Mother & Son Pt. 1


‘Finally, a night to myself,’ she thought as a wicked smile began to spread across her face. What she’d really missed most was Marks’ thick, hard cock. When David used to go out, they’d spend the night in their bed, fucking like rabbits. She missed the rough love he used to give her. She arose from the comfortable couch, and left the room, walking down the hallway towards her room. Pictures lined the hallway. Memories tried to bubble up from the murky depths to which she’d suppressed them. She ignored her thoughts and continued, focusing on her next footstep. She reached her polished wooden dresser draws and pulled the bottom draw out. Pulling aside her underwear, she found the video at the bottom and the purple vibrator beside it. She withdrew them both and walked back to T. V. She looked at the cover of the video, with a beautiful blonde woman on it wearing skimpy black lingerie, and a look of utter lust in her eyes. Cum drooled from the side of her luscious red lips. The title read ‘Blond & Brunettes. ’ She hadn’t seen it before, but had watched a number of other pornography films with Mark.

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   They’d served as fuel to start their night of hot, hard sex. It seemed this would be her only source of fuel from now on. After inserting the tape and pushing the play button, she quickly bent over and removed her white panties from underneath her robes. She sat back down on the couch in nothing but her purple silk robes. The first scene of the film began with a girl arriving at an airport, in a short black skirt and tight top that left her belly bare. The slender girl was struggling with two big suitcases. Blond hair hung down her back, and smooth white skin surrounded the long lush eyelashes and innocent blue eyes. She was searching through a crowd of people before her eyes locked on someone. She dropped the suitcases and ran towards the person. It was a well built young man, wearing jeans and a t-shirt that clung tightly to his hard, toned stomach and chest. She jumped on him, wrapped her arms and legs around him as their lips met in a passionate kiss. The scene changed and they were in a room. She was putting her clothes in the wardrobe, and the young man was on the bed, watching her every move. He told her to come and sit beside him, and began to give her a gentle massage, while placing light kisses on her neck. He worked her clothes off and continued to massage her while she was only in her underwear.

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   She rolled over and reached out to cup his crotch through his jeans. He then leant in and gave her a sloppy kiss, their mouths interlocking and the tongues entwined in each other. She undid his jeans and pushed them down his legs, revealing the bare skin beneath. His cock sprang free, the hard shaft pointing straight at the girls face. It wasn’t overly long, but it was so very thick. He reached around behind the girl and undid her bra, freeing her well rounded breasts, with their hard nipples jutting out. He kept her on the ground and straddled her stomach. He pushed his cock between her breasts, as she pushed them up around it. He began to thrust, pushing his cock up and down between her breasts. She leant forward and flicked her tongue out, stroking the head of his hard cock with it. Her robes had parted, exposing her creamy white thighs. One hand was down between her parted thighs, flicking her fingertips quickly across her hard clit. The other underneath the thin silk robe, cupping a large breast, thumb brushing over the hard nipple. Her head was bent back against the top of the couch with her mouth open and wide and her eyes were half shut from the pleasure of the moment. It’d been so long since she’d felt this.

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  She felt her own juices building inside her, beginning to leak out and coat the throbbing lips of her hole. She moved her fingers from one erect nipple to the other, rubbing soft circles with her fingertip around the areola before pinching the nipple between her fingertips. Pain and pleasure mixed, shooting straight from her nipple throughout her. She felt it mostly in her crotch, as her clit throbbed beneath her fingers and more juices leaked from her lusting pussy. She couldn’t hold herself back anymore; her pussy ached to be filled. The hand snaked further down between her parted thighs and her fingers brushed across her wet pussy lips. She rubbed them back and forth across the her pussy lips, a finger running down each wet lip and another between them, gliding delicately down the middle of the lips, spreading them just slightly but making sure not to push the finger into herself, not just yet. Brown eyes stared intently at the screen, as the man’s cock began spurting streams of thick whitish cum. His cum splattered across the girls face. Some squirted straight into her mouth, which she swallowed after savouring the salty taste. Other streams hit her cheeks, her chin, and plastered across her neck. His head was thrown back as the orgasm shot through his tensed body. Kathy felt her own orgasm close. She pulled her fingers away from her pussy and reached across to take the smooth purple vibrator in her hand. With slightly trembling hands, she pushed it between her thighs and felt the tip against her wet pussy lips.

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       Her hand left her nipple and slid down to rest upon her mound, fingers splayed reaching down to her hard clit, scissoring it between her fingers and rubbing it. Slowly she began to put pressure on the vibrator, forcing the wet lips of her pussy to spread to allow its entrance. She felt the lips spreading, the head of the vibrator slowly sliding within herself. She kept pushing, feeling it fill her. Juices leaked around the sides of it, covering her pussy lips and the area around it. She kept up the pressure until it was completely within herself and she felt her pussy throbbing around it. She drew the long vibrator out until only the tip remained inside her, and plunged it straight back in again, deep within her warm wet hole. She held it there for a short time while her fingers pinched her clit softly and began rubbing it with fast strokes. She let her fingers brush across the base of the vibrator and flick it on. The sudden burst of vibration in her pussy shot pleasure through her, almost pushing her into a quick orgasm. She managed to calm herself, deep steady breaths and hold back from her orgasm. She adjusted to the vibrator’s buzzing within her and began to slide it in and out, as she had done before. She kept her eyes on the screen as a different couple were naked on a large bed, his cock thrusting deep within her as she arched herself off the bed, her long brown hair splayed across the pillow. Her eyes then closed and she formed her own visual stimulation. She imagined the man pounding his large cock deep within her.

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       The thrusting of her vibrator lost its rhythm and became a random set of deep, hard strokes, pounding her throbbing pussy. Her fingers flew over her clit, stimulating it with rough strokes. She felt it beginning. A slight tingling sensation in her crotch that kept building, until it seemed it would swallow her consciousness. The man’s face quickly morphed into her deceased husbands and the powerful orgasm crashed over her. .