Mwith Moments mom II


I could tell Mom felt it happening, too.
'That feels nice,' she murmured.
She pressed tighter up against me. I could tell that she liked the male sensation of my hard penis being there. I gently pressed up up against her belly, no longer feeling quite so embarrassed by my arousal, but pleased to share it with her. She moaned just a tiny bit under her breath, encouraging me to keep doing this, finding it pleasurable. I found it pleasurable, too. Actually, I was staring to enjoy how good it felt to have my penis big and hard with her. And being naked with a female like this wasn't exactly something that I had much opportunity to do, and it felt wonderful. Unexpected and very special with my mom.
Mom and dad had gotten divorced about three years before, so I knew that my mother was probably missing male companionship, since she had felt like getting back into dating and starting any serious relationships. I was pleased to at least fill in a little bit.
Deciding that I would try to please her a little more, I slipped my hand down, pushing my stiff penis so it slid through her bristly pubic hair, brushing over her clitoris.
"Ohhh. . .

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  that feels so good," she breathed, holding on to me.
I pulled my hips back a tiny bit and pushed forward, and my boner slid between her legs. Carefully I ran it back and forth over the wet lips of her vagina. She was holding me tightly and loving my doing that. Not sure if I should, I pulled back, and purposely let the upward curve of my stiff penis bring the swollen tip to her vaginal opening, and pushed in a tiny bit. I felt her tense, but she offered no objections. I pushed a little bit more. She was sufficiently wet to allow my boner to plunge inward.
"Uhhh. . . " she said, tensing just a little with my insertion.
I felt sort of surprised. We were standing there naked in each others arms, and I my erection was actually in her vagina. It felt warm and great.

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Being very careful, I eased back and pushed in again, this time going all the way. I did this again with the same success. As we stood there, I started to slowly fuck her, thinking how incredible this was to be doing his with my own mother. I loved it as much as she did.
"What about birth control?" I questioned, wondering about that, and suddenly feeling concerned.
"It's okay. . . " she breathed. "Don't worry. . . "
Assuming that she knew what she was doing, I continued to give her my bone as thoroughly and deeply as I could. I could hear her breathing increasing and feel her tensing. Then, in that moment, she was having an obviously much needed orgasm.

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Uhhh. . Uhhhhh. . . Uhhhhh. . . "
It was exciting to think that I made her come, and I was excited that she was doing that while I had my boner in her vagina. Suddenly I was ready to ejaculate. I grunted and felt my semen squirt forcefully out. It was fantastic!
Ohhhh. . . " I heard myself grunt.

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My stomach muscles tightened with each intense pulse.
Then, almost with relief, I finished coming in her.
"Oh, honey. . . " she said, drawing in a deep breath, her body going somewhat limp against mine.
We stood there for a minute until I could feel my softening penis starting to slid wetly from her organ.
I went ahead and let it slip out.
"That was so wonderful," she said.
"It felt wonderful to me, too," I said.
Recovering, she smiled. "I may have to get back on the pill," she said.
I was surprised. Maybe shocked, and it showed. "You mean.

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  . . "
"Well, I think that we'll be safe. . . just this one time," she said with a kind of fatalistic optimism.
I swallowed, hoping that she was right. I was a little overwhelmed by the thought of getting my own mother pregnant. If I had known. . . if she had said something. . . I would have at least pulled out.

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"My period will start to tomorrow," she said, unconcerned. She gave me a demure grin. "I think that maybe I should get back on the pill. . . don't you?"
"Yeah. That might be a good idea," I agreed, pleased and a little excited by the thought that this would not be our only time. That I would be enjoying a lot more moments with mom. .