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Firtstly I'll say that my aunt is probibaly one of the hottest ladies I know. My uncle is rich and ugly so there's no guessing why they got married. Aunt Sarah is kool though and has always been one of my favorite aunts. My mum and other aunts and dont like her but their only jelous.
When I was 18 I was starting to get very interested in girls and also had the need for cash so i could hang out with friends and have money to go to movies and stuff. My pearents were not very well off so I had offered to mow my uncles lawn as his garden was huge and i thought i could make a handy buck or 2. My uncle agreed to pay me $150 fortnight to do his lawn. He had a coool ride on mower but it still took me all day and was over the whole rideon mower pretty quickly.
One sunday I had my mp3 player blaring when i saw out the corner of my eye my aunt sarah walking toward the pool in a tiny Bikkini. I stared and nearly ran into a tree which she noticed and laughed. I blushed! She jumped in the pool and I watched as she swam about a bit. It was a scorcher of a day and i was in just a pair of shorts. She jumped out then went and layed down on a sun bed. I had my arnette sunnies on and i watched out of the corner of my eye again as she layed down on her tummy then undid her bra straps so she could tan her back. after mowing the same section 5 times I decided I had to move on but as I did I suddenly heard Aunt Sarah call out to me.
I stopped the mower and wlaked over in my sunnies trying to act cool.

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   She smiled and was up on her elbows watching me and i was staring at her clevage. "Your really growing up Mike. . . . . . . the girls must be chasing you everywhere" She said smiling while looking me up and down. "I wish" i replied. "Can you rub some oil on my back babe" she asked pointing to some tanning lotion. I obliged and she lowered her head again and I grabbed the bottle. I started rubbing her back and covering her in the oil. I was sitting on the side of the sunbed and the view of her ass and back was amazing. My cock was starting to get hard as I continued to rub.

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   "mmmmmm thats so nice . . . . your hands feel so strong" she said in a low husky voice. I said nothing and kept rubbing. I was soo nervous my brething was shallow and my cock was growing by the second.
"You better do my legs now babe" Sarah said not moving. I squirted some more oil in my hands and began to rub. her bikkini bottoms were a G so her ass was totally visible and as i got to the top of her legs I hesitated . . . . . .

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   "Keep going babe I need to be covered head to toe" she said with a slight giggle. i started to rub the oil into her ass and she ever so slightly opened her legs. i could see her bikkini clad pussy lips clearly as i kept rubbing. i quickly did her other leg then started rubbing her other ass cheek. "feels like youve done that before Mike" she said looking back at me seeing me staring down between her legs. "um. . . . . . oh. . . .

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  . no not really" I stammered. "Well it feels good. " she said staring at me. I didnt know where to look until she siad giggling, "its ok baby you can continue looking down there if you want. "
I turned as red as a tomatoe but it didnt stop me from staring back down at her pussy. I kept rubbing and she started moving her hips around in my hands. "You like that?" She said knowingly. to which i replied in the affirmative. She looked back at me again and i grinned embarrassed but extaticly happy. "You wanna do my front now?" She asked and I nodded instantly. She flipped over and dropped her bikkini top to the ground. I stared! She is what i now know as a c-cup and her tits are so perky with bullet like nipples and totally tanned. i started rubbing her legs with the oil and moved up over her stomach quickly. "theres no rush babe take your time" she said I slowed down i got to her breasts and looked to her for apprasal.

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   she just smiled and nodded.
I started rubbing the oil into her tits and nearly cam in my pants. she closed her eyes and let out a moan. "you know im missing out on a complete tan because of you" she sighed.  I stooped rubbing and apologised to which she laughed and said not from ur hands silly because im still wearing my bottoms and i usually wear nothing" My jaw dropped and she laughed again. Dont think you'll mind though and with that pulled down her Bikkini bottoms to expose her pussy. With its lil tuft of hair at the top I couldnt take my eyes off it.
"Well?" she asked staring up at me grinning. "well what I said" breaking my stare for half a 2nd to look up to her face then back to her pussy. "You'll need to rub some oil on it" she giggled again like a young girl. I looked up at her with a llok of disbelief. "Go on I know you want to" I was shaking and my breathing was short. I squirted some oil into my palm and with my hand shaking i lowered it down onto her pussy. She opened her legs and let out a little moan. i went to pull my hand away but befor i could her hand came over the top of mine and she continued to rub her pussy with both mine and her fingers.

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   Then she pushed my index finger up inside of her and she moaned again and started to rock her hips. I was about to explode in my shorts, "Oh Fuck yer" i said as i felt her juices all over my fingers.
Are you hard baby?" she enquired knowingly. I nodded and she said "You keep rubbing me baby and kneel just here". She spread her legs a lil wider and pointed between her legs.  I got in position, my cock centremeters form her pussy and stomach. she lowered my shorts and gripped my cock. that was it I erupted my cock spurting cum all over her stomach, pussy, tits and as high as her neck. She squeeled in delight. My cock stayed rigid as she rubbed my cum into her skin. I kept rubbing her pussy now with two fingers sliding in and out.
My cock still hard she looked up at me and said "Does it always stay hard like that after you cum?" "mostly" I lied. She just grinned and pulled me ontop of her. she reached down and slid my cock into her. I nearly came again then and their.

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   "Fuck me" she whispered. I started to move and slowly i relaxed and started pumping. she started to moan louder and louder and talking dirty to me. i was ready to cum again but she beat me to it she screamed out and started convoulsing i pulled out and she nearly knocked me off the sun bed trying to get my cock in her mouth. She was going crazy sucking every last drop from me. I was in heaven.
It fair to say I now mow the lawn regularly. . . . . . . . .

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  . .