Mother's new dress


Topic: Mother's new dress
Mother’s New Dress
Chapter 1: The dance
This is a revised story that was posted awhile ago.
I still live at home with my mother and father, who by the way is a man’s man. I’m not. I am a writer and journalist in college. I love the arts and am a real romantic but I like to fuck women. I was working out in the home gym in the basement when my father came down. I was finishing my last set of the legs and I was lifting the stack. When I heard, “Hey I have to go out of town to speak to at a conference in Chicago. ” My father said, “I will be gone for the weekend. Are you going to be okay home with your mom?”
I dropped the stack with a huge blow. “Yeah I’ll be fine, I have a paper due on Wednesday, I can look after the house. ”
As my dad was walking up the stairs my dad hollered out “. . . and your mom. ”
I started my cool down and then went upstairs to take a shower.

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   The rest of the week went off without a hitch. I started writing my paper. I cleaned my room and did my laundry.   My father packed his things and was practicing his speech around the house.
Like clock work my father left at five-thirty in the morning. He was always on time. His leaving woke me up but I rolled over and went back to bed. When I got up I headed to the kitchen to get some breakfast. I found a note that my mother left on the fridge. ‘Went out with Cindy shopping, be home soon, love mom. ’
About five that night my I heard my mother’s car pull in the driveway. I was struggling to write my paper and needed a break so I went down to greet her. I always have a hard time writing in the beginning but once I get going, look out. I went downstairs to see what my mom bought on her shopping spree.
When my mom came in she was carrying about three bags, one of which was a bag from Victoria’s Secret.

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   She was trying to hide it I think.
“Hey mom! What did you buy with Cindy?” I said looking at the Victoria’s Secret bag.
My mom’s reply was coy. “I got a new dress and some shoes for a dinner that your father and I have to attend. ”
“Really?” I said. I could be just as coy and devious too.   “Mom try on the dress for me so that I can see what it looks like. Put on everything you are going to wear that night so that I can make sure you look good. You don’t want anyone to notice something that is out of place. ”
I knew that would get her to try on everything.
After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, my mother emerged into the living room. She came out wearing this mid-length black dress. It was silk with a rib pattern around her breasts. Her breast looked rather large in this dress. My mom had on stockings and black six-inch fuck me heals.

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   She was really beautiful. I started to feel my monster coming to life. I had thought about my mother before, but shit she right in front of me and was damn fine and I was now getting really horny.
My mom did a quick turn and I noticed that my mom’s ass was really hanging out there. I have never seen my mom dress this nice. She is a t-shirt and jeans girl. I never see her dress in a dress. This was only the second time ever.  
“Wow mom you look great!” I said while in shock, “When did you get that ass?”
My mom smiled and asked if the workouts were paying off.
“Oh hell yeah! You are looking great!” I said in shock again.
By now my member was really starting to throb. I knew that I had to stroke it soon. I used my hands to cover my cock and my excitement.
“Mom. ” I said, “Turn around so that I can make sure that your panty lines are hidden.

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“Really?” She said, “Can you really see my panties? I bought high cut panties, so you should not be able to see them. ”
She then turned around and modeled her beautiful round ass to me. I was starting to pre-cum in my shorts. There was a small wet spot forming and my mom’s ass was not helping any.
She turned to show me her ass and I was staring very closely.
“I need to look closer to see if I can see your panties. ” I was kind of shaking when I said it.
“Do you think anyone will be that close to my ass?” She replied with a smile.
“I am sure people will be checking out this hot ass. ” I said.
My mom said with a little tone in her voice, “Hey you are my son and a little flirting is ok, but you need to find a girlfriend and stop hitting on me. ”
I was a little taken a back. I was flirting with her; I thought she liked it though.
“So is my panty line ok?” My mom said.
I stood up and walked over to her.

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   I grabbed her arm and pulled her close. She was a little taller then I so I looked into her eyes, while she pushed against my chest to break free I held her. I stared into her eyes and said, “I know that you and dad are having hard times. I know that you like men to see you naked. ”
Her face had a look of horror on it. I was sure she would try to deny it.
“I also know that you are not satisfied in bed and want to find a lover that can fuck you for days. ”
Her face now turned to fear and said in a sheepish voice, “How do you know all of this?” as she looked away from me.
I held her tight and looked right in the eyes, “I found the photos and the sex tape you made with dad. I made a copies and hid them. ”
“What do you want from me?” she said looking away from me.
She would not make eye contact with me at all. I was really horny now, like an animal in heat or something. I wanted to fuck her. I watched the tape and the photos and kept copies for myself.

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   I never thought of my mom that way, I never jerked off to them, but I wanted her now. My cock was hard and my mind was set. I wanted to now fuck her with or without her consent.
“I want you to show me your ass MOM,” I said with a tone in my voice. “I know you want to be fucked and I am guessing that at this party you are going to fuck a guy in the bathroom or coat closet. I have seen the photos and you are a whore. You are now going to show me what guys like so much. ”
She was stunned that I could name the photos.
“I don’t want you to see me like that. I want you to love me for being your mother. ”
She looked away and started to tear up.
“Turn around and show me your ass. ” I repeated.
This time she turned slowly around.
“Put your hands on the coffee table.

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  ” I said with a sharp tone. “I am going to check for your panty lines now. ”
With that I knelt down behind her. Her legs were slightly parted and her six-inch heels made my heart skip a beat. I reached out and touched her pantyhose covered legs and ran my fingers up. When I reached the hem of the dress I started pushing it up with my hands. I could feel my cock ready itself to explode. I held it back. I reached the top of her thigh highs and felt the garter belt clips and the smooth flesh of the top of her thighs.
My mom shivered and shook a little when I touched her skin.
    Her skin produced goose bumps and she trembled again. My mother’s hands came off the table with the second shaking. I stopped and forced her to put her hands back on the table.
    “Palms down. ” I yelled.

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    She sobbed a little and then returned her hands to the table. “Please, this is not right. Please don’t do this, it’s wrong. ”
    She started to sob again.
    I pushed higher up her thighs until I got to the bottom of her ass. She was wearing boy shorts that were black lace.   They were wet because she was cumming in them. I could smell cum in the air and I could see the wet spot in the crack of her ass. She started to tremble again and then she came again right in front of my eyes. I couldn’t help but to stick my tongue right into her crack.
    I grabbed her hips and started to tongue her ass and pussy. Her fat ass was so heavenly that I just grabbed her hips with such force that she whimpered and as I tongue fucked her. I almost came in my pants as I licked her. The whole time she whined I grabbed harder and licked longer. She came over and over again in my mouth.

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       My tongue split her lips and pressed her folds. Pushed deep inside her box with excitement and control.
    I stood up and pushed my mom’s face down on the table and held her in place with my left hand. I used my free right hand to pull out my very hard cock. It wasn’t the biggest thing in the world but I could fuck for days. I grabbed the back of the dress and pushed it up high on her back. The silk turned me on. I held tight as she tried to fight me. She kept screaming at me telling me that this wasn’t right. She cried a little and said things like please and don’t.
    “I had the tape and the photos so I will do what I want. ” I spat.
    I pulled her brand new panties to the side and kicked her feet wide apart. I took my really hard cock and placed it at the opening of her pussy. God it turned me on that my mom had cum on my face.

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       I held tight with one hand on her back and one on my cock. I pushed into her. My cock penetrated her opening with ease. I was seven inches but my hand couldn’t close around my cock. The girls that I had fucked in the past said that I was really thick. I like the feeling I got when I fucked a woman so hard that they would squirt on my cock. My mom was whimpering and grabbing the table to stop from falling over. I pounded her big round ass over and over again. My cock fucked that pussy into submission. I must have only pumped into her eight or ten times before I came. I pulled out and sent rope after rope of cum on her ass cheeks.
    My mother just laid there on the table, spent. I was spent but I wanted to fuck her again. I wasn’t ready though. My cock was sticky from my mother’s cum.


       I made her sucked and fuck me for the rest of the weekend. I made her suck my cock at every meal and I fucked her morning and night. By the time my father returned from his speaking engagement my mother was mine. I told her when and where I wanted to be fucked and she did as she was told. When my father would leave for work, my mother would be waiting in her room for her morning fuck.
    I cannot wait for the summer break we are going to rent a lake house.
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