Movie Night - Part 1


“Jennifer, dear, can you help with the plates?” My mother asked me with a sigh. “Sure, Mother. ” I grabbed 3 plates out of the cupboard and placed them on the small table. Jocelyn was pouring the drinks, and my mother was putting the final touches on the spaghetti. The sweet aroma of the cooked sauces and fresh noodles made my stomach roll over. I was starving; we hadn’t had a real meal in days. It was late on a Saturday night; the rattling ceiling fan above the table emitted a small amount of light to the room. You could hear the cricket’s chirpings in the yard. Mother placed a large black pot of fresh spaghetti on the table. I helped my self. I glanced at Jocelyn. She was wearing a white V-neck T-shirt that showed the tops of her large breasts, and a little above her belly button. Her shirt was slightly transparent, and I could see her pink bra through it. I was never really very attracted to my older sister, yet I have always envied her for her beautiful body and face. She had gorgeous blue eyes, like the ocean. Her long brown hair was down just to her nipples.

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   She had the best ass I have ever seen, and her breasts were almost 34C cup, and were perfectly round, and perky. I have never seen my sister naked or even close to naked. She always changes in her room, and she never comes out in her pajamas unless it’s in the middle of the night. We talked a little while about how our lives were the usual boring conversations at the supper table. “I have to go out tonight,” My mother started. “I will be back in the morning. I have to work tonight at the hospital. ”“Ok mother. ” I told her. I was happy she was leaving; I was going to try to spy on my sister tonight. The one thing I have wanted to see since I was 8. I am 18 now. “Why don’t you guy’s go to the video store and rent a movie tonight. ” My mother suggested. “That sounds fine, I don’t have any plans tonight anyway, and I have wanted to see a movie for a while.

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  ” My sister replied. A few minutes after she left me and my sister headed out to the movie store. We wondered around observing all the new releases. Jocelyn picked out a movie called Laura’s Adventure. It was a chick flick that just came out that week. She handed it to me for my opinion. I looked at the back to see the rating. It was Unrated, for language, Sex, and Nudity. I decided it would be perfect. A smile went across my face in lust. “This will be fine,” I told her. “Ready?”“Yup,” She said in a cheerful voice. “Lets go!”We checked out and headed back home. We sat on the couch and Jocelyn slipped in the movie. “Let me go get into something more comfortable.

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   Be right back” “Ok, I will wait here. ” I replied. Jocelyn went upstairs for a few minutes. She came back in an extremely small, pink sports thong with a small Playboy sign on her pussy. And a spaghetti string, black top that showed her belly button. I have never seen anything sexier in my life. “How’s this?” She asked me, like she was doing it for me. I was still trying to recover from the shock of her gorgeous body almost revealed to me. “Yeah that looks great. ”“Are you going to watch it in that?” She asked me looking down at my chest. I stood up and looked down. I was wearing a navy blue T-shirt and jean shorts. “I was, I guess I can change, I will go see what I have. ”I went up stairs and looked through my drawers. I didn’t have anything really sexy except a few transparent thongs and some black lacey bras.

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   I went into my mothers room to see what she had. I opened up the drawer and rummaged through her panties. She had almost all thongs; I pulled out a black g-string thong, and then looked in her closet for a sexy shirt. All my moms’ clothes were very sexy. I found a cute red silk and lace cami top. It was completely transparent and it hid nothing. I decided it would be sexier and put us more in the mood if I revealed my nipples. I went into my room and changed into the Black g-string thong and the silk cami. I looked into the mirror. I looked way too naked. I decided to put on silk bra that matches the thong. I put that on and went down stairs. She was sitting on the couch, just as sexy as ever. She looked up at me and her jaw dropped as my 30C breasts bulged out of my sexy bra. I then sat down on the couch next to her.

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   I felt like I was completely naked. No one has ever seen me this revealed, and I have never seen anyone as revealed as her. My nipples got very hard and they poked through my bra. She kept glancing over during the movie and peeking at my hard nipples. Finally! The sex scene! Melissa and Kelly were doing some lezbo action! How perfect? Melissa’s top finally fell off releasing her huge tanned breasts. The other girl, Kelly, started to lick and suck on her nipples as she pushed her onto the bed. I glanced over at Jocelyn, she was licking her lips. And her nipples were popping through her shirt. I then thought of the perfect scheme. “This bra is killing me! I hope you don’t mind if I take this off. ”She paused for a second and said. “Not at all, go ahead, I don’t mind. ”I unsnapped the bra from the front and released my perky breasts to my sister’s virgin eyes. I could see her staring at my hard nipples. Her jaw was open.

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  “Your boobs are pretty big for your age, sis. ” I started to giggle and blush. My pussy was burning!The girl in the movie, Melissa was pulling the other girls panties down, releasing her shaved pussy lips. My pussy started to get very wet. I scooted closer to Jocelyn, our legs were now touching. “Can I take off your top?” I asked her. “It will be a lot more comfortable. ”She looked at me and paused again, she started to giggle, and then lifted up her arms for me to take it off. I put my hands under her shirt from the sides and pulled it up, rubbing the palm of my hands against the sides of her breasts. Her large boobs jiggled as the end of her shirt caught onto her nipples. Her nipples were very large, and very erect. We looked into each others eyes, and at that moment we were both thinking about sex. I tossed the top onto the floor. “Your boobs are pretty big too. ” I told her.

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   “Hey sis, can you give me a back massage?” I turned the other way and stretched my legs out on the couch. She giggled again, “Sure, I will if you give me one. ”“Yeah I will. ” She stood up. “Here, lay down so I can give you a massage. ” I did as I was told and laid across the wide couch. She sat down on my ass and spread her legs. She leaned over and started to rub my shoulders and my back. It felt very good to have her hands touch me. She rubbed it down to just above my butt and started to circular massage. She then scooted down to my legs and pulled down my thong. I was startled at first, but then relaxed. She squeezed my butt and started to rub her hands over it. She massaged up and down my body for about 18 minutes and then stood up. “My turn, Babe.

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  ” She winked at me. I was scared to get up because I knew it would reveal my shaved pussy. I did anyway. I stood up and I could see her eyes look down at my pussy. She put her back to me and slipped off her thong and dropped it onto the floor. Then she lay on the couch. Now my sister and I were completely naked. My pussy was burning for her touch. I’m sure hers was the same. I rubbed my hands over her shoulder and rubbed down to her butt. I rubbed my hands around her butt and her back. I spread my legs a little more until my pussy lips were touching her leg. My pussy juices were slipping onto her warm thigh. I stood up, “There you go, sis. ” “Aww thank you baby, that was very… Sexy.

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  ” She told me. I helped her up. She was about my height. I reached over without thinking and cupped her breast in my hand. “Ahh! What are you doing?!” She asked as she jumped back. “What? I thought that’s what you wanted. ” She fell onto the couch and her legs got spread. I stared at her trimmed pussy. Her clit was swollen like mine. “You just surprised me. I wanted to show you that I wanted to be comfortable around you, naked. But I guess it got too far. But if that’s what you want, I can do that. ”She stood back up and put one hand on my thigh and the other on the side of my breast. She leaned in and kissed me on the lips, her tongue found its way to my mouth.


   I swirled my tongue around hers and leaned in. My nipples were then rubbing against hers. I put my hand on her pussy and inserted it inside. She let out a deep moan and put one of her hands on my hand and pushed it against her pussy. She put her leg around mine and tripped me; she slowly leaned me to the floor and started to aggressively kiss me. Her hands groped my body until they found their way to my shaved pussy lips. She stopped kissing me and started to kiss my neck and slowly moved down to my collar bone, then to my breast. She swirled her tongue around my hard nipple. I twitched in excitement. I started to moan loudly and scream her name. I rubbed my hands through her hair, and across her back. My body raged in excitement from my sister’s soft touch. To Be Continued…. .



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