My aunty plays torment 2


"Hey Mel' in here a minute" - I'd driven my mind to the edge, dreading those words. I knew what she was about to tell me. 'Get your ass off home you horny young pervert' or words similar. All my own fault for letting her catch me ogling her tits! - Sticking my head round the door,I received a double shock,the smile was so unexpected and the fact that she had her skirt off,showing a thin pair of black panty's which with the kitchen flourecent on,gave a revealing white effect to her skin under them.

The skirt chucked over a chair back,she was bent forward at the sink with the plumpness of her breasts squashing on the stainless steel,which in turn had the blouse equally pressed in conformity. But as I suspected earlier. The underside of her tits were showing up under the flagging front of this blouse, - It was as I'd suspected, NO BRA' - here we go again,up stands my cock as hard as a poker. -'Poker!!! That's a laughable pun! If only'

"Hey you! stop trying to look to see what you can see. - She put her hand back at her upper thigh. - just see if he got me,the bloody little shit. I whipped my skirt off,but I'm sure it stung my ass!" - In an instant I saw what her nakedness was caused by. Stuck on the very edge of her knicker leg was a very dead wasp. - "Hey aunty,you got him! I can't quite see if he got you though!" - "Why not?" - "Its by your bum" - "I know that you daft eip'uth,see if it bloody stung me!" - I tentitively lifted her pants while swatting the wasps remains off her pants. My face is almost touching the shadowy outline of her ass crack and I'm desperately trying to justify lifting the material enough to see a bit of her pussy.

"Well did he?" - "Hang on I'm still looking!" - "Dirty little sod,I bet that's not all you're looking at and all!" - I saw this as a hint and rolled my hand under and pressed her panty leg up enough to see some of her hairs just at the side of her cunt.

- it almost made me cum in my pants - hastily I said, - "No,you got him good tho' his guts is still stuck to your knicker's" - "Nice one horny toad,you can get your young ass back out the back now,don't think I'm pulling them off in front of you! - She blatantly looked at my tent - looks like you've already seen more than enough" - I'm sure the devil himself was smiling at me at that moment.



I reluctantly departed to allow my aunty to change her pants. - "Oh! I was about to call you to let you know,you can stop over again tonight if you like, I've posted those two pests of mine off to your mum's, she can have a dose of 'em, you're much easier to handle. - My heart pounding in my mouth, I excitedly went out and told the dog, - "I'm here again tonight boy, - close in to his ear I whispered - and with luck I'll see her cunt" - I wasn't sure how mind,but a wish is a wish!

Little did I realise,my aunt had plans again regarding turning the table on me. I sat in the grandfather chair right opposite where aunt was sitting,hoping to see what colour pants she'd put on. We'd ate and settled in comfortably. - "Hey Mel' this is that article,remember I said about it?" - Oh I remembered alright, my cock remembered as well and almost instantly started to harden. - "See,here it says she - the mother - sat as her son approached her for sex" - I went hot,she's at it again! just what is she up too. I only tried to see her,not fuck her. - "Yeah,like I said,not having son's,how would you,you know,with a woman my age,let alone your mum!"

Shit my face was burning and she knew it. - "Come on now,with what happened,what would you do,given the chance?" - "Like how I stammered?" - "Well like I am now, - she moved her legs she was half sat on,allowing one thigh to show right up to her knickers,while the heel of the other foot was at right angles too it, making her crotch almost show except that the skirt was shrouding the inside flesh of her legs in some gloom. - "Show me, - she's offering me and I'm chickening, I realised I'd never actually thought what I'd do if given the chance. At that moment,I thought I should have gone off home,even tho' my cock was as hard as iron.

Shit! That's it,if I even try to move across to her she'll see my hardon,bet that would shock her after she questioned whether that other kids had done anything for his mother. Taking my guts in my hand,I stood and moved towards aunty. - Was that apprehension on her face,had she gambled on just tormenting me,never expecting I might just do something.


   - Her eyes met my own as I stood in front of her. - "Ah! Its harder than you thought see" - I couldn't bottle it now - I went down on my knees in front of her and gently placed a hand at the knee of her straightened leg. - "Shall I?" - My aunt seemed dumb struck. - "Shall I really? I will. I'll do it mind" - I think it was in disbelief rather than shock as she felt my hand slide up her leg until I actually felt the pussy part thro' her knicker's.

Expecting the command to stop,it never came. - Fuck what now I thought! I slid my hand over the softness of her panty's and now trembling I felt the soft groovy part that I knew must be her slit. I stopped,aunty had her eyes closed as tho' she was revelling in my touching it. Quietly she whispered, - "This never happened mind!" - reaching into her thighs she pulled my hand and twisting slightly she pulled her knicker leg out and pushed my hand in. - "Do it to me in there" - I thought, 'I'm going to cum' but felt the soft warmness of my first feel of a cunt. I suppose now,the fact that I hadn't a clue how to feel one must have been driving my aunt mad to the extreme. The more I played the more wet it became,until after I felt my aunt quietly trembling,she went all still until her eyes opened and she eased my hand out of her knickers.

"Good,you done that good,now stand up" - I just stood up and not thinking went into a sort of shock as my aunt gripped her fingers around my stiffy. - "MMM! You know,that's the first time I. .

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  . I've touched one so young,feels bigger than I expected,it might just have fixed her,I wonder how often they had it before. . . well you know before!" - "Lets have a look at it then" - I stood as she eased my shorts off my ass and my five-&-a-half stood proudly before her. As though inspecting a prize bull,she held my sac then eased my foreskin off the helmet. - "That parts bigger than I expected as well" - "Okay,we'll do it,but you'll have to wait until we go to bed tonight,we don't want to risk getting caught,do we?"

My heart was pounding in my chest like a hammer. She'd been so matter of fact and there she was telling me she'd made her mind up to give me my first fuck. I just didn't believe it,it wasn't all torment after all,she must have been just as tomented as myself. - I wondered what had made her so horny about reading what it was like to fuck a kid teen! - I found out,but not then, she'd caught a teen kid screwing one of my cousin's and admitted it tempted her to try it on with her daughters boyfriend until it dawned on her,I was a better prospect!.