Mother's Love


            Summer vacations have a way of bringing out the strangest in everyone. The lack of obligation often drives people to take up activities they never imagined they would. Johnny understood this, but that excuse only went so far.
            Being a boy of fifteen, his hormones often spoke over his mind, and they had quite a way with persuasion. He was powerless to resist his urges, and powerless to prevent himself from having them. It’s natural, he often thought to himself. That was his main justification, and it was a valid one, though it did not quell his tormented longing for a forbidden love.
            Janet, Johnny’s forty year old mother, was a portrait of womanhood in Johnny’s eyes. Her soft, aged breasts were not unnaturally large, but they hung in such a way that they looked like delicious apples dangling just out of reach on a mischievous tree. Her wide, meaty hips and beautifully round ass were always just barely obscured through her sundresses, and when Johnny was lucky, the wind could reveal a teasing invitation of her nether regions.
            Johnny desired his mother like nothing else. He would lie awake at night, staring at her picture on his nightstand and wishing more than anything that his hand could be traded out for hers. He would think of her breasts flopping and her ass and belly jiggling with the passion of their love, and those thoughts haunted his dreams.
            But another emotion was felt through his desire—guilt. He could not help but feel regret for his sinful longings. Janet was his mother—his mother, and he could not look at her without imagining her hairy, well used pussy or her loose breasts dangling upon her plump belly.

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   He was only glad his father had left them years before, otherwise he would feel like a traitor to his own family.
            One morning, Johnny fell upon a wonderful wealth of luck. It was a Friday, which meant he would be staying yet another day alone in his house. On a routine trip to his mother’s room, where he would often lie in her bed and imagine lying with her in his arms, he discovered a lone pair of extra large panties sitting unfolded on the bed.
            She must have forgotten it when she was doing the wash, he though to himself. He had never seen her panties before, and he marveled at their size. He tried putting them on over his jeans, but they were much too big. The massive and beautiful woman had at least fifteen inches on his waist, which was a girth that Johnny longed to feel the weight of. He found that he could easily fit though a single leg of the panties, which made him think of her mammoth hips. He had never wanted his mother more.
            Lying back on his mothers bed, Johnny placed the panties near his face and inhaled deeply. He began licking the crotch and rear areas, hoping to find some womanly moisture or sweet sweat to savor on his tongue. He loved the taste of his mother—that much he already knew from the taste of her sweat.
            As his young, pubescent tool began to swell, he could not take it anymore. He unzipped his jeans and took his member in his hand all at once.


   Feeling his swollen manhood brought him relief. It gave him an outlet which he was determined to take advantage of.
            Images of his mother filled his head. As he gently gripped and rubbed his shaft and testicles, he continued licking and sniffing the crotch of the panties, all the while imagining himself orally exploring his mother’s nethers. He rolled the moist residue on his tongue as his mind produced sounds of his mother’s moaning. It was an experience he could only wish for.
            Once he had been granted his release (literally), he fell limp on the bed with his semen-covered penis still clearly displayed and the panties draped over his face, rising and falling with each hard breath. With his urges temporarily satisfied, he fell fast asleep.
            But his slumber did not last long. A sound of surprised confusion filled the room as his solitude was invaded.
            “Oh my god!” Janet exclaimed. “What are you doing?”
             Johnny snapped awake at once to see his mother standing in the doorway. Her breasts, which had been the subject of his dreams, were covered by a black, button-up blouse. A long, gray skirt was draped over her juicy, magnificent hips which would put anything but an elephant to shame. Her head was cocked backward in shock, causing her neck to disappear behind her beautiful, rolling chins.

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            Johnny found himself at a loss for words as he looked down, seeing his limp cock on display alongside his semen-crusted pants. He then noticed that he was looking at his mom through the leg of her panties, which were still placed over his head. It did not look good.
            “Um, well, you see…” he stammered, though he could not think of anything to say.
            “Are those my panties?” she asked in what was either concern or disgust.
            He could only nod. He was caught. Plain and simple, he was caught. He cursed himself for not thinking of the possibility that his mother might return from work early, but it was too late now.
            Janet sat down on the bed, her weight causing the balance of the bed to shift slightly. She took her panties from her son’s head at once and clung them to herself defensively, looking at her son in disbelief.
            “Now, I’m going to ask you, and don’t you dare lie to me,” she said sternly. “What were you doing with these?”
            Johnny could only sweat. He closed his eyes, wishing he could be sent somewhere else. He had not been prepared for such a confrontation, and he did not know if he could ever face his mother again.

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            “It’s not what it looks like,” was all he could think to say. It wasn’t much, and it wasn’t convincing by far, but it was the natural reply.
            “So what is it really?” she asked, placing her panties aside.
            Johnny sat up, still unable to look his mother in the eye. At once he threw his arms around his mother, hugging her like a child who fears retribution.
            “I’m so sorry, mom. I’ll never do it again. ”
            Janet shushed him, stroking his head and kissing his forehead in reassurance. “It’s okay. We can talk about this later, if you would rather do that, but we do need to talk about this. ”
            Her touch, and especially her kiss, sent an electrical surge through his body, rousing it awake once more. Again he felt his tool begin to swell. He had forgotten to cover it, and it poked out conspicuously. This time, the urge was stronger than ever before—much too strong to ignore.
            He kissed her cheek, innocently at first.

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   He kissed her a second time, and then a third, and then he unleashed a torrent of soft, gentle kisses moving from her cheek to her neck. He moved her sagging chin aside, kissing her on and under her neck folds while his manhood grew to its full length.
            Janet’s eyes widened again. She looked down, noticing her son’s tool growing with his eagerness. As he began to kiss her, she moved her head to the side as if trying to turn away, but it only gave him easier access to her neck.
            “Johnny, what are you doing?” she demanded in the exact same tone as when she had asked the question before.
            Johnny said nothing, but only continued kissing her. Now his torrent was finding it way to the top of her chest, just under her neck. Janet placed a hand on Johnny’s head and exerted a very light force, as if trying to shove him off, but something held her back. For some reason, she could not stop him.
            “Stop it,” Janet ordered, though she sounded less authoritative and more excited. “Stop it I said. ”
            Johnny did not stop. Instead, he undid the top button of her blouse, revealing the slightest bit of his mother’s cleavage. This was it—no going back.

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   He continued unbuttoning her blouse, kissing lower and lower with each unfastened button. He kissed his way across her stomach to her waist until her blouse fell open. With her blouse completely open, her round, pudgy stomach bulged out from its hiding place and over her waist. Johnny buried his face in his mother’s belly. He pressed and shook his face against her, causing her jelly-like torso to ripple and jiggle with each movement.
            Janet no longer protested. She laid back, reveling in the sensations she was experiencing. Each warm breath and hard nuzzling that her son exerted upon her belly flesh was like a spark to her nervous system. Already she could feel her crotch becoming wet with anticipation, and she no longer cared about the moral crimes they were committing.
            Johnny placed his hands on his mother’s shoulder blades, wordlessly instructing her to sit up. When she complied, he quickly peeled her blouse from her back. He then unfastened and removed her bra, throwing both it and the blouse off the bed.
            With her bra and blouse out of the picture, Janet’s breast dangled freely onto her blubberous stomach just as in Johnny’s dreams. Though they sagged with weight and age, Janet’s breasts were not wrinkled, and her nipples protruded, hard and erect, from their centers. The space between was moist with sweat, which Johnny lapped up greedily.

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            Feeling his mother’s breathing harden against him, Johnny took her breasts in his hands, licking circles around her anxious nipples. Janet moaned with pleasure as Johnny took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking hard in long bouts with few breaks, which were spent gently nibbling on her motherly feeders.
            Janet fell back, overwhelmed with the pleasantness of her surprise experience. As her back hit the mattress, Johnny climbed on top of her. Because her waist was too wide for Johnny to get his legs around, he allowed himself to rest on top of her, enjoying the natural cushioning she provided.
            The passionate moment prompted Janet to rip her son’s shirt right off his back, tearing it at the seams in her eagerness. Prompted by his mother’s invitation, Johnny sat up, shaking and pulling himself out of his jeans and letting his boxers fall effortlessly down his legs. He then gripped his mother’s skirt firmly and pulled it off with great force, revealing her white, already soaked panties.
            Her panties were quite a sight to see. Like the pair which Johnny had indulged in, they were wide enough to be put on a rhinoceros, but they barely covered her. Her belly and waste drooped over the front, making only the side parts visible. The seams seemed to be under great stress as her hips bulged out from the legs of her panties.
            After taking a moment to fully revel in the image, Johnny lifted his mother’s belly bulge out of the way and slid her panties down her legs to remove them. He then moved to place himself over her, but his mother seized him, throwing him on his back next to her and rolling on top of him to face him.
            Johnny struggled to breathe under his mother’s weight, but he enjoyed the feeling.

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   He had long dreamed of being pinned under her like this, and now it was finally happening. He smiled up at her, ready to do whatever she desired of him.
            Janet lifted her stomach fat to reveal her hairy, neglected pussy. Without pause or question, she placed it over her son’s straight, hard cock. Her wetness drizzled onto his tool, and Johnny had to pinch himself to be convinced that he wasn’t dreaming.
            Feeling his mother lower herself onto him, he was filled with two great sensations. The first was the feeling of her massive torso, heavy enough to crush his bones but beautiful enough to redeem itself, plop down against him, knocking the wind out of him. The second was the dreamy, almost unreal warmth that surrounded his member as it ventured deep within his mother’s sex. He felt as if he was returning home at long last.
            Once Johnny regained his breath, he began pushing his tool up into his mother as she slammed down against him. He could barely move his hips under layers and layers of blubber, and her heavy, sagging breast slapped him hard in the face with each of her thrusts, but he had never felt a better sensation in all his life.
            Janet moaned like a territorial baboon as she slammed into her son with backbreaking force. The headboard crashed against the wall and the springs creaked and popped as if ready to break, but she did not yield. She let her body fall over her son as she continued pounding into him, feeling her floppy, round breasts collapse against his face.
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   The combination of upwards of four-hundred pounds bearing down on him and the smothering weight of his mother’s chest made it impossible to draw in air. Still, he kept returning her thrusts to the best of his limited ability, trying to endure for the sake of her pleasure.
            This seemed impossible, however, as tension built in his genital area and he knew that his orgasm could not wait much longer. As if to make things worse, Janet squeezed her pussy lips together, milking her son’s cock with each back thrust.
            “Mom, wait a minute,” he said weakly through smothering flesh and a dangerous lack of air. “I’m going to. . . ”
            Hearing her son trail off from both tension and asphyxiation, Janet increased the strength of her thrusts, wanting to finish strong.
            “Wait mom,” Johnny whispered in a tone so weak that not even he could hear himself. “Shouldn’t I pull ou—“
            But he was unable to finish. A surge of pain from his hips and unequaled pressure from his genitals fogged his senses. That, combined with his mother’s smothering weight, caused him to lose consciousness beneath his whale-sized mom as he shot his young, hot seed deep within her.
            He awoke hours later to see his mom’s eyes level with his own. She smiled at him and slipped her tongue into his mouth, kissing him deeply and passionately.

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            “Hey there,” she said. “I thought I might have lost you for a while there. I hope I wasn’t too rough?”
            Johnny shook his head. “I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. ”
            She cradle him in his arms. Both were still naked and still exhausted from their activity. Johnny could not feel his legs, but he didn’t care. He had won what he had desired for so long, and that was all that mattered.
            “Just remember,” Janet said with a smile and a soft kiss on the forehead. “No matter what happens, you’re still my baby boy. ”
            Johnny smiled, kissing her gently on the lips. “I know. I love you mom. ”



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