stands her ground.   “I mean, you’ve got videos of girls and boys having sex with their parents.   With other people too.   What’s the big “It’s wrong,” she says to “Why?” Samantha Lisa wants to argue.   She looks at me, at Sam, at me, then gets up.   Nearly shoving her chair back, she storms out of the dining room.   Samantha looks at me, worried to the point of being scared.   “Don’t worry,” I say to my baby girl.   I get I follow the sound of my wife to our bedroom.   She’s standing by the bed, overcome with emotions.


    “Honey,” I “One,” she barks at me.   “You had no right to go through my “I didn’t, she did,” I try to “Two,” she yells.   “Do you have any idea how much you might have scarred our little girl?”  I decide saying ‘it was her idea’ won’t help my case much.   “And three, you had sex with someone “What about you?” I ask.  “I know that when you and Candice get together, girls’ night is more than just a bottle of wine and a movie. ”  Lisa turns away.   I come over to her and start to hug her.   She fights me away, but I pull her in nonetheless.   “Listen,” I say.   “Our little girl’s fine.   She’s not hurt by this.   She’s not scarred.   She enjoyed it.   I figure,” I say, somewhat at a loss, “she was going to do this, probably pretty soon, one way or another.   Better with her father then with some creepy boy at school.

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  ”  Again, no “I don’t see how she can be okay,” she said, finally calming down I smile, almost laugh.   “Why don’t you try it?”  She looks at me, mortified.   “Oh, don’t give me that,” I dismiss.   “With the amount of kiddie porn you’ve got on your computer, don’t tell me you find it that unimaginable of an idea.   Maybe with your own daughter, but it’s clearly a fantasy you have, and have had for a Lisa pulls away from me and steps over to the chest of drawers.   I sit down on the bed as she leans back.   She’s in a gray pantsuit, minus the jacket.   In the light of the bedside lamp, I can see through her blouse.   She’s not wearing a bra.   I then curse myself for thing with my libido She laughs and shakes her head.   “I can’t believe I’m even…”  She turns the other way.   I just sit there, trying to keep my smile from growing to big.   She laughs more fully, nervousness taking its toll.   “I wouldn’t even know where to “Start with the movies,” I I wait until they’re on probably the third video before I peek through my wife’s office door.   The videos are a couple of minutes long each and depict young kids in a pretty wide range of activities, from just making out topless to full-on My daughter’s sitting in the main chair, with my wife in the other.

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    My little girl, god bless her, has already got her skirt hiked up.   I think she’s starting to walk around without underwear now.   She’s rubbing her clit, just like I showed her.   Her mother, who’s dressed in a knee-length skirt and white blouse (not dissimilar from the one Sam’s wearing), is watching my daughter as much as she’s watching the video.   And I can tell she’s already starting to get worked I watch from my hidden vantage point as my wife rolls her own skirt back and begins to rub her neatly trimmed nether region.   The two women in my life start to shift and turn, the movement of their fingers building the tension within them.   The fourth video starts; this of a young girl going down on whom the viewer can only assume is her father.   My little girl looks at her mother and says, “I’d like to try that. ”  She giggles and goes back to the video while my wife sits, My daughter’s about halfway to climax when the next video starts.   It’s of two girls, just a year or two older than Samantha, are kissing.   The elder of the two starts to go down on the younger.   I see the interest in my wife’s eyes as she bites on her lower lip.   I make a subtle noise that only my wife seems to pick up on.   She looks at the door, knowing I’m there.   I gesture with my head towards our daughter.

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    All of a sudden, I’m not trying to defend the mental stability of my daughter; I’m trying to persuade my wife to make a move like she’s a freshman in high My wife looks over at Samantha and reaches across the narrow gap between their chairs.   She reaches between my daughter’s legs and begins to rub her clit.   My baby girl starts to go crazy almost immediately.   My wife laughs, half-relieved and half-turned on, as she watches Samantha come to her first As my wife continues to stroke, Samantha reaches across my wife’s legs and begins to rub her clit.   She clearly isn’t very good at it, but the affectionate gesture is mind-blowing enough.   The two women start to moan and gasp together.   My wife spares me a glance and wink supportively at The video changes again and we see a mother (we guess) going down on a young girl.   My wife looks at me, then at Samantha.   Nervously, she slides out of the chair and lowers down between Samantha’ legs.   My baby girl watches with wide-eyed excitement and delight.   My wife takes a deep breath and kisses the thin but supple thighs of our daughter.   Samantha lets her head drop back and moan.   I watch, amused, able to tell when Lisa makes it to her clit.   Samantha nearly explodes right then and there.   My wife works my little girl’s body for all its worth.

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    Samantha’s moaning nearly drowns out the Several orgasms later, my wife sits back in her chair and spreads her legs.
      She doesn’t even need to say anything.   My baby girl gets on her knees and burrows herself in my wife’s warmth.   She takes some direction from Lisa, her oral dexterity clearly improving with each I’m starting to get worked up at this point, so I begin to disrobe.   If I know my wife, after her first orgasm, she won’t really care what happens as long as she continues to have a good Samantha sits up, my wife covering her face.   “I’m really hot,” she says.   My wife smiles and slides off the chair.   She unbuttons our daughter’s shirt and rolls it off her sleeves.   She does the same to her own shirt, revealing her assertive and firm cantaloupe-sized breasts.   She hugs my daughter, reaching around her back to undo her tiny black bra.   My daughter’s breasts, little bigger than the palm of my hand, droop out. But when the two women embrace, and I see their nipples rub against each other, I nearly lose it right I come in and my wife has the sluttiest look in her eyes.   She crawls on her hands and knees over to me and opens her mouth.   She licks my dick before she begins to suck on the tip.   My baby girl crawls over to join us (let me tell you about how hot it is to have one girl crawl towards you while another’s going down on you!) and sits obediently on her knees, watching with enticed eyes as my wife goes to I pull out of my wife’s mouth and turn to my daughter.

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        I take hold of her head, holding her gently but firmly still.   I wipe the tip of my dick over her soft little girl lips before I gently push inside.   “Don’t let your teeth touch,” I say as she starts to suck.   I roll my head back and My wife sits up and begins to lick the shaft my daughter can’t get to.   She reaches over and begins to massage my baby girl’s breasts, and Samantha returns the favor.   They begin to switch off, with my wife sucking and my daughter licking.   And then they start to French kiss across my dick, the tip caught between the playful war of their tongues.   Finally, my wife wraps gets Samantha to slather her gorgeous and wonderful breasts with her saliva.   She wraps them around my dick and starts to rub them up and down.   The silky skin starts to drive me to climax.   She tells my daughter to suck the tip and, without hesitation, my baby girl leans over and begins to suck for all she’s worth on the very tip of my When I cum, it’s with enough force to practically knock me over.   I’ve never felt a release that strong, that intense.   I nearly blow Samantha back with the force.   Her mouth full of sticky white, she turns away and some sprays on my wife’s face and neckline.   I stumble back a bit and catch myself.

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        My baby girl closes her eyes and savors the moment as she swallows the entire mouthful of my cum.   She smiles and laughs, looking at my wife.   The two embrace, rubbing breasts together, cum spreading over both women.