My 14 year old sister


My 18 Year Old Sister
By: GrayTypewriter
It was 18 years ago on a hot Sunday afternoon, I was 18 and my sister was 18 She’s a shy red head girl who, like most little girls, loves reading and strawberry lollipops. I on the other hand have brown hair, outgoing, and at the time, a scrawny boy who likes Raviolis and steals porn from my dad’s secret compartment in my parents bedroom. My parents had been out of town on their anniversary trip, so me and my sister had to stay with our grandparents for the weekend.
On that hot Sunday afternoon, I was in the living room watching TV. After a swift channel surf, I found nothing but boring news and commercials. I decide to go see what my sister is doing upstairs, probably reading one of her stupid novels about wizards shooting out lighting on butch of soldiers. I walked quietly upstairs hoping I can catch her off guard and laugh at her for being a scary cat. I checked every room starting with the one closest to the stairs. Only found my grandpa in one room snoring loudly. Finally there was one door left and that’s the bathroom, the door was slightly ajar, enough to peak through. I sneaked to the door, trying not to get too excited on the thought of her falling off the toilet when I burst into the door screaming like a mad man. Finally I got to the door and peaked through, what I saw stopped me in my tracks.
My 18 year old red head sister was sitting on the toilet with her jeans on the floor and her pink cotton panties just up off her knees both stretched to their limits. With both hands between her legs and moving just out of sight. she was rocking back and forth slightly. Her eyes were shut while her mouth opened just a little, occasionally her tongue would show for a second before slowly disappears back into her small mouth.

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   I can hear her little moans through the crack of the door. It didn’t take more than a minute to figure out what she was doing. Despite my conscience I was getting extremely turned on watching my little sister masturbating on the toilet. My dick got hard as I watched, so I rubbed it through my pants.
Next thing I knew I was rushing into the bathroom, locked the door behind me, and stood right in front of my sister, who is now looking at me from on top of the toilet with her eyes open wide with surprise. I then unzipped my zipper with one swift movement and fumbled to get my dick out. My sister looks from my face to my dick, now inches away from her face, with a even more surprised look. I stood there in front of her for awhile battling with my conscience. Then I grabbed my sister’s red hair with both of my hand and pulled her towards my dick so the tip of my dick was rubbing my sisters lips, leaving wet pre-cum wherever it touched. She sat there for a second, stunned, then she realized what is happening and begin to wiggle her head and trying to push me away. I held on to the back of her head with one hand and with the other hand I squeezed her nose. It didn’t take long for her to open her mouth gasping for air. I thrust my dick into her little mouth as I held her head with both of my hands. I fucked my sister’s mouth while all she can do is sit there on the toilet and took it like one of the girls I saw in my dad’s porno movie. Within two minus her mouth was slippery with my juice as she gagged and struggled.

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   I pumped faster, before I knew it, I was cuming like never before. I pulled back a little so I shot my juice right on her tongue. Finally I stopped and pulled my dick out. I then forced her to close her mouth and she swallowed unwillingly. I stood there watching her as she tried desperately to get rid of the taste from her mouth. I looked down at her panties, her legs, and finally her bare pussy, I knew I wasn’t done.
Despite my conscience, I pulled my sister to her feet by her arms. I turned her around so we were both facing the bathroom mirror then I put my arm around her belly and held her close. I kissed her neck gently while looking at her in the mirror, studying her curves and little breasts and hairless pussy. My sister just looked back at me through the mirror with a pair of questioning eyes. After awhile I bended her roughly on top of the sink so her little ass was in the air and her tinny pink pussy exposed for the whole world to see. I reached down and touched it, my sister flinched as my finger tip touched her clit. Her pussy was surprisingly wet and that was enough to make my dick hard again. I was fascinated since it was my first time seeing a real pussy up close, so I used my index finger and swiped the length of her clit and then I smelled my finger. Then as if it’s the right thing to do, I stuck my finger in my mouth and tasted my sister’s juice.

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   Then I got to my knees so I can look at her bare pussy more closely. I probed and rubbed some more while the whole time my sister stayed there without making any noise. Only her little wiggles every now and then led me know that she was feeling something. I leaned in closely and smelled her pussy and remembering the smell for no particular reason. After awhile I leaned in even closer and stick out my tongue to taste more of her juice. It was salty but what turned me on was really the fact that I was licking my sisters pussy.
    I licked and sucked until she told me shyly that she was going to pee. I stood and watched as she rushed back down on the toilet and peed. There was a pause after the splashing sound of her piss hitting the water stopped. I watched her as she sat there staring into the floor. After a final battle with my conscience I walked over, pulled her off the toilet and laid her on the floor mat. She was blushing and didn’t make a noise the whole time, not even a glace at my general direction. Slowly and gingerly I pulled down her jeans and panties, leaving only her little tee shirt and white ankle socks. Then I thought to me self, time to see if the guy on the porno movie was really feeling good when he put his dick in the girl’s pussy.
    I spread my sister’s legs and positioned myself just like the guy in the movie and pushed.

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       But every time the tip of my dick touched her pussy my sister wiggles and made little noises of protest but I held her down by pinning her hands down with my hands. And after the next time she wiggled, I pushed quickly again. This time the very tip of my dick went inside of her little pussy as she gave a little whimper. I pushed a little harder feeling my dick slipping in slowly. My sister stopped protesting and stared into my eyes with both an alarming and painful look. Her mouth formed the word “ouch, ouch, ouch. ” as my dick went in deeper and deeper into her tight pussy. It felt warm and wet like her mouth but way more softer and tighter. At some point as I was pushing, the tip of my dick hit something but it was so brief I didn’t have time to stop before my dick broke through. Finally I’m all the way in. I paused for awhile wondering what I should do next. My mind was then filled with the images from my dad’s porno movies and knew instantly what to do. I started to pump in and out of her little pussy. The whole time while I was fucking her, her head was turned to the left and her eyes were squeezed shut gasping once in a while as I pushed my dick deep into her. I pumped faster when I was getting close to cum.

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       The only sound now was the wet noises from the pumping and my sister’s panting. With the last few deep pumps I started to cum, loads after loads of my juice shot out deep into my sister’s pussy. Finally as the last bit of my cum came out, we laid there on the bathroom floor panting for awhile. Finally I looked at her face, she was blushing but again she refused to look at me. I held her close and kissed her face like she was my girlfriend. After awhile I asked her: “did it felt good?” For answer she looked at me and looked back wherever she was staring and nod. I kissed her some more and finally got up off her and pulled my cloth on just as my grandma’s car door closed outside. Just before I left to greet my grandma downstairs, I told my sister that next time I well be gentle and told her not to tell anyone about our little fun time.