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I am a 28 yr old male. Being the youngest of three, two older sisters, I was always my parents favorites. Recently, my long time girlfriend and I broke up and I was forced to move back in with my parents. Normally I wouldn't mind, but my parents had recently taken in my 18 yr old niece, Chelsey. The house was crowded now as it was only a two bedroom. My parents decided I could use the sofa bed and store my things in Chelsey's room. A little background on my niece, like I said, she is 18 and quite cute. Being a small girl, her breasts were no the biggest I have seen, but from what I have noticed, still quite perky. If I were to guess, I would say around a high A cup or a small B. The one thing I have noticed is the bubble butt she has developed. Being a soccer players, her body is rock hard, no fat anywhere.

About a week into my stay, I begin to notice her messing with me, doing things like walkingout of her bedroom in her bra and panties to walking out of the bathroom after a shower in just her towel. Of course I am not the only one who notices this, as I have caught my dad looking to. She will do "playful" things like jump on my lap while I am watching tv and start tickling me.

Last night, my parents were out for dinner and I came home from work and needed to shower. I go into the bathroom, thinking i am alone, and don't close the door.

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   I shower and exit. I am standing in front of the mirrow, completely naked. I like to air dry. I start to shave when next thing I know, in walks Chelsey. Instead of walking behind me, she decided to squeeze between me and the sink. Her tight little ass brushing my dick. I ask her what she is doing and she replies, "I need to shower, you woke me up". I say to her, "Can't it wait, I am almost done in here?". She asks, "What's the big deal?" I just stare at her and all I can blurt out is "the big deal is, I am naked and your uncle!". She giggles and says, "I know you are but it looks like you don't mind". Confused, I ask her " what the fuck are you talking about?". She says nothing then just points at my crotch. I look down and see I am almost fully erect. She giggles then strips her clothes off and hops in the shower. I shrug it off and continue to shave.

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  I am almost done when I hear the shower turn off. I freeze and out of the corner of my eye, I see her pull the curtain back and reach for a towel. I try to ignore her, but I can't help but look. From her cute little breasts to her flat stomach, I move down her body. I glance down lower and I am shocked to see that she isn't shaved bare. Only a nice strip of hair leads the way to her 18 yr old pussy. Regaining myself, I turn to finish shaving, trying my best to ignore her.
To my surprise, she isn't gonna make it easy on me as she slids in front of me again and starts to brush her hair. I am in shock as I know she can feel my cock up against her ass. I look down and see that perfect bubble butt, and my hardening dick start to disappear between her cheeks. She is smiling as she leans forward to look into the mirror causing her ass to move into me even further. I think to myself, " This little bitch is fucking with me". I decide to play along and move up a step, thrusting her into the sink and my cock further between her legs. Her smile gets bigger and she continues to brush her hair. I finish shaving and on my way to turn the water on to rinse my razor, I purposely brush her perky titty.

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   I finish rinsing it, turn it off and start to wipe the sink down, I get to the part her crotch is up against and wipe it down, making sure I brush her pussy a couple of times. Then I reach my other hand up and start to fold the wash cloth and as I put it down and pull my hands back I "accidentally" cup her titties. She decides to play more and starts to wiggle her butt. I am growing tired of her games, so i place my hands on her hips and lift her up. Nothing is said as I turn her around to face me. I never look at her as I slid into her. I begin to move in and out and I pick her up, placing my hands on her ass. She wraps her legs around my waist and I am in all the way now. I am surprised her little body takes my 7 inches. We walk out of the bathroom and work our way around the house, me never leaving from inside her. We fuck on the back of the couch, the dining room table, the kitchen counter , then move to the dryer. I get bold and open the door and we go out on the back porch and fuck there too. I am quite sure our neighbor got a good show while we were out there. We go back inside and settle on the couch. I continue to pound this little bitch and she is going crazy by now.

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   Well into multiple orgasms, she is using language I never even knew she had in her. I can feel the end is near when I hear the door open and in walks my parents, her grandparents. I freeze as my dad enters the living room. We shouts our name, but it doesn't stop her from finishing me off. As I am shooting inside her, she turns to my dad and says, " No worries, Papaw, you are next. ".



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