my aunt cant cut hair


When i was about 18 my Auntie Kaye use to cut my hair. I use to hate it as she wasnt really a hair dresser and always made me look like a total nerd. My mum always use to praise her when she was down and it would drive me mad that my mum couldnt see that she couldnt cut butter with a hot carving knife. The thing that started to change around that time though was that I was starting to Find Aunt Kaye really dam attractive. She was a tiny lil thing with great tits and an ass to die for. By the time i was nearly 18 I was already taller than her and I use to tease her about being so short. She had long dark brown hair and light blue eyes and it was fair to say that I had fntasized about her more than once in those years. Unfortunatly my family moved away as my dad got a new job and it had been ages since I'd seen her.
I was 18 when we returned to our old neighborhood where dad had got his old job back after the new job fizzled out. I had become a triathlete and was fit and lean. I had often wondered how Aunt Kaye was looking as my hormones were on fire and she would now be around 37 year old. I hoped those titshadnt sagged and that ass was as tight as ever. I wasnt disappointed when we first all got together she was lookin as good if not better than ever. We had a big dinner and I couldnt keep my gaze away from her. After dinner I went to wash up and Kaye came with me. We chatted and joked around in the kitchen as we cleaned  up all the dishes.

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   I got plenty of opportunities to check out her ass or look down her top as she put things away. Maybe to many opportunities? As the night came to an end she gave me a hug and i could feel her tits pressed against me and her hips were pushing into me as well. She ran her fingers through my hair and said ttime you had another hair cut from your aunt I think, come over tomorrow and I'll fix it up.
The next day I couldnt get over to my aunts quick enough. I knew she was going to make me look like a choir boy but I really wanted to perve on her some more. I wore a pair of jeans that were a lil big and a T. I left my under wear off just incase I could get a reaction out of my aunt. I arrived at her place and she was home alone I walked in the side door and into the kitchen where she was cleaning up some dishes. She was wearing a pair of skin tight jogging shorts and and a sports bra top. She looked amazing, I grabbed a tea towel and started drying up and she smile as we made general shit chat. She said she would get changed and get her things to cut my hair but I made up a story that I didnt have much ime and not to bother getting changed. She smiled cheekily and agreed. I sat down in a chair in the kitchen as she returned with her things. My cock was already at half mast and you could see it through my jeans. I made no attempt to cover it up as she put a small towel around my neck.

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She began to cut and I watched her as she glanced down at my growing cock in my jeans.   Suddenly we both werent saying to much and as she cam to my side i felt her gently push her self into my arm. I wasnt sure if it was accidental but as i felt her doing it again I knew she meant  it. I reacted by pushing gently back against her. This went on on both sides for a few mins then she moved round in front of me. she stradled my left leg and focused on my but her weight slowly pressed down onto my leg. I again pushed myself into her. my thigh pushing up into her pussy. She let out a lil short breath and dropped her comb right into my croch. I was now harder than steel and it my cock was  nearly poking out the top of my jeans. I kept the pressure on her pussy as I watched her eyes drop down to my wste to get her comb. Her mouth dropped open ass she saw how hard i was and ass she reached down her hand rested against my cock for a few seconds before she grabbed the comb and tried unsuccessfully to compose herself.
She then walked over to the bench and grabbed the watter spray bottle and returned. Her face was flushed as she sprayed my fringe. She looked down again at my cock and again her mough fell open.

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   She was so hot i could of stood and fucked her brains out right then and there, but I wanted to see how far she would take this. She walked over but this time straddled both my legs. She baically sat her self down right on my lap facing me. My cock was right into her as she grabbed my fringe and went to comb it. As she did this i pushed myself again into her only this time it was my hard cock pushing through my jeans annd into the thin fabric covering her pussy. She let out a moan and dropped comb and sissors to her side. She grabbed the back of the chair threw her head back and started rocking her hips back and forth over my cock. My hands immediatly came to her hips and guided her. She was moaning louder and louder as she dry humped my cock furiously.
My confidence grew and I lifted her bra and free'd her amazing tits. My mouth instantly found a nipple and she place her hand on the back of my head scream "oh yesss' hissing the s as  ground her self harder and harder. . . . .

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