Mother and son help each other out pt. 3


Topic: Mother and son help each other out pt. 3 Mother and Son Help Each Other Out
Chapter 3: The New Deal
A couple of days later my mother and aunt Casey had a surprise for me. I found a note in class when I opened my math book. I read it a couple of times and then placed it back in my book and waited for the day to finish. I was on a special high thinking about what could be in store. The note read, “I need a favor from you. ” It was signed Nancy.
In school I have no friends because we are new in town. I’m not sure that I would want to make friends though. I’m glad that people don’t know me. I travel the hallways keeping my head down and my secret safe. If people only knew that I fucked my mother every chance I could what would they think. I never talk about it though. I just attend my classes and did my homework.
I stepped off the bus at the corner and headed for home. It was always the same though kids fighting with each other the big ones picking on the weaker ones.

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   I kept my head down and kept walking toward home. I never bothered with the bullies and they left me alone for the most part.
My aunt was working in the yard with her prize-winning flowers when I came up the driveway.
“Hi aunt Casey,” I said, “Whatcha doing?”
“Nothing,” She said, “Just getting some fresh flowers for the house. Your mom’s inside and wants to talk to you. ”
“Yeah I got a note in class,” I said, “Do you know what for?” I continued.
“Not really,” She said clipping a couple more flowers.
“Okay, see yeah later,” I said.
I walked inside the front door and tossed my book bag on the floor. Lee was sitting on the couch eating a bowl of ceral and watching cartoons. He also had his laptop running on the coffee table. I could see his myspace page.
“Hey Lee. ” I said.
“Hey Scott.

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   How was school?” Lee said.
Lee and I went to the same school but different classes. He started at seven and I started at eight. We also got out at different times. We generally only saw each other when we got home. I headed to the kitchen to get a snack and something to drink. I saw my mom outside in the backyard sitting at the table. I grabbed my snack and headed out to see what this note was about.
“Hey mom,” I started, “What’s up?”
“Hey Scott, I need you to do something for me?” She said, “I need you to help you aunt Casey out. Whatever she asks you okay?” She finished.
“Okay mom, what does she need?”
“Well Scott, … You should talk to her. ”
“Okay,” I said, “She is in the front yard. ”
“Why don’t you wait until she comes back here before you talk to her son? And please make sure no one can hear you. Nancy said.
My mom got up and went inside.

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   I sat there thinking that this was really cloak and dagger stuff. Why couldn’t she just tell me what my aunt wanted? Was my aunt mad at us and going to make us move or something?
A few minutes later my aunt Casey walked outside with flowers for the table.
“Hey aunt Casey,” I started, “Where is Lee?”
“Oh, he is inside adding graphics to his web page from Babyboygraphics dot com. I see your mom has talked to you. ”
“Yeah. ”
“What did she say to you Scott?”
“That I was supposed to help you out any way I can. ”
“And, what aunt Casey?” I replied.
“Can you help me?” She said.
“Sure anything you need aunt Casey. ” I said.
“Okay, I am going to go inside for a moment. Meet me in the garage. ” My aunt Casey said.
I got up and headed over to the detached garage. My aunt didn’t park the car there she used it for storage.

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   I opened the door and saw a mess. She nuts if she thinks I am going to clean this, I thought. I wiggled and shuffled my way to the couch that had a white sheet on it. A large cloud of dust erupted from under me when I sat down. Everything in here was dusty. I’m not sure when the last time some one came in here to clean or to move anything.
I sat in waiting. I didn’t have to wait long though. My aunt entered through the side door. She had changed into a yellow summers dress. The dress hung to her ankles with white lace trim. The sleeves were short and the dresses neckline plunged almost to her waist. It wasn’t that low but it was low enough. I could see the outline of her beautiful breasts. They were a lot like my mothers.

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   They were large, round, and semi-perky.
I could also see her nipples thru the material. I tried not to stair but it was hard. I know she was my aunt but she was older then me and I’m horny. I tried to just think about my mom but she told me that I have to help my aunt in any way she wants.
My aunt sat down next to me and placed her hand on my knee. I maybe young but I’m not stupid. I knew that she was hot for me ever sense she saw my mom and me.
“What can I help you with aunt Casey?” I said.
“Well Scott, when I caught you and your mom, it wasn’t the first time,” She started to say. “I had thought that something was a miss with your mom. ”
“What do you mean?”
“Well your mom was acting really weird at work and around the house. ”
“Like how?” I said. I needed to know if she was the only one that knew.
“Well at work she would talk about how much she loved you and she was not as sad as I thought she should have been.

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  ” My aunt Casey said.
“Okay? And?”
“Well then your mom was going to bed real early and I could hear noises coming from your room at night. ” She said.
“How late were you up?” I said. It was really late when we’d fuck.
“Oh I am a light sleeper and I would get up to get a drink and could hear you. ”
“Well, we didn’t mean…” I was cut off before I could finish.
“It is okay, I talked to your mom and everything is safe with us. I’m in a bind though and I could use your help. ”
“Okay. Well what is it already?” I said. This cat and mouse was for the birds. I wanted her.
“Your mom and I are going to share you if that is okay?” She stated, “Your mom and I talked about it and you have enough sex for the both of us. I’m aching for a cock and I don’t have a boyfriend.

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   Your mom is sore from all the fucking so we decided that we could share you and you could take turns using that beautiful cock on us. All you have to do is tell me what you like and I will do it. If you agree you have to keep this from Lee. He is never to know unless I choose to tell him. Is that okay with you?” My aunt said while stroking my thigh.
“I have to admit it sound nice. If you really want to aunt Casey, I would too. You bet I’m in. ” I said.
My aunt’s hand ran right to my cock and began to stroke it. What she found was my monster. I haven’t cum in over twenty-four hours. I wanted to fuck my mom today but this was better. I was about to fuck my aunt.
“I want you to stand up.

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  ” I commanded.
My aunt leaned in for a kiss when I pulled away. I knew she was horny and she told me that I could have it my way. I wanted a sex slave and she was going to be it. I would make her do things that my mother wouldn’t do.
“I said stand up if you want my cock. ”
My aunt looked at me with shock and then did as she was told. I looked at her ass and I couldn’t tell if she had on panties.
“Lift your dress above you waist. I need to see if you need to be punished. ” I said.
“What do you mean punished?” My aunt clamored.
“I will tell you when you pull up your dress. ”
She did as she was told. I could see that she wasn’t wearing panties.

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   That meant that she was coming out here to get fucked and that is why she never put on her panties.
“You are never to wear panties when you are with me. If you do you will be punished. ” I said.
“Now bend over so that I can see your pussy from behind. ”
Once again my aunt hesitated so this time I smacked her ass. It was a hard but not hard enough to leave a hand print. I repeated my command again and again she refused to bend over. I smacked her harder this time. Her head snapped around this time with a defiant look. I smacked her again and this time I reached in and grabbed her crouch.
It was already wet. My aunt liked being smacked a little. I began to run my fingers between her pussy lips to moisten her up some more.
“Spread your legs.

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  ” I commanded once again.

    This time my aunt did as she was told.
    I started to roughly stroke her exposed wet pussy. I wanted to feel its wetness on my fingers. But more importantly I wanted her to beg for my love. I was going to give it to her. I have a nice cock and I like to share it.
    I could tell my aunt liked the disrespect I showed her pussy. And more over could tell that my aunt wanted more. Her body was responding very well to my touch. I ran my left hand up her left leg ever so gently. I let my fingertips just barely touch her skin. The muscles in her legs tensed up with every stroke. I could see her starting to tremble.
    “Bend over and touch your toes.


      ” I command.
    My aunt did as she was told. She bent over slowly exposing her pussy to me. I glided my fingers to her box again. Touching it ever so slowly. Her breathing began to quicken and she was trembling again. I didn’t rush it though. I wanted her to enjoy my touch.
    I pressed against her wetness again this time a little harder and working in circles. I was becoming a great lover after all I did have a good teacher. It was exciting to have my mom’s sister after having my mom. I wanted to press my cock deep inside her. My want was building and I couldn’t hold out for long.
    I worked my aunt’s pussy with my fingers while she was grabbing her ankles.
    “Okay,” I started.

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       “Turn around and face me. ” I said with a soft husky voice.
    It was getting harder to hide my lust. My aunt stood up slowly dragging her hand up her leg over her soft skin. She arched her back and stuck her ass within inches of face. I stuck out my tongue and lick her crack. She almost jumped at the delight that I sent through her nervous system.
    “Okay lover what do you want to do now?” My aunt Casey said.
    “I want you to suck my cock. I want you to suck my cock like a whore. ”
    “I’m not a cock whore. ” She detested, “I’m just a little … well it has been awhile for me. When I saw your cock it was so nice and thick, I just want it. But I am not a cock whore. ”
    I had to change tactics with my aunt.

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       She was resisting a lot and I didn’t want to wreck my chances to fuck sisters. I changed my tone quickly.
    “Aunt Casey, please suck my cock. ” I said with hope and want. “Please?”
    “Okay but I am not a cock whore. ”
    “I know auntie. I know. You are a beautiful woman who deserves to be worshiped and loved, someone that needs to be touched and made love to. ” I said softly while rubbing her legs. “I want you and I want you to want me. ”
    “I do you want you Scott. I want to make love to you. ” She said. My aunt started to blush.
    It was great to see her open up and talk to me.

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       This is what I needed to get her to want me. I was making her hornier by the second. She placed her hands on my knees and knelt down. Her beautiful yellow sundress flowed over her body once again covering her. She was so beautiful with her brown eyes staring up at me. Her dark hair flowed over her face and made her eyes look so wonderful.
    My aunt helped me remove my clothing. She worked my jeans off with care. My thick member popped free and my aunt’s eye became even bigger. I was already leaking pre-cum. I was ready to explode from all the excitement.
    My aunt lowered her mouth to my cock. I could feel her hot breath on the tip of my penis and it was driving me insane. Her soft lips touched my penis and I almost jumped. Her lips slid over my tip and onto my shaft.

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       Electricity surged through me. My cock was now in my aunt’s mouth for the first time.
    My aunt Casey started to work my cock slowly in and out of her mouth. Her lips were soft and her tongue licked my tip in her mouth. She cupped the base of my cock with one hand and the other was on my balls. She was working my penis quite well. She worked me softly and gently.
    My head hung back as she sucked my cock. She was a pro, even if she didn’t want to admit it. She was rubbing my balls gently and stroking my cock while sucking me. I was getting so close to cumming. I tried to hold back but it was no use. I was going to cum.
    “Auntie,” I said. “I am going to cum in your mouth.

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       I can’t hold on any longer. ”
    My aunt didn’t stop sucking though. She worked me into a frenzy and made me blow my wad right into her mouth. She let cum spill out of her mouth and over her chin. Then down to her chest.
    I fell back on the couch and watched as my aunt swallowed my cum. She was a cum whore. I needed a nap after that excitement. I closed my eyes and my aunt laid her head on my lap. I fell into a deep sleep. I dreamt about all the sex my aunt and my mom could give me.
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