My Aunt Tilly


     Her real name was Teresa, but we all called her aunt Tilly. She was an extremely sexual woman. She had won the state beauty pageant in her late teens, which parleyed into an underwear modeling career during her twenties, and she fit the mold to a tee. She had long hair, light brown, that extended to her mid-back. It was strait and always combed and brushed to perfection, just as you would think a lady of this sort would keep it. She had a lovely face, slender and devine, with high cheek bones and a perky, cute nose that turned slightly upward. Her eyes were her most endearing facial feature. Bright green and sexy, with dark eyebrows that enhanced them even more. Her body was chiseled out of stone. A Greek artist could do no better. Her breasts were in the ballpark of a C-cup or D-cup, and fit snug and high on her chest. Her stomach was flat and featured with great muscle tone and her legs were lovely. Perfect is probably a better word, and must have been forty inches long. She had the classic bell-shaped figure though her hips were not large. They were, well, perfect. And a better ass I have never seen to this day.

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   Her complexion was impeccable and always tanned to perfection. I can’t use the word ‘perfect’ too many times to describe this woman. I was about thirteen when her modeling career was coming to an end. She had always been my favorite aunt. She was my dad’s little sister, and had a great, fun-loving personality to go along with her beauty. She lived in the same town as I did and we talked and visited each other often. She was still only twenty-eight years old, and was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen then or now. And it was then that our ‘special’ relationship began.
Now as for myself, I was fortunate to get some of the family beauty. I had been active in sports since I was eight and dreamed of a career as a professional athlete. I worked out much of my free time and at thirteen, I was the strongest, fastest, and biggest kid in my class. I guess I am at least fairly handsome as well, because I never had trouble finding girlfriends. I guess I was as sexually active as any kid at that age, though I had never been all the way so to speak. I don’t know what it is, but girls my age cringe when it comes to intercourse, though they are as free to suck a dick as to make out with a guy. They usually request a little head in return, but that is more than acceptable considering.

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   I guess they feel that is as good as sex will get with a boy without the chance of getting pregnant. I can’t blame them and didn’t really mind. I loved blowjobs and never turned down a chance at one. I had received many during my eighth grade year, and even more surprising was that most of the girls swallowed. But now it was summer vacation and I hadn’t seen any of my girlfriends in nearly a month. My birthday was coming up soon and I hoped I might get a little relief at my party, but until then I was confined to pleasure myself. Recently, I was finding myself imagining having sex with aunt Tilly as I stroked myself off. It was disconcerting at first, but I soon found that I was jerking off more frequently because of my fantasies.
I was just about to go to my bedroom for one such session when the doorbell rang. It was a Monday afternoon and my parents had left that morning for a two day business trip out of state. They decided I was old enough to keep myself. I was a little surprised to see it was aunt Tilly when I answered the door. She was supposed to be on her way to Florida for a photo session.
"Hi there, what are you doing here?" I asked as I let her in the door.
"Well, I was hoping just to talk.

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   They canceled my session and I am a little depressed. I think that I am becoming a ‘has-been’ in this business. " She replied.
She walked strait in and set down at the kitchen table. I could tell she was upset and also a little drunk. She had a bottle of scotch in her hand. I walked over and set in the chair next to her.
"Would you like a drink Danny?" she asked, seeming suddenly to come out of a trance.
"I don’t know, I’m a little young don’t you think?" I answered with a smile. I secretly wanted to join her badly, and was glad to hear her reply.
"Not today Danny. If you want one I would love for you to join me. I hate to drink alone. "
I grabbed the bottle from her offering hand and quickly took two large swigs. It wasn’t the first time I had drank, and I loved every time I had caught a buzz.


We talked for almost two hours as we drank. I offered to let her stay with me so not to be so lonely the next two days, which she quickly accepted. I had to assure her that she was still very beautiful and that it had nothing to do with her session being canceled. During that time, we had drank nearly the entire bottle of scotch and were both getting pretty drunk. Our inhibitions were fading fast and our talk turned much more adult.
"You know what I’d really like to do Danny?" she asked.
"What’s that?" I slurred in response. She giggled a little and was slow to answer.
"What aunt Tilly?" I asked again smiling.
"Well, what I’d really like to do is . . . no, I shouldn’t tell you. " she giggled.
"Come on! You can’t leave me hanging like this!" I laughed back.

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"Have you even seen a Playboy magazine Danny? Because I always wanted to do that. Pose for Playboy I mean. I hate clothes and I think that would be very freeing!" she finally said.
I almost fainted. I couldn’t believe that she wanted to do that and I couldn’t believe that she admitted it to me, even if we were drunk. I didn’t speak for several seconds and she seemed to become uneasy about having said it.
"I’m sorry Danny. I shouldn’t have . . . " I stopped her before she finished.
"No Tilly, I’m sorry. I think that’s great! It was just a shock to me for a second there. " I quickly blurted. "In fact, I think clothes are very uncomfortable also.

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   I often sleep in the nude. "
The words were shockingly out of my mouth before I realized it. The look on my face must have been priceless because she began to laugh once again.
"Well, I tell you what then. If you’re game, lets spend the next two days naked. I mean it doesn’t mean anything more than comfort. It will be our own private nudist colony. It would be nice to see that I’m not the only weirdo in the family. " she laughed.
I was immediately stunned. I really did almost faint that time though I fought hard to keep a strait face. The woman I jerked-off to was now offering to run around naked in front of me and I couldn’t wait to let it happen. The scotch helped make my decision as I replied.
"OK!" I started with a giggle, "but you strip first. I want to make sure that you are serious.

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   I don’t know if I can trust you. "
She giggled as she stood up. She was wearing some shorts and a tee-shirt and tennis shoes as she proceeded to the bathroom. I waited in great anticipation as I quickly drank my glass down. My heart was pumping furiously and I thought it might explode. I had seen only a few titties in my life and I was sure they would never compare to what I was about to be shown, not to mention her pubic hair, which I had never seen before on a girl. My cock was growing in my pants though I barely noticed.
Just as I though I couldn’t wait anymore, Tilly popped around the corner wearing nothing but a smile. She threw her hands up and yelled "Ta-da!" as I could only stare. Her breasts were hard against her chest and her hard nipples pointed slightly outward and high to the sky. Her body was as perfect as I had mentioned before but there was an unexpected surprise. Her pussy was bald. There was absolutely no pubic hair covering her mound and I could see the top of her slit and the folds of her labia ever so slightly. She was so drunk she slurred and slipped a little, spreading her legs to unknowingly better my view. Suddenly I came.

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   I had never anticipated it, but the build up and the delivery was more than I could stand. Her body was so perfect it led to me shooting my sperm all over the inside of my shorts. I hadn’t bothered to put on underwear that morning and I could only hope it wasn’t soaking through. The orgasm was more obvious than I had liked and it gained the attention of my aunt.
"What’s wrong Danny? Are you ok? You look tense. " She asked, seeming suddenly sober.
I couldn’t answer for a moment as my orgasm subsided and then I assured her it was nothing.
"Well then it’s your turn Danny. Go ahead and strip. " she laughed.
I smiled as I rose and started for the bathroom. I had to walk past her to get there and I was embarrassed. I tried to hurry by, but as I got even with her, she stopped me with her hand.
"Something’s wrong isn’t it Danny? Do you not want to do this anymore?" she asked.
"No, no.

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   I still do. " I said as I tried to push through her hand. She continued to resist as I could sense she was looking down at my crotch.
"Why are you wet down there Danny?" she asked in a more concerning voice. "What happened?"
I closed my eyes in worry. I was searching for a good excuse and was about to tell her a lie about how I had spilt my drink when I suddenly felt a tug on my shorts. I quickly opened my eyes to see my aunt Tilly on her knees before me pulling my shorts down. I was humiliated as I tried to stop her, but I was too late. I watched in horror as my cum-soaked cock flicked upward from the band of my shorts. A small spot of my cum hit her in the lips as she flinched a little. I could no longer move as I was stunned frozen.
"Danny! You have sperm all over yourself! What the hell is going on here!" she yelled. I then saw her lick the spot of cum off her lips. I almost came again.
"I’m sorry Tilly.

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   I never meant for it to happen. It’s just that I never have seen a girl completely naked before, especially not as hot as you. I guess it was too much for me. " I said.
"Did you jerk off while I was in the bathroom?" she asked more softly.
"No! I would never! It just happened. " I answered.
Suddenly a smile crept slowly across her face. "Well, I guess I understand. I actually appreciate this kind of response. I guess I still have some of my looks. " she said, smiling up at me. Her hands had moved to my thighs.
I suddenly tried to ensure her. "Over course you do auntie! Your still the most beautiful woman ever.


  " I said.
"I love you Danny, and I want to help. I know a boy your age is susceptible to this kind of thing. I should have known better. I can help you clean this up if you want. " she said.
"No I guess I can do it. And I still want to do our idea. I’ll just be a few minutes and I’ll be back. " I answered.
"I could use my tongue. " she whispered.
"What did you say?" I asked surprisingly.
She looked up at me and spoke in a normal tone this time. "I said I could use my tongue if you will let me.

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   I love the taste of sperm. God, it’s been so long. Only if you want though. I wouldn’t want to take advantage of you. " She reverberated.
Words could not make their way through my mouth as all I could do was nod in approval. She smiled and then looked back down at my penis. She moved slowly, licking first on my inner thigh, edging ever-closer to my scrotum. I knew it was going to be too much as I decided I better speak up.
"Aunt Tilly," I said, out of breath, "I think you better do my cock now, unless you want a bigger mess. I mean if you want to. "
She never even looked up as she started more quickly now. When her lips parted and caressed my cock, I thought I would die. I had been given blowjobs before, but never with this kind of touch and expertise, and never from someone as lovely as my aunt Tilly. I watched as her lips pushed my previous cum toward the base of my cock as she went deeper and deeper.

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   Even though I had just came, I knew it wouldn’t be much longer. My orgasm hit hard as she quickened the pace. I was cumming in my aunt Tilly’s mouth and she was sucking hard to increase my volume. I had to brace myself against the wall as she drained the last of my cum, not wanting to release me from her mouth. As I finished, she pulled away and swallowed hard. Then she continued to lick the cum from my balls and thighs until I was completely clean, except from her saliva which glistened all over my crotch.
She finally raised back to her feet as she looked at me with lust. She said nothing, only pointing toward the bathroom down the hall. I quickly moved to the bathroom and stripped as fast as I could. My cock never relented as it was hard as ever now. I raced back into the living room. Something in her last look told me that the fun was just beginning.
I was slightly disappointed upon returning to see my aunt sitting quietly on the couch watching television. I slowed down and walked over sitting on the opposite end.
"I think I should apologize for before Danny.

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      " she said. "I should never have done that and I am sorry. "
    "Tilly, I was there too and I’m not at all sorry. I had an embarrassing situation that you turned into the most special experience of my life. I only hope I can pay you back for your generosity. " I said.
    "What do you mean Danny?" she asked.
    I said nothing. I only got up and walked in front of her kneeling by her knees. Then I parted them slightly before she tensed.
    "What are you doing Danny?" She asked. I could tell she was getting excited.
    "Just relax. I am going to return the favor. " I said.


    I felt her relax and I continued to spread her knees apart until her legs were wide and her pussy was fully visible. She gasped as I kissed her gently on her left inner thigh and ran my tongue to her pussy. She then pushed her hips forward to give me a better vantage point. I then ran my tongue along her slit to her clit. She moaned loudly and whispered how much she loved it. I then took control and buried my face into her mound licking wildly and pushing my tongue hard into her opening. She put her hands hard on my head and wrapped her legs around me as I continued. She was screaming in ecstacy as I refused to relent.
    No sooner did she said it than I felt her pussy become suddenly wetter and a spirt of fluid escaped her opening and into my mouth and chin. I didn’t really know what was happening. At first I thought she might be peeing on my, but I soon realized this was not urine. It was something much more pleasant. I continued eating her sweet pussy until she grabbed my hair and pulled me away.

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       She was like a crazed animal as she spoke the filthiest things I had ever heard.
    I was dumbfounded. Surely I wasn’t the best she ever had. Maybe she was just being nice. But I wasn’t about to disappoint her now. I quickly rose my body up onto her until my cock was at her dripping hole. I sucked her left nipple hard into my mouth as I pushed my hips forward and entered her pussy. It was tight and warm and the best thing I have ever felt. I began to pump hard into her as I took turns sucking her tits. Her arms and legs wrapped around me in rhythm with my thrusts as she screamed for me to fuck her harder. I then raised up and kissed her letting my tongue dance with her’s as she pulled me hard into her mouth. Then she broke the kiss and spoke out of breath.
    "Get up and let me change positions. I want you to fuck me doggy style. " she said softly.

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    I raised up and she quickly moved her knees to the floor as she learned over onto the couch. I moved around behind her as she gazed back at me to watch. I positioned my cock at her pussy and entered her again with one quick thrust. She fell hard into the cushions of the couch as she let out a scream. I grabbed her hips and pumped furiously at her ass. The sound of my balls slapping against her pussy was erotic and pleasurable. This went on for several minutes with her constantly begging me to fuck her harder. I don’t know why I hadn’t cum yet, but I was enjoying every bit of it. She then quickly stood up without warning as my cock popped from her cunt. She was convulsing as she leaned over to rest her hands on the couch, not saying a word. Then I watched as she began to quickly rub her pussy with her hand. She began to scream "OH GOD!" over and over again as a large stream of cum began to splatter from her cunt. It lasted several seconds and wet not only me but the carpet and the coffee table as well.
    I sat on the couch beside her and stroked my cock with my hand until her orgasm subsided. I thought she would collapse several times before she finally finished, though she never did.

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       Then she looked at me with a smile and quickly straddled me with her still-shaking legs. She sat down on my cock and began to ride me cowgirl-style. It wasn’t long before it was my turn and I was ready to cum.
    "Oh shit auntie! I’m going to cum!" I screamed.
    "Ok!" she said as she rose off me and laid down on the floor. "Cum fuck my tits until you cum all over my face! HURRY!"
    I did as told and straddled her chest. As I laid my cock between her tits, she squeezed them together around my cock. Between the slickness of her cunt on my cock and the sweat of our fucking between her tits, there was plenty of lubrication. I began to pump as she opened her mouth to take the head of it into her mouth with each forward thrust. I could take no more and my first spurt came just as my cock was in her mouth. A large stream extended from her tongue to my cock head as I pulled away. The next spurts hit randomly all over her face and chest, running down the sides of her neck. I came hard and long and finally took my cock in my jerking hand for the final few spirts, aiming specifically at her open mouth. She licked and scooped up as much as she could as I milked the remaining cum to the tip. She then took my cock into her mouth and suck the last bit down her throat.

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    After several minutes, I finally got off her and she rose to her feet and collapsed back onto the couch as I stayed sitting exhausted on the floor. We were both trying to catch our breath. There was cum all over the carpet and couch from our fucking and I suddenly became a little worried.
    "Tilly, that was the most amazing thing I have ever experience, but what are we going to do about the mess?" I asked.
    "Oh honey, it was the best ever for me too. It’s hard to believe you are only fourteen. Well, almost fourteen anyway. " she said. "And don’t worry about the mess. We will clean it up tomorrow night. I have a feeling it’s going to get a lot messier before then anyway. " she said with a smile.
    "Yeah," I said, "I think maybe right now. "
    I stood up on the couch and straddled her body, pointing my still-hard cock at her mouth with a smile.
    "Oh my! You are a stud honey!" she said, as she took my cock into her mouth.

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    Since those two fuck-filled days, we have been lovers. No one in our family has a clue what’s going on, but we fuck almost every day. It has been over four years since that first time and we are planning to move in together when I leave for college next month. Its an out of state college and my parents are glad that she has decided to move in with me there to help take care of me. She told them she had gotten a job there and it was no problem. Little do they know that her main job is to drain my balls every day as we fuck like animals. And animals we are when it comes to sex. We have since done things that make our first time look like a scout meeting, and I know the best is still yet to cum. She still looks as great as she did then and we just can’t help ourselves. Oh how I do love my aunt Tilly!


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