My Auntie


I had been over at my Uncles house most of the day playing with my cousins when it was decided to play  a game of hide and seek. There were five of us playing and we were hiding both in and out of the house. After a few games i decided to hide in the upstairs bathroom which was very big. In the room was a cupboard that was used as storeage for towels and other things so i dived in there and closed the door,
It was only a matter of minutes before i heard someone come into the bthroom. I stayed as quite as possible and held my breath. Then i heard the sound of runnig water, it was the shower. I didnt know what to do. I didnt know who was there so i waited, then after a minute or two i very gently pushed the cupbord door open just a bit and looked out.
It was my aunt, there she was taking off her clothes and getting ready to get into a hot shower. I couldnt believe my eyes, i had looked and wanked at pictures in porn mags but this was the first time that i had seen pussy and tits in real life. My cock was throbbing as i watched. She stripped off the rest of her clothes and stepped into the shower.
I didnt know what to do, but i had a hard on that was getting sore so i opened my flies and took out my 18 year old cock and statred to pump it. Oooh it felt so good lookng at her through the glass of the shower, there she was rubbing her self all over , washing her tits and pussy and i was getting to see it all.
By now my cock was really wet from all the pre-cum and i was close to cumming, i pumped and pumped for all i was worth . .

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  . getting ready for the spurt of cum that was close, then . . . the water stopped, i froze and watched as she came out of the shower dripping water every where and walked right towards me in the cupboard.
I sat back and waited, she pulled open the door and gasped. There i was, sat on my ass with my cock in my hand looking up at her. She had opened the cupboard to get a towel, she stepped back and looked me up and down. I couldnt look her in the eye . . . i waited. Then i heard her say " do you need a hand with that ".
I looked her in the eye and she guestered for me to come out of the cupboard and follow her. I got up and stepped out into the bathroom, my cock starting to shrivell up as i moved.

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   She had sat back down onto the edge of the bath, her long slim legs slightly apart, water still dripping off her. " come over here " she said. I moved forward until i was at arms lenght from her and stopped. She smiled and looked at my now limp cock and reached out her hand and touched it, she grasped it and squeezed it. OOOOhhh it felt soooo good. It then started to grow again, getting firmer as she squeezed and squeezed. While she did this i looked at her pussy, it was getting wet, ozzing juice as she played with my cock, her lips starting to protrude and go that deep red colour.
She spread her legs and started to rub her cunt, letting go of my cock and telling me to wank it fast. I didnt need to be told twice, i grabbed my hard cock and pumped for all i was worth. Her eyes were fixed on my now hard as steel young cock as she pumped two fingers into and out of her sopping wet pussy. Then i felt it, that feeling that tells you the cum is on its way, moving forward two steps i pointed my cock upwards as i wanked as fast as i could, pump . . . pump and then it was cumming. .

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  . my cum shot out of the end of my cock and sprayed all over her stomach and pussy area, . . . i wanked and wanked until there was no more to cum.
My aunt had noticed that i was close to cumming and as i moved forward she had spread her legs and held her pussy lips open ready for my load to hit her. As it sprayed her she had orgasmed as well stuffing her fingers into her cunt as far as they would go.
The two of us stared at each other and grinned. She asked if i had done anything like this with a girl before but i told her that i was a virgin . . . this had been the first time that i had even seen a pussy in real life. Well . . .

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   this was my lucky day. My auntie stood up and pushed me back  . . . at the same time making me sit down onto the floor of the bathroom.
" lay down and get your cock hard again " she said. Did i need to be told . . . no, i took my cock in my hand and started to wank again. Auntie then moved towards me and stood over me, legs spread wide either side of my body.
The view was so wonderful for a 18 year old boy, i was looking up my aunties cunt, red and wet with her juices running down the insides of her thighs. My cock was hard now and ready to go another round. Then it happened . .

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  . auntie bent her legs and lowered her pussy onto the tip of my cock. Oh my god . . . i had a 37 year old cunt touching my cock and it was about to swallow it up. It did . . . down she sat on my rock hard cock, it went in with so much ease. Her pussy was so hot and wet, i started to raise my ass of the floor to meet her pussy, but she pushed down, taking my cock into her cunt right up to the hilt. She sat there for a minute and then started to ride me, jumping up and down on my cock for all she was worth. I knew that she was'nt going to last to long, she must'nt have had a cock in her for a long time so i tried to keep up with her and time it with her at the same time. Christ it was soooo good to feel my cock go in and out of my aunties cunt,i was close to cumming so i told her and this only meant that she jumped up and down even faster.
Then she groaned and went stiff, that was my cue to start pumping cum into her now very tight pussy.

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   The look on her face was out of this world, she pushed down on my cock, trying to get the last bit of cum out of it, not wanting this moment to finish. I lay there, cum dripping down my cock onto my now empty balls, and my auntie got off and walked into the shower stall. She turned and thanked me and suggested that i get cleaned up and be gone by the time that she finished her shower.