My 16th b-day


it was my 16th and my sis and i were at home alone because my parents went out for the weekend. i was babysitting my sis and we had nothing to do,so we sat in the living room and watched tv. i was flipping through the channels and it was around 11:30,on comedy central they had commericals for Girls Gone Wild,and i stopped and watched it for a sec cuz my sis looked like she was falling alseep. all of a sudden my sis sits up and i qucikly change the channel.

"what were u watching pat?"i got nervous "nothing sis i was just flipping through the channels. she came over and took the remote and out it back on the commerical and sat down. "does this turn u on bro?"  at first i didnt know what to say. . . . "y r u asking sis?". "just tell me bro,do girls showing there tits make u horny?"  i was sohcked,"yeah sis,what kind of guy wouldnt get turned on by that?"  ok then bro she said and takes her shirt off and i was stunned by her large c cup tits. "what r u doing sis?" i asked getting hard,because i have never seen one girls tits up close before. she started to rub them together. now i had a feel hard on, and it was sticking out of my boxers and i tried to cover it. it wasnt to hard to cover it since im only 5inches hard,but i tried.

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    "r my boobs nice pat?"  mmm ya they r sis. " well her bro,touch them she said comming over standing in front of me while i was sitting in the chair"ummmm. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . if u think i should continue,tell me,but if not,tell me if i should make a new one.

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