My 14th Birthday


Topic: Part 1March 31st 1994 is a day il never forget, it was my 14th birthday, i got up all excited and opened my cards and as usual there was 1 from my granda who is exactly 52 yrs older than me we share same birth date.
On my way to school i called at his house with his card and he asked me to return after school so we could have tea together, i rang my mam to check it was ok and she said it was.
I arrived a little after 4pm and was let in the house by Paul my grandas oldest friend, we had some cake and Paul asked me if i wanted a glass of wine, i was about to say no when my granda said it was ok to have just 1 glass.
I  drank my wine and this tiime granda filled my glass right to the top and by the time i had drank it my head was spinning.
As i stood to get up i felt something hard hit my face and stood there in shock as Paul raised his hannd to slap me again, i looked to my Granda who did nothing but laugh, all of a sudden Granda stood up and held me from behind and Paul put his hand up my skirt and into my panties and put a finger roughly up me.
All i could smell was alcohol and i wanted to be sick i couldnt believe my Granda was allowing this to happen to me.
Next thing i felt was another blow to the face and my Granda just let me fal to my hands and knees, as i looked up i saw my Granda unzip his jeans  and take his cock out it was huge and hard.
He told me to get up and go over to the sofa as i was going i was shoved over and again fell to my knees, and that was when i felt my skirt being torn away and my panties pulled off, Paul pickd me up and sat me down and started to undress as my Granda held his huge cock to my mouth and told me to open it and he shoved it down my throat and laughed as i struggled for breath, through my tears i could now see Paul wanking himself at the sight of me being fucked in the mouth by my own Granda.
I could now hear my granda moan as he was about to cum, i couls feel his body shake and he held my head tight to his cock and moved his cock back and forth till i felt it hit the back of my throat and on my tongue. After he was done he clamped his hand over my mouth before i could spit his cum out and i had to swallow every drop



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