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At that point she tilted her head across at me then back to the other side. I did not want to be caught watching so I slipped of back to the lounge room, where I sat there and thought about what I had just seen. The more I thought then wetter I got, till I found myself masturbating in the lounge room, hopping she would here and come see what was going on. I had one orgasm, then I stopped, she never came out. The next morning was normal so I thought. Shelly got up and came out for breakfast in her nightgown, I didn't think andthing of it until she dropped her glass on the ground. She turned her back against me and bent over from the waist, she was not wearing underwear and I could see everything. I once again had trouble looking away, the thoughts of last night raced though my mind. I thought about what it would feel like sticking my fingers in her pussy, then licking them afterwards. How good would it feel with my daughter, spread eagle on my bed and me eating her like a five course meal. I could not say where one thought ended and the other started, but before I had realised she had stood back up and sat at the table. I composed myself, served her breakfast up and sat down to eat it with her (No pun intended). After breakfast we sat down to watch cartoons together(We did this every morning). My eyes could not stop trying to get a look between her legs, with no luck for a while. Then she shifted in her seat, one leg on the grounb and the other on the couch. Normally I would tell her to get her feet down, but I had other things on my mind.

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   I had the perfect view. She must be shaving as she did not have an inch of hair to show. I kept telling muself to to stare but it looked so nice what else could I do. After the cartoons she got up to get ready for school and I got ready for work. Today was not going to be an easy day at work. During that day I would of thought about it five or six times and fingered myself in the toilets once. That night when I got home I called out to shelly to tell I was home. She answered by saying "Mum can you come up to me bedroom, I need to ask you something". As I went up to her room, my thoughts where going mad, what did she want. Did sahe catch me last night, or this morning. As I entered her room, shelly was sitting at her mirror, night gown on but the top hanging loose. She turned and looked at me when I walked in. "Mum, can you feel my breast for cancer? We where told about it at school today and were asked to go home and check. I can't feel anything but I am worried. "I agreed, was not that hard.

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   As I stood behind her I became so wet I swear she could smell me through my work clothes. I reached down and gentle cupped her right breast, and slowly felt her lumps. I only did it for about 18 seconds, not to seem that I was enjoying it. When I had finished with the right breast, Shelly looked around at me and said with a smile "Now the other one". I gently cupped her left breast and did the same. I thought I heard a moan from her but it was so quiet that I could not really tell. When I was finished, I said I could not feel anything and that I thought she was save and smart to look for these things. She turned on her chair to face me and made no attempt to cover herself. I took a quick look at her breasts from front on the look straight in the face. Shelly smiled and said thanks.
    Then she paused as if to ask another question. I ask weather she had anything else to ask me as I needed a "SHOWER". Shelly looked at the floor then back up at me and said, "The boys at school say that girl stink and don't taste that nice, but I think we smell great and nast good to". I did not know what to say, I was stuck with the ability to say nothing. Then before me eyes she spread her legs, put her middle finger in her pussy two or three times and pulled it out and offered it to me saying.


       "Mum do you think I taste bad?" I waited for a second and she moved her finger as to offer it to me again. I bent over and sucked her finger dry. My daughter had a look in her eyes as to say Yes/No? I rubbed my tounge around my mouth then looked at her and said" No sweety you taste just fine. " Then I don't know where this came from, and said "If I was allowed I would go down on you. "With out a moment to spare she pulled her night gown fully apart and said, "mum, you are allowed anytime you wish. " I didnot need another invite. I was down on my knees licking out my daughter like there was no tommorrow. She began to maon louder, and louder until she clamped her legs around my head so hard. I pulled out and said to her "My bed is free if you every have trouble sleeping. " I stood up and started to walk out. As I turned I felt a hand go up my skirt pull my G-String to the side and plant two fingers up me. I stopped and enjoyed the feeling until I came. Shelly had me and I could not resist myself. I turned, dropped to my knees and kissed her right on the lips. We kissed and kissed and kissed.

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       I had to eventually pull away so I could make dinner and have a "Shower". Latter that night Shelly did pay me a visit and ever sence that day neither shelly nor I have ever looked for another partner. May be this is the way it should be. Conglomerated.


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