Mother & Son Pt. 3


She felt his hands reaching down past her inner thighs, and then felt his fingers upon her. His right hand moved to her erect clitoris, and his fingertips grazed lightly over it. She drew in a gasp at the electrifying touch; this only encouraged David to go further. He let his fingertips trace in slow circles around the sensitive button. Drawing slowly around it, and spiralling up it, until they reached the very tip of it and he pinched it gently between his fingertips. She moaned for him, encouraging him to go even further, and silently begging him to reach for her aching vagina. David enjoyed the control her had over his own Mother. She was at the mercy of his hands. He felt his own cock beginning to stir in excitement, but tried to ignore it for the moment while he focused on his pleasing the woman in front of him. He continued to manipulate her clitoris as his other hand found her wet pussy. He parted the lips with his thumb and ring-finger. He watched as the flower unfolded, revealing its even more beautiful depths. He was mesmerised by the pink tender flesh that was the inside of her vagina. He cautiously pushed in his fore-finger, and when feeling it slide in with little restraint, pushing his middle-finger in along with it. The walls of his Mother’s vagina felt soft and warm against his fingers. He could feel her juices coating the walls of her pussy, and could see some seeping out around his intruding fingers.

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   He left them still inside her, while he continued his assault on her throbbing clit. Her clit pulsed with pleasure. Her pussy contracted around his fingers. Again, she felt an orgasm building deep within her. She felt she could only have one more orgasm for exhausting her strength and sleep overcome her. This is not how she intended to have her final orgasm for the night, not from his fingers. She resolved to take charge. David felt his Mother’s hands pushing his away and looking up to see her smiling down at him. “Are you a virgin, David?” She asked with a touch of mothering to her voice. He was to embarrassed to reply, but managed a meek nod. Her smile calmed him, made him feel comforted. “It’s alright David, I’ll be gentle. ” ‘Was that a naughty grin that crossed her face?’ David thought to himself. Kathy took her son’s hand in hers, and guided him up and onto the bed. She lay him down and cautiously got on top of him, searching for any signs of distress.

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   Once her body was atop his: her soft thighs pressing against his, her large rounded breasts brushing against his chest as she supported herself on her elbows, her lips just barely away from his, she asked, “Are you O. K. with this, David?” He looked into her eyes and saw that deep sadness that resided inside her. His heart ached to comfort her, and he knew this was how he could do it. “I want this as much as you do, Mother, I couldn’t think of anyone else more appropriate to lose my virginity to. ” And with that, he kissed her, his lips parting hers as his tongue sort hers. As they kissed, he felt her weight shift, and knew she was moving to guide his now completely erect penis to her sopping wet pussy. He felt her move her weight onto one side as her hand reached down to grip the shaft of his penis. The first skin-to-skin touch of her hand on his penis sent a bolt of pleasure rocketing up his spine. A loud moan would have escaped his lips if his Mother wasn’t busy with his mouth. His penis felt so good in her hands. The skin covering it was soft, and it was lovely to stroke gently with her fingers. She moved it, guided it towards her aching hole. She’d been waiting so long for a real cock, she never would have guessed her Son would provide. The first touch of the head of his cock against her pussy lips caused them to contract in anticipation of the pleasure he’d provide.

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   She paused for a moment, as she gathered herself ready for the pain the initial penetration would cause. With a squeeze on his cock, she pushed, parting the swollen lips of her pussy with her Son’s erection, she continued pushing, ignoring the pain as the head moved completely past the lips of her pussy. Both gasped as she pushed him inside her and their kiss broke, forgotten in the new found pleasure. Both lay still for the moment as they adjusted. Again their eyes locked, both could see the pleasured obvious in the others eyes. Each felt their orgasm already building, the simple first touch of their sexual organs seemed to electrify their bodies, sending tingling pleasure through every cell of their body. She exhaled deeply and forced herself to relax the constricting muscles of her pussy. Slowly, she lowered herself down, moving her hand to let the rest of his cock slide within her. She held still again, allowing them both time to adjust. She felt the pleasure of being full, the pleasure which she’d desired, which she’d needed ever since Mark left her. The walls of her pussy already sparked with pleasure. Slowly, she drew her hips up, sliding herself up the shaft of his cock until she felt the beginning bulge of the head. She then, in another slow movement, slid herself down the wet shaft of his cock. She watched the eyes of her son close over and his mouth open wide in a quiet moan of pleasure. It was almost unbearable, she desperately wanted to fuck him hard, to plunge herself down on his cock and ride him wildly, but knew she shouldn’t, she said she’d be gentle and she’d at least begin that way.

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  Her pussy clenched tightly around his cock and he could feel the thick soft membrane of it gripping to the shaft of his cock, stimulating it as it moved with a piston motion. The pleasure exuding from his crotch was akin to a fire, spreading uncontrollably throughout his body, igniting other sparks of pleasure. He felt it building, like a wave inexorably moving towards the sure, gathering in power and momentum. He knew what was coming, and the thought of it only excited him more. Kathy tried desperately to keep her lust under control. She struggled to stop herself from bucking wildly on her Son, from riding him until she was satisfied and their mixed cum drooled from her pussy to pool on the bed.
    She too felt her orgasm approaching. She continued to move with a steady rhythm, sliding herself up and down the shaft of his erection. She could feel it stretching her, could feel the lips gripping to it, rolling slowly down the shaft as if trying desperately not to lose their grip on it. ‘To think of what I’ve been missing out on all these years,’ she thought to herself as a wicked grin played across her face. David felt the rhythm of her movements change. At first it was only a slight change, but he felt her growing more erratic with every passing moment. Her pace also quickened and the tensing of her vagina was quickly sending him towards the shore of his orgasm. He looked to her eyes and saw, not the tender look of his Mother, but the wild, lusting look of a woman lost in her own pleasure. She was moaning loud in unrestrained pleasure.

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       Bucking her hips, pushing herself hard down against his crotch and drawing herself only to slam back down on him again. He felt the wave reach its apex and begin to bend, to converge and collapse on him. His orgasm washed over him, soaking him with pleasure. His cock began to throb and she knew he was experiencing his orgasm. She continued, unrelenting to ride him. She felt the first spurts of his cum erupt from the head of his cock, shooting deep within her pussy. She pushed herself down on his cock and could feel him continue to shoot the rest of his cum deep within her. A copious amount poured into her hole, before she felt herself hit the edge. The last of his cum oozed into her and she felt her own orgasm crashing over her. She was lost in pleasure. Her body tingled with it. Her own cum pumped from her pussy, began pushing their mixed cum passed his thick cock and the lips that loosened and tightened in rhythm with her orgasm. It rolled down her tender skin to drip onto the bed where it pooled and soaked into the sheet. The immense pleasure of her orgasm slowly began to subside and she opened her eyes to see her Son looking loving at her. She felt his penis beginning to go limp within the sticky haven of her vagina.

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       With a slightly trembling hand, she reached up to brush sweat from his cheek with a gentle mothering touch. “Thank you, David,” she said with heartfelt sincerity and gratitude. She then moved herself up his body to softly kiss his lips, before collapsing on top of his body and drifting off into a peaceful, content sleep. David lay still, watching his Mother while she slept. His penis remained inside her a comforting connection between them both. It tore his heart, though, to know the pain she’d been put through. ‘I’m here now, though,’ he thought to himself, ‘I’ll ease her pain. ’ He wrapped an arm lovingly around her shoulders and held her close to him while they both slept and their mixed cum continued to soak into the bedding. .