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This is the 3rd part of me and my sister’s trip across country.

Here’s part here’s part me and my sister Chris’s long night of alcohol and sex we decided to stay in Nashville one more night.   Neither of us was in any hurry and decided to drive non-stop from Nashville to New York the following day.   We didn’t do a whole lot that morning besides lie around, watch TV, get on the internet and take short naps here and there.  Shortly after noon we decided to go get a bite for lunch.  We sat down, ordered our food and just sat there for what seemed for hours not saying a thing.  My worry that my sister was now regretting our sexual encounter the previous night had returned.  Although I knew deep down we shouldn’t have done it – it was the best sex in my life so far and I had dreamed about fucking my sister for the past seven years.  I was about to break the ice when Chris said “your very quiet – are you starting to regret last night”?  After I told her NO WAY – I was relieved to find out she felt the same as I had.  Right away things became more comfortable.  Chris immediately starting talking about sex as we waited for our food.   She told me stories of how she was a Virgin before she went to modeling school seven years ago.   Since then she said she’s done just about anything sexual you could think of.   Skeptical I said “ya – right”.   Chris said “don’t believe me – ask me anything”.   Ok – I asked if she had ever had sex with more than one guy at the same time.


    “Three” Chris said.   I had just happened recently while doing a photo shoot for a bikini layout when she lived in Dallas.   Chris said the hottest part was when one guy fucked her in the ass, another in her pussy and the other one jacked off standing over her.   They would all rotate positions until all three had jacked off and came all over her chest.   I couldn’t believe how comfortable Chris was telling me these stories.   The thought of her getting fucked by three guys now had made me just as hard as I was the night before.   I was speechless and Chris could see it.   She whispered “is your cock hard after hearing that story”?  I was still speechless and that answered Chris’s question.   She just started to smile.   Next thing I feel is Chris’s foot rubbing my crotch underneath the table.   Dammm I wanted to just through her down on the table and fuck like crazy.   Just then the food arrived and the foot job stopped.   I sat silent for a few minutes then asked her had she ever taken any porn shots.   “No” she said.   “I’ve taken quite a few with guys at home but nothing professional”.

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    “Why – want to take some?”  I tried to not jump out of the table and scream “HELL YES”.   I just said “interesting thought – I’ve got my camera with me back in my suitcase. ”  Chris said “then let’s eat quicker”.

After inhaling my food in record time we went back to the room.   Chris said she was going to take a shower and disappeared into the bathroom.   Now again let me describe my sister for you.   She’s 5ft 6in, probably weighs around 110 lbs, long light brunette hair, D cup breast, tan and very leggy.   She’s been modeling professional for the past 5 years.   Odds are you have probably seen her once or twice.   The though of her in the bathroom naked had my dick soooooo hard.   After 18 minutes Chris came out of the bathroom wearing a gray tank top and thong panties.   “You like” she asked?  I couldn’t even answer the question.   She then said “get out your camera and start taking pictures”.   Chris then knew exactly what to do.   She posed on the bed sitting down, then on all fours, and then she stood up and bent over so I could have her ass completely in my face.

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    After a few minutes Chris took off all her clothes and still posed on the bed.   My cock was so hard I couldn’t take it anymore.   I said “now come over here and take some pictures with my hard little friend”.   Chris smiled and said “I’m afraid it’s not a hard LITTLE friend”.

Before I knew it Chris was kneeling on the floor and had my pants off in no time.   My cock was sticking straight out.   It took me totally by surprise when Chris immediately took my Cock completely into her mouth and sucked on it for about 18 seconds.   I nearly came right there.   “Sorry – I couldn’t help myself” she said.   I had to think of a number of unpleasant things in order to control myself.   Chris said “Well are you going to take pictures or not?”  She then started to lick my cock up and down the shaft, pausing at the bottom to lick my balls.   I just started to take as many pictures as I could.   Actually concentrating on the pictures helped me not to cum right away.   After a few minutes Chris then took my entire cock in her mouth and stated working it in and out at a slow pace while rubbing my balls with one of her free hands.   That’s when I noticed her rubbing her clit with her other free hand.

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    I couldn’t take it anymore and said “If you don’t stop I’m gona cum”.   “Then cum” she said “Just make sure to pull it out of my mouth and cum on my face – I wana see that picture”  Hearing my sister say that put me over the edge and I pulled my cock out just in time to spray cum all over her face – taking pictures the whole time also.   I could barely stand.   I looked down to see my sister with cum all over her face and hair, licking what she could off her self.  

Chris asked “did you get the any good pictures?”  I told her that I took about 65 so there had to be a few good shots in there.   “Good” she said.   “Now change the memory card in the camera to a fresh one because you’re not done yet!”


To be continued


If you’re interested in trading a few pictures with us please send us some to rcb6969@aol. com.  If you send us some good ones we’ll send you some back.   I’m afraid with Chris’s job she doesn’t want to send any clear face shots out just yet.   Send us some good ones and maybe she’ll change her mind.



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