Mother and son help each other in hard times


Topic: Mother and son help each other out
Mother and Son Help Each Other Out
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My mother and I have been living together for almost three years in New York. My father left my mother and I with debt and not much else. He left us for a younger woman in his office.
With no money and no means to pay off the debt that my father placed in my mothers name we moved from the high life in New York City to sunny California. My mom had a sister that lived in the desert there and she was willing to help us out. There was a catch though. My mom and I had to share a room and my aunt Casey and my cousin Lee would have to start sharing a room.
We were so poor that when we took the bus to California all we could take was a single suitcase. I has a backpack with some personal items like pictures and a few spank magazines, after all being eighteen means I can jerk off at least three times a day and sometimes up to seven. That is my record, seven times in a day. I think I started to feel light headed though.
I have only been with a couple of girls. I have never had full sex with them; I have only had heavy petting and lots of kissing. I’m not a skinny guy and with no money and a shit bag father I was not very popular with the girls.

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   I am not sure if my mom ever knew about my girl troubles, if she did she never showed it.
The bus arrived in California after three days of hard traveling. Let me be the first to tell you that the bus never stops for long periods of time. They stop long enough to change drivers and take a piss. They don’t stop for meals.
When we arrived at the bus terminal I was starving. Thank god my aunt brought food. I think my stomach ate itself. I ate my sandwich and headed out to get the bag. My mother and aunt Casey immediately started to talk and cry about what happen with my father. Lee and I did our catching up while heading to the car.
My aunt showed us to our shared room with only one bed and then I started to cry. Oh my GOD I thought how am I going to spank the monkey now? I just dropped the bag, turned to my mother and started to complain. It didn’t get very far.
Over the next the next couple of weeks we moved the room around to better fit our needs.

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   It was hard to have our privacy though. I would sleep next to my mom with out backs to each other. My aunt and Lee did the same thing with there room.
We all got along really well despite our living conditions. Our new family ate together and watched movies together and worked out together. My mom took a job answering phones with my aunt at a call center.
Over then next couple of months life was good. I have to admit I was getting really horny though. Sometime I would jerk off in the shower with some hand soap. Sometimes I would go to bed early and jerk off but it was nothing like before. I was a three or four times a day guy. I needed more.
Being in a new city and state and school didn’t help me. I had to try to find a girlfriend. Everyone in California is different from the people back in New York.

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   The girls were hotter and they never wanted to talk to a fat guy. So I struck out. I really started to hate life and became very depressed.
One day I was in our room on the bed crying. I just lay there on our queen size bed sobbing. I was so horny, I had no luck with the girls and to top it off I could never go out because we had no money.
My mother walked in the room and sat down next to me. I turned my back to her and buried my face into my pillow. I didn’t want her to see me this way. I was embarrassed that my mother could hold it together and I was losing it. After all I was eighteen years old and a man.
“What’s the matter?” My mother asked me with a sympathetic look on her face.
I could tell that my mother was carrying the world on her shoulders. I wanted to be strong like a rock but instead I was just a piece of cloth blowing in the wind.
“I am not strong for you.

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  ” I said with a sniffle. “I want to be the man of the family but I am weak. ” I buried my head deeper into my pillow again.
My mother turned to me and said, “Scott we have all had to make sacrifices that we normally have never had to do. You are a man and don’t think that I haven’t noticed with you lying next to me at night. I have had just as hard of a time as you have but son, what you do in those hard times, is what makes you a man. ”
My mom then leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. I was kind of shocked at what she told me. Let’s just say that my mother was not much of the motivational speaker. I rolled over and faced her and my smile returned.
That night when we both headed for bed I was really horny so I thought that I could head to the bathroom for a quick rub off. The problem was my aunt was soaking in the tub. Damn I thought. What do I do, I was so damn horny. I headed back to the room.

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   When I arrived at the door I saw that it was cracked. I went to reach for the handle and saw a shadow. I stopped for a second and watched the door.
I could see my mother walking around getting ready for bed. I was really horny and now I could see my mom’s body. She was stripping off her work clothes and getting into her nightgown. Now I must admit that I have never looked at my mother that way but it was great. I had a hard-on that wouldn’t stop raging.
My mom started by stripping out of her blouse. It was a white collared blouse that you could see thru and buttoned all the way up. She slowly unbuttoned it and let it drop to the floor. Her shapely body was beautiful with just a bra on top. Her light pink bra blended in against her pale skin. She then unzipped her dark blue skirt and let it drop to the floor.
I was starting to rub my cock thru my pants.

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   I could feel a drop of pre-cum forming at my cocks tip. I could jerk my cock right here in the hallway. I was getting into it when I heard footsteps coming down the hall. My aunt Casey turned the corner and said, “Hey Scott, are you heading to bed?”
“Ummmm … Yeah just heading to bed have a good night aunt Casey. ” I replied and then walked right into the bedroom.
I must have caught my mother off guard because she jumped when I walked in. She was standing there in her stockings, garter belt, and bra. My mother had no panties on. I turned my back to the hallway and said good night to my aunt again.
When I turned around I saw that my mother was trying to find something to cover up with.
“Mom don’t worry about covering up, I’m not” and with that I stripped off my shirt and started to get underdressed.
I caught my mom out of the corner of my eye and she was in shock. She didn’t move. I kept going though. I had never been this horny before in my life.

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   My cock felt like a swelling balloon. I was fully erect and my cock was sticking straight out. I could use it like a pointer.
“Ummmmmmm . . . ,” was all that my mother could mutter. Her eyes were wide and she was in cased in stone in her spot.
I took off my pants and as I passed my cock I could see my mother’s eyes. I was not the biggest guy in the world but it was a juice cock. I was now in only my boxers.
“Scott,” my mother started to say with an elephant in her throat. “Ummmmm, your penis is poking out of your underwear. ”
She never looked away though. I noticed that she was staring at my cock tip.

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   I have to admit that having my mother in the same room as me with no clothes on was about to make me squirt.
I turned to my mother and said, “Is it time for bed?” I stood facing her with my cock poking out and the tip glistening with my precum.
“Scott I am your mother. I am the woman that gave birth to you. I am not someone that you should have sex with. What you need is a girlfriend. ”
“Mom, Nancy, I am your son but I am a man. We both have needs and I want to be the man for you. You said that I was the man of the family. I am going to be that man tonight. ” I turned to the bed and climbed in placing my hands behind my head and making myself comfortable.
I didn’t climb under the covers. I didn’t try to cover my cock. I just watched my mother. She had no panties and she light pink colored bra looked great against her skin.

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   I was getting harder by the second. My cock was starting to turn purple. I needed to get some relief and soon.
My mom was starting to shake a little. Man was she nervous.
“Nancy come over here and lay next to me and bring the Vaseline. ” I said with a smile on my face.
My mother did as she was told. She was fixed on my cock. I made my cock twitch and jump. My mom lay in bed next to me with a handful of Vaseline. I closed my eyes and let her just start to slowly stroke me. I have never had a hand job before and this was heavenly. She was gentle and sweet with her touch. My mom worked her fingers over my cock slowly from the base to the tip and back down.

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   She let her fingers lightly touch my very sensitive cock.
My mom started to stroke faster and tighten her grip on my cock. Up till this point I have never had sex. I have seen movies and looked at magazines but I have never completed the act.
I could feel my body tighten up as my mother stroked faster and harder. She was licking my nipple and gripped my cock tight. Her hand was a blur on my cock rubbing faster and harder. I could feel the tightness in my body. I could feel my legs getting heavier. I couldn’t hold any longer. I had to let loose.
“Mom,” I said, “I am going to cum. ”
“Okay, let me have it. I want it my son,” she said with lust in her voice.
With that, I shot the biggest wad of cum I had ever had.


   I shot so hard that it landed on my chest. My mother started licking cum off my chest. I couldn’t believe that my mother had stroked my cock and was now licking my cum.
When my mother finished I rolled on top of her. I slowly started to stroke her panty hose covered legs. I love the feel of the material on my fingertips. She spread her legs and closed her eyes. She placed a finger between her lips and let out a light moan.
I could smell the aroma coming from her womanhood. She was glistening and wet. I lower my head to her lips and took a breath. I licked the juices to see what they tasted like; she was sweet and tangy. I wanted to lick it all. I started working her pussy with my tongue. I had seen enough videos to know how to eat a pussy.

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   I had thought about what to do also. I started to work my finger in her hole while I licked her lips. My mother was trashing around and holding my head. I could feel her juices flow from her pussy and knew that she was cumming on my tongue and finger. I was ready to slide my cock into her pussy it was hard again and man was I turned on.
I climbed up to meet my mother’s eyes. She looked me in the eye when I slide my cock into her very wet pussy.
“Scott, it has been a long time sense someone has fucked me. Please take it slow. ”
“I’ve never fucked anyone before. If I go to fast let me know. ” I said with a smile. I then entered her pussy. My cock is not the biggest thing in the world but I was pretty thick and my tip was the size of a small apple.
I placed the tip of my cock at her opening.

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   I started to push. My mother was really wet but she was really tight. I stared into her eyes and she into mine. Her legs wrapped around my sides and her feet rested on my ass, then she pulled. I plowed into her tight pussy.
“Oh my god you are tight. ” I said, “I am not sure how much of my cock I can get in. ”
“Give me a chance to loosen up. ”
“I am really excited, I am not sure that I can hold on. ”
“Please son, don’t be like your father. I need you to hold on until I can cum with you. ”
“Okay mom, I am going to fuck you like a porn star. ” I said with a smile.
I began to push the tip of my cock into her very tight pussy again. It must have hurt because she kind of squealed.

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   I pushed it in about half in and started working in and out with a slow pace. I began to work up a steady pace and she spasm again under me.
“Scott your cock is so fat. You are making me cum again. ”
I drove my cock into her pussy for the rest of the night. I came on her stomach face and her ass. I came so many times that I felt dehydrated. We fell asleep together holding each other. For the next couple of months my mother and I explored each other over and over again.
My mother wanted to try something new. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind but my birthday was coming soon. My mother said it was going to be a joint gift. I was ready to see what is going to happen. To be continued…
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