mother of three


   hi my name is caroline this is my first story so i hope you all enjoy i would love some feed back to see what you think. x x x x x
ok so here we go first of im a mother of three children and very happily married have been for 18 years my childrens names are mark, sara, and finally lisa who is 18 (names have been changed for reasons we all know ) apart from that this is 80 % honest.

  my husband has always worked very hard hard in the city giveing us a very nice life i ve never worked and our children have always had every thing they ever wanted.
      anyway back to the story it was during the school holidays mark was at my sisters and the two girls were playing in their rooms i was downstairs on the computer on o chatroom as usaul when i got speaking to a guy from america he said he was i dad of two i was talking mentioned my childrenand he asked if we were close i told him yeah very close to this he replyed do you see each other naked yeah i wrote still thinking this was all innocent and it was to me we always had no problem with it ,  do you touch them he enquired NO LOL  i said i touch my children he replyed.   I then just stopped the chat thats all i thought about for hours after then i sort of made me curious i found my self looking at incest porn, god i thought this cant be real i then join a forum and people were talking about it so much i just thought it was a bit weird.
    the next day all i was thinking about was incest i went stright on line and was looking up explict images on incest sites. then sara came down so i quickly shut of the computer and made breakfeast.   we was all sitting up at the table when sara wanted to watch television i she did lisa then asked if itwas ok to watch tv in my room so i agreed and off they went about an hour later i heard the floor creak up stairs lisa was walking around in my room i wonderd what iwas going on so i wnet upstairs my door was a jar so i peeked in to see lisa searching though my underwaer drawer just as i went to open the door she found what she was looking for.   It was my vibrator i felt my self going red as she slowly opened the bag and pulled it out then she lifted her nightie and turned the vibe on the slowest speed and srtrted to masterbate i couldnt belive was i was seeing but found my self still watching it was wrong on so many levels not only was she 18 she was my daughter.   i was still watching as she stroked the vibe over her clit she had her eyes closed then to my suprise i felt my selfgetting so wet i had to touch my pussy there and then i stated to rub my clit as i wtched my daughter fuck her self she started to moan very quietly she looked so sweet then i haerd mum what are you doing god it was sara i pulled my fingers out my pussy and slamed my bed room door nothing sweetie i said lookin all hot a =nd bothered what was you looking at honesly nothing darlin i was just going to chaek on lisa go back down stairs i ll be down in a min.
    i took a deep braeth and walked in to my room lisa was lying on the bed with the brightest red face ever pretening to watch tv you ok hun i said yeah mumn fine she said i looked over at my drawer and noticed it still slightly open i walked over to close it when i lookined inside and notices the vibe had noy been put back all i thought to my self was how do i ask but i had to what if sara walked in and found it. were is it hunni i said wheres what mum you know wht hunnie please dont make me say it, im so sorry mum i handed me my vibe back still wet from her juices 
    TO BE CONTINED. . . . .

    sweidish harmony 

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