Mother and Son Bond - Part One


My name is Matthew. This story took place when I was 18 and my mother was 38. I was quite the loner and was never around many girls. It's an understatement to say that I was quite a mother's boy, so around the age of 18 when my hormones really kicked in I found myself rather attracted to her. She was a single mother since birth and I had no siblings, so our bond was extremely strong. One day before work my mother asked if she could check some e-mail on my PC that had something to do with a meeting that was scheduled for today. I said sure and carried on listening to music on my bed. She must've clicked the back button by accident on my browser or something because a mother and son incest story popped up that I had been reading the night before. She got up and walked over to my bed, I was wondering why and that's when I saw the site up on my monitor. "Oh shit" I said in my head. My mother sat down next to me on the bed and asked me why I was reading such a thing. I didn't know what to say so I just looked away. "You know it's natural for boys to be curious about this sort of stuff," she said, "I won't be mad - you can talk to me"Her voice was comforting as always so I told her that it was just a weird thing I liked to read about now and again, getting more embarrassed as I went along. She asked me if I had ever thought of her in that way and I didn't answer. The truth was I thought about her like that nearly every day, thinking of fucking her was what fueled most of my masturbating sessions. I just gave her a look that I thought was blank, but clearly she could read it as a blatent 'yes'.

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  "Hmm," she pondered before saying, "You don't have to be embarrased, you know, you are sixteen afterall. . " and placed her leg on my leg. "I. . . uh. . " I stuttered, not knowing what to do or say. "So. . this is what you REALLY want?" she quizzed, rubbing my thigh. "Ye-yes. . I mean.


  . if. . you. . " I stuttered nervously. I wasn't sure where this was leading. "Ok," she said with a smile as she moved her hand further up my leg, "Just relax, you'll enjoy this, I promise!"As her right hand moved up from my inner thigh she raised her left and pushed down on my chest, making me lie fully down - my head hit the pillow. As her fingers brushed over my - now increasingly hard - cock a chill went throughout my body and I let out a little sigh. I think my mother must've picked up on this because she moved right to my zip and pulled it down, before undoing the button to my jeans and started pulling them down - I raised my hips a bit to help her. She didn't take them all the way off, just left them sit around my thighs far enough down so that nearly all of my boxer shorts were exposed. She reached up to the waistband and started to pull them down to meet my jeans, letting my semi-hard cock spring free as she did. My cock wasn't the biggest by any stretch of the imagination. Average for a 18 year old boy, I'd say. 7 inches in length with reasonable girth.

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   As soon as my mother laid eyes on it she said "wow, I don't remember my first boyfriend having one this big when I was 16". This was the first insight I had ever got into my mother's sexual past and it turned me on. "Have you ever shown any other girls this?" she asked. I explained to her that I hadn't in person, but I had masturbated for many girls via webcam over the internet. Most of whom were also into the theme of incest. She smiled and said "Well, time for you to get the attention you deserve!" and put her hand around my shaft. Instantly I knew this was going to be better than any masturbating session I had ever had, the sensation of another person touching my cock was out of this world. She started off slowly and kept a consistent pace. Pre-come dribbled out of my penis and as she was stroking my shaft she lifted her thumb up and wiped it off the head of my cock. She started to pick up the pace a little and put more pressure on my cock, now it REALLY started to feel good. I was letting out moans and thrusting my hips up and down. "Oh, you're so. . soo good at this, mum" I moaned, she giggled and said that practice made perfect. Knowing how much pleasure she was giving me must've given her inspiration as she took her other hands and started to massage my balls.

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   This was the final straw, the pleasure was multiplied and I could feel my balls getting ready to explode. I yet out a sigh and told her I was coming, and her pace picked up even further. Now she was furiously whacking away at my cock and massaging my balls. Faster and faster until it happened. I exploded. More come came spilling out of my cock than I had ever seen. The orgasm was furious and didn't die down until the last bit of semen had dripped out of my cock. I let out a sigh and closed my eyes. The chill of the orgasm was still shooting through my body. I felt her hand release my cock and get up off my bed. I opened my eyes and sat up instantly, wondering what she was doing, unsure of if I should say anything. I thought that she was leaving and I was trying to think of a way to ask her not to, but suddenly then she bent down and picked up a cloth that was on my floor I had been using to wipe down my guitar. She turned around and came back to the bed, sitting where she previously was, and started wiping away all the come that was spread over my body. She made sure to be very gentle when wiping my cock as she knew I would be sensitive. Taking care of me the way only a mother can.

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   After most of my 'mess' was cleaned up, she put the cloth on the arm of my chair next to my bed. She motioned for me to move over with her hand and then lay down directly next to me, putting her arm around me just as she had a thousand times before. This time, though, the contact with my mother was keeping my cock - which was still out in the open - relatively hard. "So," she said after about 20 seconds of silence, "was that how you expected?""No," I replied almost immediately, "much, MUCH better. . . I picked the right fantasy to have. . ," as I said this she laughed and her grip on me tightened. "Well. . thank you. " she said, somewhat flustered I think. "Di. .

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  did you enjoy it?" I asked. "Yes, it's been quite a while since I had a thrill like that in my life, and even longer since I've laid eyes upon such a beautiful penis!"It was my turn to get flustered. I felt my cheeks redden and get hotter, and my cock pulsed with the thought that it turned my mother on. For the first time my mind switched from thinking about what I expected and considered what she had expected. It was clear to me now that, even if by her own admission she hadn't 'got any' for a while, she was rather experienced in the sex department. The handjob lasted for maybe 3/4 minutes - if that. I suddenly felt very self-conscious. "I didn't last very long though, did I?" I said, figuring I'd get my thought out there whilst we were in the moment. "Most guys don't at first - it's nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, no woman wants to be pumping away for half an hour, it shouldn't be a workout!""Heh. . I guess so" I mumbled, still feeling slightly inexperienced. "You'll grow a tolerance to it and last longer the more it happens," she assured me, which instantly set off an alarm in my head. "Yeah. .

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  when you say 'the more it happens', do you mean generally orrr. . . do you mean. . . with us?""Well. . would you like this to happen more?" she asked. "Yes. . very much so, infact. . ""That's what I was hoping you'd say" she said with more than a slight hint of lust in her voice. This was all I needed.

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   The handjob could've been her getting caught up in the moment - maybe feeling sorry for me and wanting to show me what it was like to have what I desperately wanted, but the lust she said that line with was a clear sign she wanted me as badly as I wanted her. I turned onto my side so I was facing and my cock was pressed up against her thigh. I took my left hand placed it on her stomach, slowly rotating my finger around thinking of my next course of action. As I kept rubbing her stomach I could hear her breathing get heavier, clearly getting aroused. I decided to throw caution to the wind and placed my hand on her left breast, making her moan as I did so. For a thirty-eight year old woman my mother had much better breasts than most. Although she was a C-cup, they were very firm. You'd think she was 21 by looking at them. I squeezed and massaged my mother's breasts for quite some time before finding the nerve to move my fingers to the center of them to feel her nipples. Even with a t-shirt and bra on, I could feel that her nipples were now rock hard. I knew this to be a sign that a woman was turned on. After some rubbing and gentle pinching of her nipples, which got many satisfactory groans and moans, I rolled over so I was on top of her. I continued to play with her breasts as we looked each other in the eyes. She gave me a smile and said that this felt great, not missing a beat I immediately removed my hands from her breasts and started to pull her top upwards over her stomach. She assisted by sitting up and raising her arms so I could pull it off and over her head with ease.

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   As soon as I had tossed her top away from us she put her arms around her back and undid her silk black bra. She pulled it off and let it drop into her lap, letting her beautiful breasts free. I was mesmerized by the sight of them and couldn't look away. My cock instantly became rock hard. She put her right hand to her breast and rotated her index finger around her dark brown nipple. I just watched and said nothing, still amazed by the view. She removed her hand from her breast and placed if on my shoulder, "Come on", she said with a loving and encouraging voice, "I won't bite. . !"We both grinned and I didn't wait for her to ask twice, straight away I put my right hand on her breast and started to massage it. As great as I had imagined this feeling to be, I never could've predicted just how great. The warmth and firmness were just right and made playing with them an act that made my cock ache with pleasure. I moved my head in and started to lick the nipple of her left breast as my hand continued to play with her right. By this time her nipples were much bigger and harder than I expected, but felt oh so good to have in my mouth. As I teased her with quick sucks and nibbles she placed her hand on the back of my head and pulled me in towards her. Her moans got louder and louder as I sucked on her nipples more intensely, making sure I rotated what I was doing to both, but always giving them attention at the same time.


   The phone rang. "Fuck!" said my mum, "That's going to be Jenny!"She gently raised my head from her nippled and motioned for me to get off her, which I did. She got up and went into her room which was directly next to mine. I got up and followed her in, getting there just in time to hear my mother saying she'll "be there now". Jenny is her boss and it's not uncommon for her to call on my mother on the weekends to come in and work for a few hours. She put the phone down and turned around, meeting my gaze. She walked towards me and apologised, "It'll only be for a few hours," she said, "you know I don't want to go. "I tried to persuade her to stay, but I really did know that she had to go and couldn't stop her. As she got a bra out of her drawer and put on another top she I sat on her bed, still only wearing a t-shirt and still rock hard. After she checked her hair in her mirror to make sure she looked respectable she sat down next to me and put her arm around me, looking down at my cock. "Look, this has been really fun, and I wish we didn't have to stop now," she said, "but I promise you that when I get back we can continue and I'll show you more!"She gave me a wink and smiled. "More?" I asked. "Much more" she whispered and rubbed her hand over the head of my cock. We hugged and she gave me a goodbye kiss on the cheek. As soon as she walked out of the room I laid back on the bed and took my cock in my hand, starting to rub it thinking of the events that had just happened.


   Playing it all back in my head. After I finished I went back into my room and got dressed. I sat down on my bed and started wishing time would pass quicker. I wanted to know what this 'more' was and I wanted it now. To be continued. .