More Helping Mom, Pt.3


Topic: Mom's Openness My wife's Mom, Jade, had become more and more sexual as time passed. She wore a very sheer night shirt, white lace with blue triming. It was loose fitting and open at the bottom. Her 38DD breasts with her nice dark nipples were very visible. She wore it one morning out in the kitchen when her daughter was home along with what may be called "granny panties" and they were still nice. Her nice hips were visible and it was obvious she shaved her pussy. "Mom, there is a man in the house you know" her daughter almost yelled at her. "Oh, sorry, I did not know Steve was up yet. " I smiled and turned away. My wife left for a 3 day week in Alabama and as soon as she did Jade (Mom) came back out into the kitchen. She still had on the same thing, the sheer gown top and the panties. "Do you like my things?" she said. "You know I do but I think you should be careful. In fact, yur daughter could still come back if she forgets something. " "Oh, okay. " she said and went back to her room.

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I was in the living room on the couch relaxing an hour later when she came in and stood in front of me. Her hands carressed her hips and pulled down her panties and the dropped to the floor. She moved her legs apart and her fingers found their way between her pussy lips and sank in slowly. I was hard as a roak and she saw that. She was on her knees and her tits rubbed against my legs as she pulled down my pajama bottoms and my cock sprang out. She took it between her tits and began massaging it slowly, sucking the head as she did. Her mouth was hot as it swallowed me over and over again and as I was ready to cum she pulled it out and shot my load all over her tits. She then took it back into her throat and made sure it got hard again and then she laid back on the flor, cum still all over her chest and she spread her legs wide.
"My pussy is on fire Steve, please put your hose in and col it off. " she moaned. I was my knees and in her in a second and then sank into her. She was indeed on fire and her legs wrapped around my hips. "Fuck me Love, fuck me good. " she moaned and I was driving into her as well as I could. I was pumping her as hard as I could and she kept on crying out to fuck her harder.

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   Suddenly she had an orgasm and cried out, "Oh fuck your whore, fuck her good. " The whole 3 days were like that and I thought I was worn out.
My wife came home and after supper I was walking to the back of the house and Mom walked by me, "Your whore is ready for fucking as soon as she goes to sleep. " she whispered. I began to protest but she whispered "Either you come to my bed or I will come to yur bed and fuck you while she is there. " I was nervous but then the door opened and she came in, totally naked and I began to get up. Jade got in bed and pushed me down and said loud enough for her daughter to hear, "I came for her, not you. " Then she kissed her daugter and she woke up. "Suck Mommy's titties Baby" she said and my wife began sucking her mother's tits. I rolled over and watched as my wife and her mother had wild sex there in front of me. After they finished Jade, laughed and they both told me they had been planing it all along. Now we bought a bigger bed and now we al sleep and play together.